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As of now, the coronavirus has spread to over 70 countries with South Korea coming to the center of attention as the second most affected place in the world after China. We previously interviewed somebody in Wuhan as well as conducted a street interview in Hong Kong in regards to the coronavirus, but thought it was now time to see what it was like in Korea.  How did the virus spread so quickly throughout the country and what do the Korean people think about it all? We hit the streets of Seoul, South Korea to investigate the situation.

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  1. I am British 🇬🇧and have been living in South Korea 🇰🇷for 10 years. There is no other place I would want to be as Korea is doing a brilliant job on two fronts. 1. By keeping the public informed with information so you feel safe. 2. The whole country is pulling together and trying to avoid public spaces so this does not spread. I am proud to live here and will continue to cheer Korea!!❤️🇬🇧🇰🇷😷

    1. @ykuk God Bless You. The NHS is already strained I have told my family to stock up on some basic flu/cough medicine so if they get it they can treat as most people just get mild symptoms. But I hope Uk follows SK in testing and tracking:)

    2. Nice to hear, im korean living in uk over 20 years. We are advised to wash hands frequently while singing birthday songs twice. 🙁 Im probably the one panicking as having to see what’s happening in korea.
      Hope uk wont end up with the situation like other European countries, uk needs to learn, prepare n act more effectively…

    1. I am not ridiculing your statement. Maybe we are nearing to world’s end but since we are indians don’t expect any good or positive response from other people. We are always a joke to other nationalities like shithole, slumdogs etc even at this scary situation.

  2. The thing is, masks don’t help you much unless they’re N95. The normal masks just offer some moderate protection, but I wouldn’t say it’s enough to protect yourself when you have contact with a person who has the virus.

  3. now im starting to wonder whether Malaysia is implementing the “no test, no case”. However, so far our MOH is doing a great job and we Malaysians aren’t panicking. MOH warned us about the panic if we only focus on what the media are saying. To truly believe, we only check on MOH’s update.

  4. To those saying that masks are useless (because their government told them so 🙄) or that only N95s will do, a mask is a barrier and better than no mask at all. Think about it. It may not be 100% as effective as an N95 or totally avoiding people, but you’re at least reducing the chances of getting things into your mouth or nose. It’s near impossible to find even surgical masks now. But even a cotton mask should be better than nothing at all. It should me much more acceptable to wear a mask out in public in the West as it is in Asia, instead of viewing mask wearers like lepers. If we were all considerate of others and wore masks and exercised hand hygiene, this would slow down faster. As long as governments aren’t taking the virus as seriously, we can only take our best precautions to protect ourselves and others. The aim is to eradicate this virus for the good of everyone.

  5. Im really Worried About that virus the spreading rate is so very alarming not only in China and South Korea But Philippines too .
    I am living near the city that has Confirmed case of COVID 19 and its very alarming , i’m thinking too much about this COVID19
    Even the Gov’t Here In 🇵🇭🇵🇭 Said not to panic but tbh i can’t think how ( WE ) poor ppl deal with this if ever we got infected.

    Hoping that it will end so soon 🙏🙏

  6. I wonder if the Korean viewers could let me know their personal opinion about the following:
    In January I booked my holidays ticket to S. Korea for April (3rd-15th). I was planning to come with my bicycle and ride around the country (to Busan – 4 Rivers Path – & East Coast). If you were me, would you cancel the trip or would you go ahead?
    I’d appreciate if you could share your opinion!

    1. Hi. I am sorry to say this but I think it’s better not to travel for a while… I hope you have a wonderful trip to Korea as you wish someday! ❤

    2. Andrés Benítez Martínez…..???? Of course….. Just stay home for both you and the Koreans. Even we are refraining from visiting Busan for just travel.

  7. It is the worst thing for S.Korean people to remain left wing people on the chair of president and cabinet.
    I guess Korean gov currently won’t understand what “triage” is. They just believe “doing tests” is the best for election. Korean people should remember the test is not “treatment” but just “test”. I wonder have they thought about medical resources about this. Doing test over 10,000 people per day is waste of resources, because there are no special vaccine or medicine for CO-VID 19. This means the only things we can to do is “Get nutrition, wash hands, and sleep well”.

