How do poor people live in Saigon..?

Welcome to Dante’s 9th level of Asian hell..
But please remember to remove your flip flops before entering.
Thanks to MARK HIGGINS (aka Oxygen).



  1. Does the mom have a terminal disease? That just sucks if so 😢, it was a really nice video seeing her smiling a bit with her daughter, they are genuinely happy to see you

  2. this was sad to watch but its reality. i hope she pulls through and i hope you visit her once in awhile to update us. our thoughts are with her

  3. Wow mate. So sad to see her declining state. And the place they live….must have been shocking for you if it’s shocking for us as just viewers. You’re doing great work Troy but remember to take care of yourself too mate.

  4. Went for a burger, came back, saw troy update, prepared my desk for the meal and hit play. Burger was gone in 8 minutes.
    That travon guy looks like young stephen chow.

  5. Reality sucks sometimes, and this is one of those times.
    Seeing her on the floor remined me of my brother going from stage 4 lung cancer. I think he was a lil more at peace in his surroundings than she is…
    Ah, crap. I got something in my eye…

  6. Troy why dont you offer to bring her to the hospital, the bills and medicine can be payed with the donations you gave them, Im sure more people would donate to help her illness.

    Clearly they arent bringing her to the hospital themselbves, maybe they are afraid of using the money incorrectly, but they need a push!

    She’s going to die if she doesnt get help/brought to the hospital. Could you try talking to them about this?

  7. Maybe you should explain a little more, I dont understand, what happened, what is different to the last time we saw her??
    I hear you talk a bout we should write this one off, but i dont see any thing, sorry i dont understand.

  8. Troy we cannot give up on her or anybody else that receives the blessing you bring. Wish you could have interacted with Vi’s mom. She seemed to be ignored by her family. Vi needs the donors more than ever.

  9. Don’t worry so much about your videos you doing great job mate. We don’t want feel good story we like to see real story and your sh..t is real and awesome. Please visit Vi”s family again they look nice and interesting.
    You have some skills Troy, on that bike with one hand i was just waiting for you to fly over bike and kiss that dirty road 🙂

  10. While you’re in the North, check up on the Thanh Hoa kids, will ya. It’s been a while.

    Also, I feel bad for her, despite the help she’s still declining.

  11. There are no feel good stories without feel bad stories first, please take her to the hospital I am certain the donos will come in to help with everything. She is going to die if nothing is done man..

  12. Troy and donors you are all very wonderful hearted individuals you make lives better. We try to do what we can to make this world a bit brighter

  13. These videos are important because most people don’t see other ppl struggling especially in another foreign country. You did your best to help as much as you could, I feel for the daughter because of what might happen I still hope she will get better they are a beautiful family. Also your help will give the daughter a better chance especially with school

  14. Thanks for the update Troy! What kind of health problem does she have? She mentioned something about her ❤️ and having trouble talking.

  15. This woman is going to die.. this is so sad to see her lying down like that. I know a lot of people sleep on the floor but she’s just bones 😢

  16. Stay Safe Troy. Keep spreading caring and compassion. It is not a bad story or a good story, it is a Troy story that only you can do, your compassion and feelings are we wait to see. We see her plight and we hear your emotions. Stay positive and always be careful.

  17. Sorry but it looks like they take advantage of the sick lady. Likely take away the money you gave her and definitely no one cares for her including her own husband. The best would be to take her out of there and place her in some care facility before she passes. This is life and death situation.

  18. Another great vlog mate take care riding one handed we don’t want you ending up in a Sy bloody gon hospital! Thank you to the donors. Great job mate! ❤️

  19. How much would a fresh coat of paint and a bed cost to let this poor woman live her last days with some dignity and peace? Does she have thyroid cancer? I’d love to get that cute girl out of there and give her a chance at a better life. She loves her mom so much!

  20. Troy….you and your donors do absolutely awesome and often life-changing work… and your donors must get together and make a major effort for Vi’s Mom, I can see her bones through her flesh….dont write this off, she needs to get to Hospital, needs consistent quality food and nutrients…..if action isnt taken soon, Vi will lose her Mother…..get the donors together and push for a massive effort, she can be turned around with solid consistent sponsorship……only you can save her….

  21. It’s nice seeing Vi again, but so sad to see Phung’s condition. Don’t they have Ensure or a similar product in Saigon? That might help her with weight gain.

  22. I don’t understand why your videos and Channel doesn’t have millions and millions of subscribers??? But there’s YouTubers out there that prankIng and being stupid not helping people that have millions of subscribers.

  23. I feel so sorry for the lady with cancer. I was in the exact same state 2 years ago when I had stage 4 colon cancer. I was lucky that I had modern medicine with surgery, chemo and radiation to cure me, but she doesn’t. I remember lying in the hospital bed feeling really weak and ill, but I had nurses to help me ….but here she is lying on the dirty floor with no medical help. Really makes me sad….

  24. This is what happens when Asia wants communist and socialist control. The few are rich and the many are poor with no welfare. Only Capitalism can deliver prosperity (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore)

  25. Maybe drinking a high protein nutrient drink like Ensure may help this skinny lady. What can I say, I know what being poor is like, I have been through all this. Hopefully you get more donors. Reality sucks. 👍 You are a ray of light in these people‘s lives Troy. 👍👍👍’

  26. Me and my wife have always wanted a daughter. I wish that we could come to Vietnam and adopt 2 daughters in age of 14 year old and give them a good life here in America. But we are in our 60s and no one will bless us with children. I feel so sorry for the poor in Vietnam. As well as all over the world.

  27. Troy, she gets worse quickly, if she stays at home she won’t survive long. she needs to be taken to hospital urgently, maybe medical feeding and treatment can save her.

  28. Girl in yellow polka dot shirt looks grown up in her teenage of 13! She could easily be pass off as 18-20 but her childish appearance gave that away 😆

  29. That lady is need help desperately bro she never ask you for anything all she said that fates brought us together thank you for you help , god bless her and you bro

  30. The more happy and smiling little Vi is, hopping and skipping about without a care in the world, the more it stabs me in the heart. Yeah, I know she knows.

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