Electric costs for air conditioning or heating can be a large part of ones budget and there are steps one can take to reduce the electricity used. Solar window film and other types of insulation can substantially reduce solar heat gain through windows in homes, businesses and autos.


  1. I have not seen any contractor/builder that has a clue on insulation. The other big problem here is virtualy no builder uses double or tripple glazed windows whern it should be the norm. Look at your doors here, there is no weather seal around it and usualy has a huge gap at the bottom. Electricity is crazy expensive here and you would think some thermal solutions would be every where but they are not.

    1. Thanks Doug. The first thing I have done in the 5 condos I moved into was to apply weather seal and insulation around doors, windows, and the big gaps around the AC unit. Many Filipinos do not use AC so those gaps are to allow air to move through the house or condo.

    2. There are contractors that uses insulation but they tend to use one brand and exclusive to an importer who import these insulation. If you tried to push that new tech to an obviously untrained contractor, they would discourage you with stories that obviously that they are saying they won’t do it. So it’s either you get an exclusive with a higher price or a contractor whom you will fight tooth and nail for him to get it done with what you want. Contractors here is like “you paid me for you to follow what I want. If you don’t I will cut corners in your project. It’s your lose not mine” mentality.

  2. I have a friend there in Rodriguez , Rizal that bought a bare townhouse . No ceilings yet and she had the thickest insulation rolls put under it . And not sure if she also put any above the ceilings and or below them . I’ll ask her and since she has put in those window screens already . As there they are installed inside , she didn’t install the solar sheeting you mention . Which I suppose is too late , should have been done before the screens . The screens were very necessary since next door there is a pig farm and flies were horrible . Now also to install an exhaust fan for the ” dirty ” kitchen in the back and one in the bathroom . Strangely they put the first floor at ground level . Unlike here in the USA , where there is 1 -2 feet ? up to the front door / rear door . As she had regular water coming in the back , before the enclosed ” dirty ” kitchen . I’m sure there is also heat reflective paint for roofs and exterior walls . And as you mentioned before to install insulation rolls on interior walls , with white facing outward . I suppose there is a water-based adhesive to attach them to the wall , to minimize any ” damage ” ?

    1. Thanks for sharing that Peter. In most cases insulation should pay for itself in energy cost savings and/or comfort level. Many of the brands of construction products here are not familiar to me so I am not sure of the quality such as adhesives, etc.

  3. By experience since the 70’s used with the family cars, 3M brand still the best when it comes to adhesive longevity. Almost all brands does the job even the notorious tint that turns to violet and bubbles, when it comes to controlling brightness but not the heat transfer.

    1. Thanks Ian. Reasonable quality can pay for itself here I think. I am told there is a lot of counterfeit 3M branded products in the market coming from China.

    1. LOL. Any the print was large enough to read it. Few people have cards and when they do the print often requires a magnifying glass to read them. Saving ink I guess.

  4. Rod,
    There’s are large market for window films and sun screens window coverings in the metro Phoenix area. I image you would need permission from the condo HOA prior to applying any type of window films. $236.00 PHP = approx. $4.72 per Sq. Ft. installed w/ 5 year warranty. The terrorism/ bomb blast thickness could also be useful in typhoon season. A coconut impacting your sliding glass door at 125 MPH could do some damage. The government doesn’t require new construction to meet some/any standard of insulation?

    1. Thanks Daniel. I hate paying electric bill and always insulate where it makes sense. The Philippines keeps building power plants instead of insulating buildings. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  5. Hey Rod, I have applied the window film to all my vehicles over the years and never had a problem. However I have seen some shocking home tint jobs and even a few pro jobs not so good. I do not think I would take on a home window on my own though. Regards Rob.P.S. Sounds quite inexpensive too.

  6. where is your “welcome to the philippines” intro 🤔 😉 about the insulation….. when i converted my double garage to a studio i used 15cm thick fibre glass sheets on the whole ceiling to reduce the heat, and the difference is just amazing.

    1. Thanks Jim. They don’t have laws about how dark it can be here. I rode in a pickup of my last landlord and I seemed like it was almost dark outside.

  7. Hi there , as your aware I would like to buy a condo with a balcony , the reason for this is because you can buy very large fans which are 12v , I tested this in the uk  to how it would benefit me out there , I brought a large fan to try with a small solar panel just by connecting it directly to the fan and it works a treat, the fans can be turned off or on a timer or by yourself  , so when the time comes I will be buying a few large fans and connecting them directly to the solar panel on the balcony , which means your keeping cool all morning till it gets dark without paying electric costs , if you then join a leisure battery as well which I will do , then will have L E D lights inside that will come on after dark and what ones I choose to have on , you can even have them connected to your wifi and have them turned on and off on your mobile , using the fans and the L E D’s will save you a lot on electric, and that’s what I intend to do .

    1. Thanks Francisco. Sometimes Chinese companies will list their products are made in other nations so it can be difficult to be certain. Lots of counterfeit here.

    1. @Amazing Philippines well Rod we know the home owners and builders association is not to LAX in the US, my sister was told at Xmas her wreath on the door wasn’t the right color. It’s nice that you have that option in the Philippines, and save on utilities. Thanks 😊

    2. That is one thing that you would have to ask about. There is some pretty good relatively clear window film now that would not stand out so much I think Todd.

  8. Rod,
    Thank you for the tip about insulating the apartment/condo, I probably would’ve overlooked that. How much does your electric bill average per month? What’s the highest you’ve ever had? What about H2o? Drinking H2o? Do you have to pay any condo/ HOA fees? “Basic cable ” per month?

    1. @Amazing Philippines That’s all very reasonable -less than what I’m paying in metro Phoenix. I don’t know what I’m going to do at the end of my lease 1 bedroom apartments across the valley are averaging $1300.00 + per month You can find one for less in south Phoenix but you lived here and know why. So, altogether, monthly housing expenses run approx. $670.00 – $700.00 USD per month.( allowing for high end use of electric) Well, that leaves approx. $2300.00USD to blow in the bar. No, I’ve had the epiphany that if I don’t make this move for at least 1 year. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

    2. My highest electric has been about 3200 pesos Daniel and averages about 2500. I use less that the average expat I think. More average would probably be between 4-6,000 pesos/month for expats using the AC. Water is very cheap at 40 pesos/5 gallons delivered and it lasts me about 5 days. My fees are included in my rent and average fees are about 70 pesos/sq meter. I don’t have cable now as the internet provides what I need at 1700 pesos/month. You should be able to get a cable/internet plan for around 3000 pesos/month.

  9. Good morning Rod:
    I just want to thank you again for your YouTube channel. It seems like I learn something in each video; even if It’s not a subject I’m interested in you often say something during the video and I find myself saying I didn’t know that…
    We are considering both Cebu and Pampanga as possible areas for retirement/investment and prefer Pampanga, but we can’t find a Vlogger or realtor in the area up there that provides us with the quality of information that you routinely provide. So, we continue to feel a pull towards Cebu because you do such a good job providing the information we’re looking for.
    It’s amazing how often your videos are topics of conversation around our dinner table. It’s funny when I first started watching your videos, more than a year ago now, I would tell my wife what I learned from the man with Amazing Philippines and now— I just say my friend Rod said today…
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing the now famous intro (Hey your pushing 20K subscribers!) “Welcome to the Philippines”

    All the best,
    Mark Owens

    1. Thank you very much Mark. You just made my day with such kind words. I learn every day and just enjoy passing on some of the information. Take care and good luck with your plans.

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