    1. I agree that it is important to do test, however, I have to be against for doing test for who “just” want to be tested even if it is charged. Because they are not patients but health people. To save medical capacity, people should be tested when doctors decide to do only, I think. As we know, Italy where do test for many people suffers from currently situation because of their limited medical resources. I don’t hope every countries to be like them.
      However, I understand your feeling and I think China should have given honest information for other countries not to spread currently panic. They should take responsibility to the world because of their political attitude and pressure.

      Thank you for your pray for me and I pray for you and your country also.

    2. 5555 shima In order not to make the common streets become more dangerous than test site, we doing test.

      Corona is different from simple cold because it can be infected without symptoms. Young and healthy people can transmit to other people(the old and weak) without even knowing. So it is very dangerous to test only people with serious symptoms.

      I think that is one of the reasons why we need to test. Unspecified persons who do not know they are infected with Corona are more likely to spread Corona faster than persons who were diagnosed with the infection after the test and dishonest. At least we can find out on the list who he or she is. And, you can quickly punish that person who dishonest acts.

      And, It’s not random test. Sk is testing those who have come into contact with the infected, those with symptoms(free) and those who want to be tested(Charged). We have the right to check if we are infected or not and to act on the consequences.

    3. I never deny the test itself, I just worry about gathering people to the same place to do test only even if people drive their cars. (I wonder what do some dishonest people do after the test. ..)

  8. Number of deaths per 100,000:
    Italy 0.779
    Iran 0.308
    China 0.222
    Korea 0.116

    Spain 0.076
    France 0.046
    Hong Kong 0.041
    Switzerland 0.036
    Netherlands 0.024
    Iraq 0.019
    Australia 0.012

    US 0.008
    Japan 0.008
    UK 0.008
    Taiwan 0.004
    Germany 0.002
    (as of March 10)

  9. I was living as an exchange student in Seoul literally a week and a half ago and was forced out by my university. I’m back in America but I worry about my friends in Seoul. The streets where empty everywhere I went, even the usually crowded trains were nearly empty, and masks were all sold out. It broke my heart to have to come back Bc people here are paranoid when there’s much less people infected. They delayed classes for my friend for about a month and even when he tries to order food to stay inside it’s all booked because everyone is doing the same. It breaks my heart to see people like this in a city as lively as Seoul. I hope everyone stays safe

  10. You know what
    It feels like a huge massive disaster to me.. I planned to try to get a proper job, which is really difficult in SK, so I planned to take some exams for certifications, but ALL THE TEST ARE BEING STOPPED OR CANCELED… I feel horrible what can I do in this situation? Every companies also stoppped or postponed their own hiring process.. I know it’s inevitable but how can I be fine..

  11. Korea is how the USA should have modeled their response to the coronavirus. Instead, the US refuses to freely test its citizens and require stringent set of physical symptoms to be shown from the patient in order for a test to be administered. What about the asymptomatic people who carry the virus and can still spread the virus to others?

    Also, the CDC’s blatant lies about masks not helping in preventing the spread of the coronavirus just make me angry. They won’t admit that they weren’t prepared for the virus by manufacturing more masks. The US knew there was a high probability that the virus was coming. Instead, even healthcare workers are struggling to get their hands on masks. Masks work because it can prevent the spread by asymptomatic and symptomatic patients. In the US, masks would be immensely helpful if all citizens made an effort to wear masks because they don’t test for the virus as much as they should be.

  12. now you are spreading misinformation about public health and life?????? how far will you go to spread your propafanda ???? now those people who died are on your hands!!!!! you are same as murderer!!!!!!!!

  13. I think their concerns are valid, it definitely wouldn’t stop me from traveling however as long as who I am with or around including myself are properly taking care of our hygiene and following the rules regarding safeguarding the spread of germs I think every will hopefully get back to normal sooner rather than later

  14. Given the chance, I would actually want to live in South Korea now amidst the virus scare. I believe they are dealing with it the best method there is.

  15. Glad that these people are being mature about the entry ban more than their government. What’s up with SK’s government lately, they keep picking fights with the Japanese government. Since I live in Japan, this is so unsettling.

    1. Sorry but that is not true… The fact is – Japanese government placed travel restrictions on Korea first without any notice or mutual agreement, therefore Korean government took a measure it had to take, that’s all.

  16. Here in Korea, the only thing I feel bad is I have to cook three meals everyday because my kids are not going to school. I go to supermarket 2 or 3 times a week and my husband goes to work by subway, my kids are playing with friends at home doing a board game, card game, etc. We don’t panic, we don’t scream, we don’t hesitate accepting infected patients who lack hospital rooms to our local hospital. We are just living a normal life with caution listening to government with trust.

