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As you know, the coronavirus is arguably the most pressing issue happening not only in Asia, but throughout the world. Currently, China and South Korea have the most confirmed cases of coronavirus. But in nearby Japan, the number of confirmed cases remain curiously low. Have you wondered why this is the case? As it turns out, the Japanese government has received a lot of criticism for its limited testing and only recently started picking it up due to international pressure, boosting its testing capacity to 7,000 a day. So how do Japanese citizens feel about the government’s response to the coronavirus? Are they even fearful of the coronavirus in the first place? We hit the streets of Tokyo to find out. 

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  1. Japan, China, and Korea need to all work together because (mainly Japan and Korea) their populations are aging very rapidly. Maybe containing this virus will be the first steps in harmony in the region. Many people including myself would like to see that happen.

  2. Hey asian boss, you should interview japan ppls opinion of Tokyo Olympics, minister Abe wanting to pursue it despite the worldwide corona virus pandemic, whether it should be held or not

  3. 海外の人は、みんな検査が大好きだね。

    1. @Red Rabbit  Learn from South Korea and China, → 韓国ではまた感染者数が増え始めてますよ 147/day ソウルでも病院に断られてコロナ以外で死者が出ていますね
      完全隔離は無理 重症者だけ治療が日本が選択した方法です どちらが正しいかそのうち分かるよ

    2. @Red Rabbit この騒動で、一番悪いことは、混乱することです。検査は混乱を大きくする場合があります。それは、医療崩壊や、差別などです。これは多くの国で見られていることです。検査をしても、その検査の数に比例して、対処できる医療体制も同時に必要になります。それを超える検査は、混乱を助長することにもなります。中国や韓国だけではなく、今はまだどの国が正解とは言えません。短絡的に、どこかの国を見習うべきという話をするのは、まだ早いです。

    3. How does not testing reduce the total number of death? It only increases it although the number looks better on paper. Using “ostrich putting its head in the sand” approach is not gonna save lives nor shortening the during out the outbreak. Learn from South Korea and China, although it might be painful at first, the situations are getting better.

  4. I’m glad that the young kids who aren’t scared of the virus are still wearing masks…Here in Australia, we’re just stocking up on toilet paper and pasta apparently…i hardly see anyone other than the Asians wearing masks…

  5. Essentially if any country’s coronavirus death rates are weirdly higher than the number of cases, they don’t have accurate numbers or are hiding it. tbh I doubt the media is hiding numbers…people not getting tested would be affecting it more

  6. “If you lie hudred times, It becomes truth” the japanese proverb. “You can’t cover the sky with your hands.(which mean you can’t deceive the world)” the korean proverb. This is the difference between japanese and korean

  7. In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and surrounding cities, schools and offices have gone online one by one. People only go to their workspaces to take things they need (and unfortunately some of my classes can’t be done online since they are lab activities, but aside from that, lectures are online)

    We can easily follow the news through socmed. Line even has a special post that updates the number every day. So far (15 Mar) there has been 1.2k tested and 117 positive with 5 death and 8 healed

  8. For handling this issue, I prefer only trust ourselves as ordinary people, not even follow any politician or expert in the world, they are bundled with power and benefits, or we can say they are cheated by each other. It’s more clear now that this is not just a common virus caused by nature. As no one actually knows clear about what is this virus like and how it will be going, So we should be very skeptical with the virus, keeping away from crowd, besides, prepare storable food.

  9. Finally the world knows more about the Japanese government. We knew it all along. The world didn’t believe a thing. And here lies the truth. The Japanese government is consisted of incompetant lying bastards who knows one and good at one thing only: hiding the truth.

  10. The fact I heard is once u contract the virus, it will keep staying in your body for entire life, you have to live with everyday-medicine for the rest of your life. Even when the vaccine comes out you are unavailable to take it. So the problem is not will you turn into death or not if get affected, it’s how to be never getting affected before the vaccine made. And I think every government and people has the responsibility to find out what the hell does the virus originally come from! It is a super smart virus. It’s a super crisis for whole human being right now!

  11. Lack of transparency and testing will backfire. They have no numbers because there’s no testing. S. Korea showed us all how to flatten the curve.

    1. K D japan is 3rd in size but 1st is debt. Japan is officially the most broke country in the world and its economy is expected to contract by 7% this year.

      I hope their government makes the right decision for its citizens and the region.

