How Married Farang (foreigners) Get Visa – COE to Come Back to Thailand

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  1. Sell the Books, Sell the Guitars and amps, Sell most of your clothes, sell the cars and boats…….Keep the houses as monthly incoming. Keep the majority of your money in the US. Take $100K or so and move to Thailand. If everything goes side ways you can always go back home and take over one of your houses and you will have cash. Always have an exit it plan!!!! Never go all in in any venture.

  2. What’s always missing from these discussions is finances. I don’t know anything about this guy, but all my research points to one overwhelming unavoidable fact: in the words of the late, great George Harrison, ‘It’s gonna take money, it’s gonna take a whole lotta spending money’. Better make sure you have very deep pockets. You’re gonna need them. And then some.

  3. Thanks JC. An informative and encouraging video. I intend to jump through the same hoops next month. I can’t wait any longer to go back to my family. Maybe something changes for the better in the meanwhile. Ciao.

  4. Thousands of married foreigners are stranded. The amount of money it costs with all the hoops to jump are not worth the hassle for most. What happens to those that got their last Type O Marriage Visa in Savannakeet Laos with no money in a Thai bank account needed?

  5. I am an American with Thai wife with farm in Thailand. We are right now going through the repatriation process, still in USA. Have applied for O Visa ( spouse) , it’s a lengthy process now, not like before Covid-19. It’s doeable for spouse of Thai citizen, but not for tourism at this time, later from what I heard if you go through the Covid tests and quarantine.

  6. Very helpful interview! We are hopefully getting back the same way in late spring. Just to let any of your subscribers know in the Arizona area or adjacent states who may need a Fit to Travel Certificate to get back to Thailand, my daughter who is a PA is issuing them through her medical practice in Gilbert, AZ. Not many docs here even know about them unfortunately. Here is a link to her website if you are in need of one.

  7. there is seems to be some confusion on the 220,000 deaths in the USA from covid, you are saying if you have flue and die and have a trace of covid in you its not a covid death, but it works like this the flue that would not kill you on its own you would survive, but you get covid and die then the cause of death is covid related and without the covid, you would have lived!!! I mean in Australia we have very few covid because we accept the science and what the government tells us to do to protect ourselves and others we hardly had any flue season this year because everyone was protecting themselves because of covid but I realise Americans don’t like being told what to do even when its only to protect themselves. anyway love your blog been watching you and others for a longtime thanks, alan.

  8. Hi jc am one of those people I have an o visa retirement issued in Thailand I left Thailand 1 April for the UK and can’t get back and my visa is going to expire in the middle of January not sure what I need to do

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