  17. Thank u for this video. So much support and warmth from Poland. I am constantly thinking about Korea and Asia and wish you health. Take care 💚

  18. Sorry no offence but as someone who is working in a healthcare industry, it kinds of disturbs me that these guys (4:19 and 7:07), their masks are always falling and reveals their noses. Stay safe everyone. 💪🏻

    Not only Korea when you are coughing, people would stare at you. Even in my country, once you cough, people will move away. :’)

  19. CORONA VIRUS … where is the battlefield Mam … isn’t our body, therefore in any war strategist the front line should be strengthen … prevention is better than cure … we are born in spirit and souls … the reason we pray for it’s only in bread we lived .. and calmness helps for that SOMEONE who’s the only ONE who can see our heart … by praying guides … stay safe … good evening too

  20. I respect Koreans because they are humble and stick together. People in north americans fall for pandemonium and are out for themselves. They end up starving out and taking away all the amenities for others.

  21. As a Korean-American, I’m concerned about my relatives in S.Korea, but also for my family here in the US. Who knew that something invisible to the naked eye would cause a global crisis/pandemic?😬 I’m just trying to wash my hands more often, use more hand sanitizer, and not touch my face.

  22. It costs over $3500 in the US to get tested (includes doctor visit, test, hospital fees, etc.) if you are uninsured or have insurance but only for certain things

  23. I dont see anything wrong here in the US. There isnt any reason why a person cant go in and get tested except they dont want to. Evenin the mid west there’s a Hospital has a special unit in Nebraska ! We have good medical care for this! & I’m not rich..Use good hygiene & no reason to panic here.

  24. Regarding the masks, hasn’t it been said that they do not protect you from the virus? They help people who already have covid-19 not spread it, but it does not prevent healthy individuals who wear them from getting it. So even if we are healthy and wearing a mask it won’t stop us from getting sick? Isn’t it more of a placebo? Genuinely curious because I’m in NYC and have a mask but have not yet chosen to wear it

    1. M00seley Corona can be infected without symptoms. Young and healthy people can transmit to other people(the old and weak) without even knowing. That is why we have to wear a mask. Not for only me.

  25. I live in Seattle, WA, USA. We have been the epicenter in the US for the COVID-19 pandemic, with the most infections and certainly the most resulting deaths. However, I think that larger population centers in the US, like Los Angeles, Dallas & New York City, will pass us up in the near future. Our state, county & city governments are all acting with severe precautions. They are also being very candid and truthful regarding our situation here in WA State, with multiple updates in the media every day. Our state’s governor has restricted gatherings to only 250 people at most, so schools, sports events, music concerts, theaters, and even some religious services have been canceled, for the time being, 2 weeks to 1 month. Social distancing of at least 3 feet away from other people is encouraged and avoiding hugging and shaking hands. Frequent handwashing is recommended, as well as avoiding touching your face or rubbing your eyes. People are encouraged to self-quarantine and to work from home when possible. Many schools and universities are switching to online classes. Religious institutions are turning to online virtual worship services and Christian churches that do gather for worship are using alternative methods for serving Communion, such as distributing individually sealed wafers and juice/wine. Many businesses have closed for the next few weeks, including restaurants. Large companies, such as Amazon & Starbucks, have expanded their sick leave and personal leave policies to make them more generous, encouraging people to stay home and take care of themselves, rather than to come to work sick. Amazon has created a $5 million fund to financially help businesses around its facilities that are being hit hard economically by the lack of Amazon employees upon whom they depend for customers.

  26. Sorry to tell you guys, but those mask aren’t really gonna help, or prevent you from getting the coronavirus.
    Those mask will only be effective for the one who are already infected, it will kinda help the infected person from spreading it more, but those who haven’t been infected, yeah they ain’t doing nothing.

    My uncle college recently closed down for 2 week because 2 of the student got up the virus

    1. Corona can be infected without symptoms. Young and healthy people can transmit to other people(the old and weak) without even knowing. That is why we have to wear a mask. Not for only me.

