How To Hack A Coconut.. the Amateur Way. Ha!

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  1. henry, aka boco drinkin gangsta you gotta get that cleaver sharpened my put some rythm in yo look like you livin the life.cheers

  2. While I got a good laugh watching this – from your inexperience – Don’t feel too bad. I had to help a good friend (Filipina) of mine who is very tiny – open one. A heavier bolo would help and using a fair amount of force. The “juice” is called coconut water. The Milk is from a more mature coconut that you scrape the meat and then squeeze the milk out of the meat. To open shouldn’t take much more than a 6 swings to get to the water. The 1st cuts are to make a spoon out of the husk.

  3. Thanks. It’ll take me a while before I can make a spoon from the husk or do it in 6 swings, ha! But I mixed it again, just coconut water, coco meat and pineapple for a very simple halo-halo in the fridge and.. so incredibly delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love this fresh coconut.. my first month here on Bohol the neighbor cut some open for me. I gave hm about 5 coconuts to take home for helping trim the branches away from the electrical wire. Next project.. set up the hammock to that spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yah, I be swingin’ like a white man. ha! The ‘sundang’ (I keep calling it a machete and nobody here knows what I’m talking about).. I found some really nice ones, hand-made with carved wooden cases in town for just $4 !! Before my next coco-harvest I’ll get me a sharp new one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just started watching your vids and From what I see from your first videos til now it real looks like the Philippines has done wonders for you . Do you ever plan to move back to the states or are you done with the US ? Also from watching your vids in the mall .I see why my wife doesn`t want to move back to the Philippines . To many pretty girls and all.
    I never been there yet . Can`t wait . Next Summer .

  7. It is for sure good & good for you. I learnt from my wife who is quite good at it. A heavy sharp Bolo does make a big difference. I get amazed at watching Filipinos do it and manage to make the cut in the same place with accuracy. I would be lucky to get to water in 6 swings, but I have seen it done. trick is to hit it hard and not worry about how neat the cut is. Truth is tho, more swings = more exercise so all in all it is good for you all the way around. Great job I enjoy the vids!

  8. reekay said: “i just figure if i was stranded on an island and lucky enough to have a machete, or whatever this is, same doogle(?), you know if i’m stranded on an island, well i’d have a-a-all day to get the coconut out of here. I mean what else are you gonna do when you’re stranded on an island?”

  9. Oh, I knew since before I ever came out here that I’d make it my permanent home. Apart from visits to see my family once a year or so, PH is my new home. And believe me, I haven’t even caught many of the really pretty Filipinas on video yet. There are SO many. And yes, your wife (asawa) will watch you like a hawk if you move here. haha!!

  10. I wish my brother-in-law is a trooper like you. Risk taker and uses there common sense. After 28 yrs. in the military? His dumb and stupid. Did not take advantage the military can offer besides making coffee for the General. Where in TX, does not even know how to handle a gun. I got my training in the Visayan mountains. Mixing it up with rebels. If only I got a lot of ammo then. I could have lessen the no. of rebels. (In my dreams)..

  11. Ha. Great Henry I don’t think you realise how funny you are in a good way, keep these story’s going, you are without doubt a great presenter of your life adventure in the Philippines..

  12. I thought its cute! hehehe… When I went home to the Philippines in 2011, I let my bother-in-law cut it for me. I should try it by myself on my next visit.

  13. hi henry! I remember when I was still a kid I forced my self to open a coconut but its really very difficult it takes me more than one hour untill I totally hacked in half because I was alone that time

  14. wrong thumb position … get your thumb close to your palm

    cut off the butt (the end with no stem) so u can get it standing on your table … and then cut the end with the stem till u get the water

    the water in the coconut is not coconut milk … it’s coconut water … it’s healthy and light and mildly sweet

    coconut milk is made from old coconut … they grind old coconut meat to pulp … and then they press out the milk from the pulp

    young coconut water + raw eggs = hard core aphrodisiac

  15. after seeing you trying to get the juice out, if you were stranded on an Island you will probably die from dehydration before you get the coconut opened. hehehe =P

  16. This “How to Hack a Coconut” should be your first video of this subject. Why you don’t make a new video: “Henry, the professional coconut-hacker”?ย 
    Please use a good bolo next time.

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