How is Tokyo now? | Back Alley coffee Update

In this video…. A quick update on how social distancing around the Kanto area is. Are the trains busy? Are places shut down? What is open? What is closed? Hang out and find out as I show a bit of Omiya Saitama having a coffee in a back alley.

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  1. Ooo blue side out? That’s correct! Keep up the good work fella! Stay safe and well.

    6:36 keep your thumb out of your cake hole 😂. Especially after handling the door of the machine.

    1. My bad hands may get me in trouble lol Blue side out IF it has one yes….most masks that are of the disposable kind are only white both sides.

  2. Drew I got to think that your stream can be seen as vlog among many that shows life through the pandemic and what life is like these days weeks and months.
    The experiences and what life looks like in different parts of the world and the impact it has.
    The problems of how to social distancing and how difficult it can be to change the mindset from being able to interact close to the urge of being at least 2 meters apart doing the same things.
    Just how I got think about your stream while watching the replay this morning 😉

    1. Much appreciated dear. I see your passion and concerned effort. Just keep safe and I hope I can bring you some joy while keeping safe myself.

  3. Thanks for the vlog, I have a lot of respect for you how you deal with it. Do not let yourself be fooled by the people …. bubble bath, shots … man. You are a great guy and you do not need it. Be careful when you pay with money, the virus is also there

    1. Thank you for joining! Appreciate it. Not sure about iPad and iPhone things…sorry. Some say you need to check PC or at times it shows up on Apple devices too.

    1. @Tokyo Drew hulk hogan was nice i liked the ultimate warrior2. but i never got Much into it after WWF changed name and childhood. i knew it was fake, in the army grown men loved to watch the rock(ladder match) and stone cold steve austin. I even worked in the store shop doing security(2000) 4 months maybe. place is now a hard rock cafe. Macho man rocks RIP. u see steve austin do hot wings challenge on first we feast? completed it like a boss!

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