  27. Interesting they rate the government so low and yet they have had one of the best responses out of most countries. Makes me worried about the rest of the world…

  28. Countries that blocked China travel early have very few cases. Philippines: 52, Taiwan: 50, Vietnam: 44, Mongolia: 1
    Countries that did no block China travel have many cases. Italy: 15,113, Iran: 10,075, South Korea: 7,979, Japan: 1,387
    South Korea is still allowing travel to and from China. How stupid is that?

  29. Seems like South Korea knows what they are doing! And seems like they are the only country that isn’t running out of stock of toilet paper!

  30. I am German/American therefore watch both news. The German Government takes the position that the virus will spread no matter what we do. Yes, we can slow it down but not stop. We need to come up with Vaccination to reduce the infection rate. American hospitals are full because it is the seasonal flu season. About 50 k die from that. Corona virus will overload that system and it is limited what can be done. Supply oxygen and hope that helps. Overloaded hospitals will create more dead. USA, Japanese and Germans follow that thinking. The Chinese have NOT eliminated that virus. Just slow it down.

  31. people here say that Koreans are doing good because they test a large amount of people. So it’s much safer than the other countries. 4th biggest country of having dead people. huh

  32. I’m wondering if their inhabitants also go crazy because of the virus? When I see our (German) supermarkets, there are many empty spaces.

    1. Michiko Hamano Im in korea and Here’s no panic buying contrary to other countries.. every shelve in markets is filled with foods and toilet papers as usual.

  33. of course i would like to wear a mask ,but when the mask price out of reach ,which one you would choose ,starve to death or not buying a mask ,whose should be resposibility for such sky high price ,why goverment not doing anything for normal or poor people who can afford to buy a mask to protect themself and their family

  34. Hope everyone stays safe by taking the necessary and recommended precautions. Healthy or not, young or old at least try to think of those around you. Even if your odds of dying from the virus is low, you do not want to risk spreading it to people around you, especially loved ones. Good luck!

  35. I am always deeply impressed with the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the comments of ordinary people in South Korea.
    It seems to me that people from this part of the world have a much deeper sense of social responsibility and accountability than we do in the West.
    I hope we can show some courage in the coming days and weeks, but I am not sure how it will go. If we descend into chaos I suppose the military will be used to restore order. Our problem is that we do not have a long and shared common history. America was once called the “melting pot”, because people from all over the world were able to blend together and live peacefully, but that is no longer the case.

    You guys are already much more advanced than us, you just don’t know it yet.

  36. No one is wearing mask here in Hawaii, we feel that those who are wearing ask are either sick or infected. It’s not normal to see people wearing mask but we do have 4 confirmed coranavirus case so far

  37. Per the WHO (World Health Organization) surgical masks, or any other mask that isn’t a n95 DO NOT PROTECT YOU FROM SMALL AIRBORNE particles. They are meant to protect others. They are NOT considered as protection against this virus. Many Korean’s wear masks year round due to the dust and that didn’t remotely help the stop of infections here. Please stop paying the outrageous price gouging prices for these masks that can’t protect you.

  38. 빠른 확산의 주범은 신천지죠. 90%가 직간접적으로 신천지와 연관되어 있는걸요. 인터뷰하신 분들은 뉴스를 안보신 분들인지 신천지에 관한 얘기가 전혀 없네요. 신천지 31번 환자가 나오기 전까지 중국인들이 쏟아져 들어왔는데도 30명 선에서 방역관리가 잘되고 있었거든요. 신천지교인들이 감염사실을 숨기고 정부도 속이면서 방역당국의 눈을 피해 여기저기 전염시키고 다녔거든요. 지금도 신천지만 아니었다면 충분히 관리가 되고 있어요. 정부가 환자를 적극적으로 찾아내서 국민들을 전염병으로부터 지켜야된다는 의지를 가지고 대처하고 있다는 게 중
    요하다지요. 지금 정부는 국민들에게 정치적 목적을 위해 방역정보를 속이거나 감추지 않아요. 있는 그대로의 방역정보를 알려주고 국민들에게 주의할 수 있도록 캠페인을 하고 있다는 것도 중요한거죠. 봉쇄가 만능은 아니에요. 실제로 봉쇄가 큰 효과가 없다는 건 이탈리아를 통해서도 실증됐죠. 방역당국이 아직까지는 봉쇄같은 극약처방을 하지 않고도 이 전염병을 잘 관리하고 있으니 곧 극복될 거라고 봅니다. 우리의 정부와 의료진을 믿고 예방수칙 잘 지키면서 극복하는 것이 가장 좋은 방법이란 걸 믿습니다