  12. How does not testing reduce the total number of death? It only increases it although the number looks better on paper. Using “ostrich putting its head in the sand” approach is not gonna save lives nor shortening the during out the outbreak. Learn from South Korea and China, although it might be painful at first, the situations are getting better.

  13. Japanese governement could use this virus to get rid of the old population. They don’t take the drastic messsures to prevent it nor raise awareness. I don’t dare to think further..:/

    1. @sukhwan sohn When parson died of pneumonia, japan is carrying out a inspection if that parson was corona. Japan probably has more corona patients though the number of beath is correct.

    2. How can u know the number of death from corona if they don’t test. If someone dies of corona without getting tested, it will just be assuned he died of flu or something.

  14. Japan hiding the truth not even trying to do the tests because they wanna get rid of older populations Japanese public Television so called experts came out saying er japan dont need test

    1. @Daniel Shin One possible counter claim is Japan doesn’t need to conduct many PCR test as they have large capacity of clinical diagnosis and CT scan before PCR. Number of test is only counted based on PCR.

    2. @Daniel Shin Olympic conspiracy is the logic such that Japanese government employed “no test, no virus” strategy to hold “Olympic”, which is really popular in Korean Internet.

      I don’t deny the fact that the number of tests are deliberately kept low. What is important is the background.

    3. J Sasa olympics Conspiracy? Japans Master plan to Eliminate the competition and Win all the medals?

      No one is going to look down on japan for postponing the Olympics but they will for not saving peoples lives.

      In any normal developed country, anyone can get tested for the virus. In japan, only people with symptoms or those from overseas can get tested. With such a ridiculous criteria, its not hard to wonder why.

    4. @Daniel Shin Are you joking? “if you lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth” is what Korean have been doing for long long time, and still doing it as Olympic conspiracy campaign now. Anyway it is not time to discuss that.

    1. Rocco Anthony Hey Anthony I was talking about the Japanese government. this is a big problem they don’t tell truth to their people quickly. When the people found out, the problem was already huge. Who’s brainwashed? And you don’t know where I was born.

    2. Somi M no they don’t. You’re just a brainwashed idiot if you think your country is some sort of “truth speaking superhero” lmao.

      They have never “bend” history. It’s called “perspective”. The fact that you almost accept everything that the western media tells you to, or even countries like China or South Korea where there media are literally OWNED by their government (and are known for spreading propaganda) is pathetic.

  15. Tbh i knew that how Japanese government treat this virus issue it’s pretty similar with my expectation and same with the way to treat Fukushima radiation problem
    they just turn away of problems and believe it is fine
    i don’t wanna blame to Japanese people but they have to face their problems and fight back with it to make it better

    1. Jose A how about you mind your own countries business lmao.

      Japan has been FAR more successful than most countries in containing coronavirus, even with all the disadvantages they had.

      TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it lmao.

  16. I’m ASTONISHED by the fact that people here in Italy seems to care more about their elders than Japanese. I would have never thought that. ☹️


    Nobody criticize the limitation of test in Japan, except media, because we understand it could lead to medical collapse.

    You and most of who write comments here don’t understand it.

  18. They are dangerously ignorant on this issue. A lot of misinformation such as the girl “not seeing the covid as different from a cold”. What a dumbass. Luckily Japan is tackling the virus well.

  19. 1/3 japanese suffer hay fever now and it is common if they had cough and running nose.
    Anyway, japanese specialist think test is only supporting the diagnosis. test for not severe patient make cofusion since 30-40 percent test result are not accurate and also japan have short of bed in the hospital.
    and negative test person would be positive next day. all we can do is stay st home when they have symptoms.
    elderly could be tested if they have fever for 2 days or suspect pneumonia symptom.
    i think that doctor can find if the patient have severe condition. sooner better test kit will be used and will be avoid the test misdiagnosis ( 95 percent)

  20. Hey Kei is back! Haven’t seen him host in a very long time. Cool. He is a great host. Also I live in a city that just had its first case, so people are in panic right now. We have seen many things sold out throughout the region and I expect to see hard lockdown soon. Im rather concerned because I work in a business that cannot close due to it being a critical industry and I have to be around the public daily. I am praying that sick people stay home and don’t spread it and this all slows down and life gets back to normal.

  21. I think people are taking this way too seriously. The flu is far more deadly and has killed far more people than this virus ever has. I think the elderly are the ones who are far more at risk than younger people and more likely to die from it. The main thing people should actually be concentrating on is to build up their immune system so if they do end up getting it it won’t be as severe.

