How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby In The Philippines?

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  1. As long as both are safe it’s okay. Take good care Maricel dear. Hopefully you will keep on updating little Charlie for your viewers. Have a blessed day. God Bless everyone.

  2. Home at last, CHARLIE AND THE REAL WORLD ……This will be the begining of a new page in the Smith family’s awesome real life story (Documentary)

  3. My wife has to have the C section with our son 16yrs ago all free under medicare hear in Australia and now government gives you 5 thousand dollars each baby even now my son CJ we get every fortnight $250 Aust so $500 dollars a month for having a kid but all hospitals are under medicare free hear but you do pay for medicare whole family on my wife’s tax every year but i think was only 300 in the mid year tax so once a year that is we are lucky all doctors visits to local doctors are free all of us as im on low income really no money i ern we are so lucky in Australia medical wise Glad the Maricel is ok to my son was born at 7months and was in the hospital 2 months in special care but he only needed oxygen in the crib no he is a pain in the ass at his age hahah Charlie is going to naughty to if you spoil him dont bring him up strict i tried but ohh well Baha la na sorry spelling bad in Bisaya hahah

  4. Well if the little lady wants no more Brian then I guess it is the snip for you. As Jen and I plan to only have the one child I looked into this and a vasectomy is the better choice as tube ties are an invasive surgery. The little sir looks so snug all wrapped up ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. But we do have around the clock nursing and our food is prepared and delivered to the patients. Even tho its not that good food ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ but there getting more better๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. do not worry about the cost what is important both mother and baby are safe and healthy. it looks like Maricel did not undergo a caesarean section she walks like any normal daily walk before the delivery. you waited for too long to have a baby nursing too many heartaches and disappointments. the cost you now counting is worth all the waiting and just imagine the excitement and happiness Charlie would bring into your lives. enjoy motherhood Maricel be safe as well because you underwent CS you should not be lifting heavy things.

  7. Dwain Wooley and Shanta had a first baby, a boy on mother’s day. The baby was delivered normal birth but had pneumonia. Shanta went home after 3 days but the baby stayed in ICU for 2 weeks. Their bill was a little over P300,000.00 pesos. The baby was hard to take care. He cries and cries. Dwain and Shanta also cried. He’s a little a month now. He has his first doctor’s visit but he has not changes a lot, still cries.

    The Philippine Dream will be the next baby to watch. It’s gonna be a girl. Ned and Chitchay first baby. Ned is very excited to see his first child at his age.

    I’m excited to see how all the fil-am babies born in the Philippines perform. Charlie might be greatest performer of all. He is showing his greatness already from day 1. He looks so much like you, Brian.

  8. Brian, as you know very well in USA you are charged by what kind of health insurance person has. I had my son long time ago in Wisconsin, was in the hospital for 7 days, was working for federal government and insurance paid 100%.
    How the very poor Philippines would pay for same C-Section ? Just curious.

  9. That’s so affordable $1,500.00, that is true Brian my C-section/hospital 25 years ago cost about 12-14,000 dollars if I remember it correctly…We have exactly the same case at zero station plus cephalo- pelvic disproportion and my Dtr was the same with physio- jaundice . Get well soon Cel and baby Charles <3

  10. Congratulations again Marcel and Brian on your lovely little boy you got your heart desire a handsome little boy God bless him. Take care of yourself and get your rest.

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