    1. 이탈리아가 봉쇄를 했기에 우리보다 늦게 유행이 번진거임. 미국도 마찬가지고. 물론 지금은 걔들이 상황이 더 심각한데 그건 우리가 방역 잘하고있는것도 있지만 걔들 방역역량이 후달려서 그런거고

      봉쇄를 해도 어차피 이탈리아처럼 병이 퍼진다 할지라도 적어도 유행시기를 지연시킬순 있을텐데 그 기간동안 마스크를 구비해둔다던지 병상을 확보한다던지 하는식으로 대비를 할수도 있는건데 입국 안막은건 실책임

      마스크 반출 안막은것도 잘한일은 아니고.
      배급면에서도 좀더 나은 방법이 있을건데 21세기에 약국앞에서 감염의 위험을 무릎쓰고 몇시간씩 줄서서 꼴랑 마스크 두개 받는게 좋은 정책은 아니지..

      31번 트롤링이 컸던건 인정하는데 요즘 유럽 코로나 근황보면 이시국에 펍에서 다같이 술퍼마시질않나 시위금지령에 반대하는 시위를 하지않나
      한국인들 이만하면 정부 말 충분히 잘듣는거임ㅋㅋ 더바라긴 힘들지 사이비같은 변수는 다른나라도 마찬가지로 갖고있는거고

  39. I hope you treat an issue about Shincheonji cult that has spread the virus in Korea everywhere. My foreign friend also hooked by this fraudster group and then eventually got insane. Moreover now he’s doing a mission of this cult. They hook foreigners as teaching Korean free at some language exchange group and introducing Korean culture. Unfortunately, that’s a trap to lure the targets to bring a fake seminary of this cult. After brainwashing the targets for 6-8months in the course, the targets become puppets of this cult that are another missionary hooking other people.

  40. Its interesting to see people in Korea, aren’t reacting too harshly to the situation even when they are the second most effected country by it. People where I live (Tennessee) seem to be getting very nervous of the situation even when there was only one case of it here.

    1. Which planet do you live in? They have less than 9500 infections and 150 deaths. It’s the america and rest of europe are doing all the damages.

  41. Is it widely known throughout Asia that wearing a mask is mainly for ill people and not healthy people? People cough for various reasons and not always due to illness. I wish more and more people would get informed on facts and not caught up in fear or social pressures.

  42. At my high school in South Africa, students are bullying the Asian students and its honestly sick. It’s gotten to the point where some of these students are in tears I’m front of everyone.

  43. Congrats to Korea on how they’re handling the situation! Here in France we’ve already got more deaths than you guys despite being hit considerably later… I really hope people here will be more disciplined and go out less🙏!

  44. I with people in the Uk would be more serious and try to contain the virus and not underestimate the virus
    Some people from what I’ve heard are having parties -celebrating not having to go to school even though people are dying (it makes me sad when some of my classmates said they wanted covid-19 so they could shut the school down)

  45. Funny how fast things changed In less than a month
    Look now it’s over 100 countries and Italy and the rest of Europe are now at the epicenter of the pandemic

  46. Pretty interesting since masks do almost nothing, that seems to be their impression of “taking it seriously” lol
    Probably a lot more to do with early WFH and testing measures

  47. Discipline and a good approch to tackle the Problem is something each country should learn from Kind Hearted Korean People…Hats off 👍

    Love from India 😘😘😘

  48. Fighting the virus with education, taking precautions and having great results without the need of imposing totalitarian like measures. Hats off S.Korea.

  49. No Asian regular like everyone in this world wanted this to happen it’s not their fault if you want to be mad at someone just be mad at the government it’s fault sooo please stop with the racists because they’re dying to and suffering just like us .

  50. Using a mask is a good practice providing you do not TOUCH the mask and infect it with your hands. Masks vary and can either protect you, the people around you, or both. Remember, mask types vary considerably and some are not good at all, they are virtual magnets for microbes. Choose a mask wisely, if you even wear one.

  51. God Protect Them We really need More of their Movies And The First Boy Contacted I Like him acting in Reunited World As Jungwoon friend and Mr.cha’s Friend whom I cherish

    God Protect the Whole World in my country Rwanda From Africa nobody Is Going out Apart from Doctors and Those People selling Foodstuffs only .yet We Have 89 cases Confirmed

    Thanks To my Government

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