  22. I am Korean.
    To be honest, it’s really peaceful from my point of view. I think it’s probably the same for the Japanese, because we can’t see people dying, suffering, coughing and falling.
    However, Korean news reports accurately the number of deaths.
    Text messages from cell phones tell you exactly how many confirmed people are being confirmed and how they are moving each day.
    So Koreans are alarmed that they should live more carefully.

    But the Japanese don’t have any information, so they don’t think anything.

  23. Ideas of Japan: We should host the Olympics. Everyone be quiet.
    If you fail to host the Olympics, everything fails.
    Do you want to scan for viruses? I can do it if I decide, but I don’t want to.

  24. First of all how accurate are those test kits?

    Well..There’s no sense in getting tested anyway, since currently there’s no cure. The only thing doctors can treat are the symptoms. Having enough rest and healthy lifestyle to build the immune system is the only remedy for now.

    Patients with prior illness and those who needs urgent care are their first priority to save people from “dying

    If you’re working in a medical field then you would probably know that Japanese government is doing quite good on this fight. They are keeping their “Healthworkers” in good condition in order to give a quality care to patients, not a hospital crushed with patients.
    If the doctors and nurses gets sick a nation will be in “chaos”.

    1. @浅野弥助 oh really? You can help the Japanese government by doing the home quarantine. I am a foreigner living in Japan. I only go out to buy groceries or when needed. So how is your gf now? Are you sure you are a Japanese? I know some people are pretending to be Japanese online. Just asking.

    2. No point in getting tested since there’s no cure? How about knowing you’re infected and not going around spreading the virus?

      Are you even in Japan? Because if you were, you would know that they are barely testing. I can tell you first hand that my girlfriend was showing symptoms 2 weeks ago, she went to 2 different clinics and they both refused to test her. People are going about their daily lives to restaurant and bars as if nothing.

      Look how long it took for the government to finally put an axe on the Olympics for this summer. A big nation like Canada had to say they will withdraw for the government to trule reconsider. Take it from a Japanese, the government has been reacting poorly.

  25. let’s see how death toll number going.
    u will see soon. not accurate testing alot is important?? u think so? we japanese don’ just accelerates the number of infected patients , medical workes and leads to too many patients in hospital and collapse of medical care. so we take test against patients only with serious symptom.

  26. It’s sad to see Japan’s response to COVID19. First of all, there is no change in the minds of the Japanese people as the stupid panels are making noise from the Japanese broadcast. Japan is too late for ‘safe’

  27. Korea is dealing well with the Corona virus, but Japan says it is not. A Japanese broadcaster points out that the Korean ‘drive through’ system is dirty, but countries around the world are praising it and even following it. Japan seems to be pointing out and criticizing Korea too much.

  28. 投稿から2週間経ちましたが、その後どうなりましたか?

  29. Seems the Japanese media, people and government are trying to downplay the pandemic. But at the same time, it hasn’t hit Japan very badly, and even if there aren’t enough tests done, people with symptoms would come to hospitals and test positive. Hope it stays that way.

  30. Well, I believe in japan government that they can handle quiet good in everything and covid-19 is not different but the thing that Im shocked is that there is no death cases on there which is good yet suspicious for me

  31. I am Chinese and I believe Japan can handle their problems well. From the recent news, they have a clear mind and a correct understanding.日本がんばれ

  32. Japanese government have never acknowledged the ww2. People of Japan are ignorant of the fact about aggressive nature of their leaders. Government is gambling with citizen’s lives, one day very soon almost half of people of Japan will die from covid19 virus outbreak. I hope it takes most of the politicians out.

  33. Tips for interviewing Japanese people about corona virus next time. You can’t get clear answer by “What do you think?” kind of questions. Ask them more specific, like “How often do you wash hands?” , “How often do you take bath?”, or whether they wear masks or not, whether take off shoes at home or not, etc. Then you will get more sense how they deal with , even they said “well, I don’t worry so much of virus”

  34. Indianapolis Indiana USA. the virus is here and spreading quickly. the hospitals are paralyzing people and attaching them to ventilators. some are recovering but sympthoms are different for each individual. I experience shortness of breath / really hard heart beating/ fatigue/ anxious..etc. no temperature … some people loose sense of smell3/30/20. the government is definitely lying

  35. Indianapolis Indiana USA. the virus is here and spreading quickly. the hospitals are paralyzing people and attaching them to ventilators. some are recovering but sympthoms are different for each individual. I experience shortness of breath / really hard heart beating/ fatigue/ anxious..etc. no temperature … some people loose sense of smell3/30/20. the government is definitely lying

    1. @jean Miyu This Japanese man was brainwashed. I’m focusing on the surge in the number of infected people, not the Olympics being postponed. Are you dyslexic? The comments written by this Japanese are fantastic, too. There are no comments without South Korea. Cut the crap, you idiot.

