HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle

How much does is cost to live in Bali? Well, Whether you’re a digital nomad working from your computer in Canggu or someone looking for an escape, I tracked my expenses in Bali Indonesia for 30 days to show you what it’s like to live in Bali and how much you should expect to pay.

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  1. shocked how it is NOT a normal thing for US Americans to do your own coffee.. I mean.. why? xD why something like this needs to be highlighted? i think that’s kinda sad

  2. It’s only like 20$ for a bottle of champagne at mrs sippy, ran through 20 of them with Brandon spraying off the DJ stage. Gotta add the partying cost haha

  3. OK…. at the beginning of the video, this guy (Lost LeBlanc) is very cozy with a blond woman;
    then, @10:44 minute he is with his “little biker chica”. Are you married? Because if not, you are sending a bad message of promiscuity to other young people!

  4. We were blown away with how cheap food was and miami-esque beach side restaurant experiences were. I can see why so many foreigners flock to Bali… I was definitely entranced as well… and we only get to explore Canngu. We will make some videos about our experience this year in bali as well.

  5. Hey I’ve just uploaded my story about moving to Bali, please check it out if you are about to relocate there or simply need tips to do so. Hope you find it useful! Thanks for your video, Christian

  6. y’all know there are other places on the planet to travel right? hahaa Bali is the most overhyped place in the world. I’ve been travelling the world for 5 years, 65 countries and Bali isn’t even a place I’d return to.

  7. 4:00 he talks like hes not a millennial….. you ARE a millennial man haha. or maybe too young to be one? deffinatley not older than one though.

  8. With 2400$ i could live for one year in indonesia. Its all about getting the most value of your dollar and sacrificing some luxury. Instead of renting build your own small simple house. Instead of buying cook your own meals and plant your own food. And then if you do need to pay for something, try to bargain.

  9. The shitty kind of tourist wants to come and re-enact the march of the penguins with all the other bum sheep. They dont want to give back to the community they just want to take, fuckin parasites.

  10. I love canteen, been there for a full year almost every day! (that and satu satu).

    I agree with your calculation, I was spending around 3/4k per month in 3 people.

    You should talk about the local taxi fighting against gojek because of the low prices. In many areas you cannot use a gojek and you are risking a massive beating for calling the service…

    Once, 10 people begin to run toward me and my gojek driver with clubs and stones. Luckily we escaped…

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