Stimulus checks and loans are being offered through several programs by the US and other countries. You may qualify for a stimulus check and it may deposit directly into your account if you meet certain requirements. You many need to supply the government with additional information and this video will provide the procedure and source info.


    1. LOL. Turn your other video off Danny, it is interfering with my video and I can hardly hear myself with all that noise you are making.

  1. Rod,
    The Europeans may be a bit miffed if they don’t get an assistance payment from their respective governments after all they pay approx. 35-40% income tax.

    1. From what I have heard from other comments, there are different schemes in the various countries. I think Canada pays close to 50% of income in taxes for “free” health care and education.

    1. I think that should work John. I always appreciate “found” money in my account, even if the bill with interest gets billed to the taxpayers.

  2. Really you have 65000 still receiving checks . Because there not computer savey.
    That’s the problem with my sister and her hubby . 65 and 68
    Never owned a computer . No smart phone
    Still use Nokia 3310 and 6600 cell phone

  3. I ask my sis . She said the only pleasure we have is driving into town making our bank deposits and paying our Bill’s.
    She said that’s the problem in the world people are to lazy to go take care of business .

  4. Direct deposits should be in starting Wed. April 15. There’s a lot of confusion and unnecessary fear surrounding the COVID-19 stimulus check. Some are calling it an advance on tax refund due next April.

    1. Thanks Chris. I have read several articles and it can be a bit confusing as some appear to change the story a bit. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Thanks MW. You have a bit of a different system there. I have met several Swedes here and it is always interesting to learn from them.

  5. Hi Rod, I filed my 2019 taxes online and have received my return in my checking account. I was surprised that when I checked my account today the stimulus check was deposited today.

  6. It’s funny I ask my sister she said look
    We have 53k in checking and 150k in CDs and 20k in CD s
    We have savings and investments but we don’t care if get stimulus.

    1. ive got a weird feeling going thru with this might come back to haunt me. do we have to pay this back or will we have to file taxes next year or subsequent years? thanks for the info but i will give it some time to research about this more

  7. Hi Rod I hope you are doing OK?. In Australia we are being very well looked after with a record amount of money being given to many millions of Australians and small businesses. For example anyone who has lost their job or reduced hours since the start of March is eligible for what they call a JobKeeper payment of $1500 a fortnight for the next 6 months. Small businesses are eligible for up to $100K grant from the government (no need to pay back). And so much more assistance than that. We are very lucky here. My sister in law in the Philippines was told even though she is a single mother she was not eligible for any payment because her sister has a Job in Manila. I told her not to worry as we will help her through this time. I wish you and all your viewers all the very best Rod, Be safe and take care. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

    1. @Amazing Philippines I am hearing the assistance is rather hit and miss but they can only do what they can with their resources. I do worry about many of the poorer people. My wife said the same thing about the aid money. Thanks Rod, you stay safe as well πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks for the info Pete. We are living in historical times and what the Philippines calls a “calamity”. PH is a poor country with few assets to react to something like this. In general, considering this, I have been surprised at how quickly in many areas that they distributed food and money. Unfortunately, in many other areas, people are hungry and still waiting. With this cash society, I am afraid millions of aid money will be siphoned off as it comes down through the system. Stay safe and healthy Pete and family.

  8. Hi Rod, This info is from the on-line Soc. Security website, thought it might be of help to some: Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17:

    You do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019.

  9. Rod, I fall under the description of the automatically qualifying folks.. I have not received the stimulus check yet.. We are still 6 days short of the reported date that they should arrive (April 17).. You know how it is, when I see it in the bank account the mystery will be over.. I have seen many people chasing YouTube videos for information on registering.. Direct deposit has been around for decades, and I have used it for decades.. Many that wanted to keep getting that paper check, wish they had DD to.. Thanks for the video..

    1. @Amazing Philippines I generally look for my SS benefit check at midnight of the 3rd.. I chaulk it up to being ahead of the states by 12 to 13 hours… It is usually there by then…

    2. Thanks Bruce and I think most will have the automatic DD but the check route could take some time. My bank, WF, has been showing my SS deposit a day later than normal for a couple of months, which is a bit irritating.

  10. Yes in Canada is giving us 2000 a month for three months if you have work in the last year and have earned 5000 in the past year
    ITS All on the CRA WEBSITE

  11. If you make less than $75,000.00 you get the whole $1200. Between $75,000 and $99,000.00 it’s prorated depending on your income. Over $99,000.00 you don’t need it.

    1. @Amazing Philippines The only way it gets reduced from $1200 is if your income exceeds $75,000 Rod. It’s $2400 if both people of a “couple” are US Citizens with a $150,000 ceiling before it starts getting reduced. There’s also another $500 tacked on for every US Citizen child. Those that get direct deposit of IRS refunds or that get Social Security Retirement Benefits or Social Security Disability or Survivor’s Benefits should have the money Direct Deposited by April 15th.

      I’ll let you and your viewers know when it hits my bank. I usually get a 2 or 3 day “incoming” heads up before it gets cleared on the due date.

    2. Thanks Dan. I hope you are correct. I read one article that claimed some, like SS pensioners, might get only $600, but I haven’t seen that anywhere else.

  12. Thank You, Great Info!..
    A lot of US Veterans in Phillipines who get VA Pension or Disability…follow what he suggests here, took me 5 minutes and my payment has been confirmed by irs to be deposited.

  13. Hey Rod, Here in Australia the Government will give around 300Bn dollars in stimulus packages over the next 6 months from what I heard. Many people got a 750 dollar payment and certain welfare payments will receive an additional 550 dollar per fortnight payment,Employers are being given 750 a week to keep people employed and that amount must be given to the employee in full. There will also be another 750 for some individuals in July. Many loans being offered to business also. Businesses are not allowed to be evicted for non payment of rent and rents for business will be waived in some cases. It gets very confusing trying to see who gets what really though. Seems the only ones not doing anything to help are the banks. Stay safe mate.Cheers Rob

    1. Thanks for the info Rob. That sounds like good news and some control on the negative aspects. Here in the Philippines where almost all of the aid is in cash, I am sure there is plenty being siphoned off as it moves through the system. The US politicians are also adding a lot of pork to their several “recovery” bills that have nothing to do with it loading up the taxpayers with more debt long term. Stay safe and healthy.

  14. Btw, I thought you cannot say the coronavirus word in youtube videos or you would be in trouble? According to the channel philly in the philippines.

    1. Thanks Mark. They tend to demonetize most videos about the virus but the fact is that most advertisers have stopped or drastically reduced advertising so revenue is very low regardless.

  15. Rod I’m living in Australia, I am on a pension and we just received $750, and will receive another $750 in June, we did not have to do anything, it went straight Into our bank account,

  16. australia, 750 per week for those put off becos of corona. landlords asked to stop charging rent with banks to help out with not charging landlords for their loans, all credit card debt stopped until corona gone. those are the main items

  17. In Canada if you have made atleast $5000 in 12 months you will receive $2000 a month renewable every month for four months..can be done by computer and will be direct deposit in three days…if done by phone will receive a CHQ by mail in ten days.

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