  36. I think it’s all about the Olympic 2020. Now the Olympic is officially postponed, Abe Shinzo claimed that “there might be a sharp increase of the number of confirmed cases”…

  37. Japan hiding the truth not even trying to do the tests because they wanna get rid of older populations Japanese public Television so called experts came out saying japan dont need test  but tourists from the China plus their cruise ship had multiple infected people

  38. 反日 アジアのボス
    病院に行ってみな。  ガラガラだから。
    Interesting how Japanese government always try to hide everything ???
    馬鹿な印象操作するなよ。  anti-japan boss

  39. At a news conference today, Prime Minister Abe said, “All pneumonia patients are examined by CTscans, so there is no counterfeiting of mortality.” Coronavirus
    have distinctive shadows that can be distinguished by CTscans.
    Japan is the country with the highest penetration rate of CTscan in the world.
    In the medical community, It is said that Japanese may already have coronavirus antibodies due to the effects of BCG vaccination.

  40. 所有的注意力机制,在多项任务上,如问答系统,机器翻译,语音识别起到相应的提升作用,性能提升作用,因此厄相关研究就将对立机制引入到关系分类当中,并证明了在关系分类上的应用也是有效的。这样的人呢提出一种记忆,纯粹的bIostm学习单一序列层面上的信息,bIostm信息单,一系列层面上的一个信息来进行关系分类的一个方法,在该方法中结合了大量的特定信息,因此模型取得良好的表现。周等人将最低机制引入到bIaocm效果上,就要单纯的bIostf有明显的提升,在sma不都是3333 38上取得了1.8%的技能提升,新的人提出一种基于实体对的就利益机制模型,基于实体队的一个助力机制模型,而用于充分学习实体对中涉及的语义知识,充分学习实体对中涉及的语义知识,对于特定实力实力,对句子相应的一个实体对信息被合并为先进知识相应的一个适应的计算用于是表示生成一个吸烟人真是注意权重,该方法在没有引入外部宣传知识的一个情况下,由于文件25f一直达到86.1%,消等人则提出了一种叠成喧哗直接网络结合双层注意力机制的一个方法,在第1层级的信息网络中考虑了序列的一个这个序列的一个纸结构信息。另外一个要说明的是,由于关系分类是一个有监督的过程,在考,呃,过去考虑到数据量不足的问题,有人提出了远程监督的方法来生成相应的一个数据,该方法的取得了相应的效果,但也引入了招生数据的一个问题。近年来随着正常学习以及生成对抗网络,居然还在图册上的广泛应用,有人开始将io和主演员的一个思想引入到远程监督,在会计分类上的研究来搞来改善招生数据的一个问题。风等人提出了一种利用增强学习中招生数据中进行关系分类的方法,他们利用增强学习中造他们利用增强学习,从造成数据中进行关注分类的方法,该方法设计成两个模块分别是实力选择聚合关系分类集中实力显著

  41. Full country lockdown is going on now. You can guess how serious the government is about this matter. But some people are not taking it seriously.

  42. I am surprised how Japan deals with the Corona, Sweden does the same thing, the difference, the Japanese wear a mask and in Sweden no mask. I am from Germany and there is stranger, but it is a good thing. We don’t have that many dead yet. But already infected.

  43. For those people who blame the Japanese people for this and think we are all we apps we are trying to tell you Blame the government!! It’s their fault for not protecting their citizens I mean I love japan but I’m not a weaboo but I just don’t agree with this

  44. My issue with this that there are people being so carefree about this…and then there’s people that say you need to gargle and wash your hands but I have seen a numerous amount of people that wash their hands with water only for a few seconds and never touch any soap. This is infuriating and people are still not taking it seriously-plus we’re already in April…. You don’t have to be an old person to get this you can still have no symptoms and pass it to people!

  45. Well Abe digged his own grave.
    Most elderly people are voting for him but now he let them down and they end up dying because of the virus and Japanese people are super angry about the choices he makes.

  46. I hear the virus is more prevalent in dense populations. Can you do interviews in the rural areas of Korea and Japan and see their responses to the virus?

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