How Do I Find A Good Filipina Wife? Where? – Philippines

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  1. Great advice, I think. Bringing them to the US is a problem. The women change here and they get fat lots of time here, because of the US diet.

    Yes….it is best to marry and live with the ladies in the PI. They don’t get corrupted by the American way of life that way.

  2. You did it the smart way and found the person you were looking for. That is awesome. Even though I plan to visit a lot of the other wonderful islands, mostly in the Visaya area.. more and more my plan is to continue staying on Bohol permanently. There are other wonderful islands but, just like so many wonderful Filipinas.. eventually gotta stop and stay with one. 🙂

  3. A Filipina friend of mine, married to an American, told me when she first married she was 22 and he was 68. Each time they visited to the States she’d get the rudest looks and stares in the grocery store, even his family treated her like lower class and disapproved of their marriage. That’s a pain I’d not want to put a woman through. If/when I marry, I’m staying here in the PH.

  4. Perhaps the disapproving stares were due to the age difference – maybe people pre-judged the couple and saw him as a lech and/or her as a gold-digger? I’m married to a Filipina (no big age gap) and I can’t imagine why anyone would disapprove – and if they did I’d just cut them out out of my life. Problem solved!

    P.S. thanks for all the vids. Very educational. We’re planning to settle in the Phils one day and start a business, just haven’t decided what yet.

  5. While the younger ones are fun, cute and all.. since I’m not looking to have any kids any more, I’ll probably settle down with one in her late 30’s. One who either never wanted kids or kids are almost grown up. I’m just started seeing a Filipina who is 37, only friends for now, but just taking it day by day.

  6. there’s this Filipino American on a site called BebotsOnly (.com) He says that Filipinas are considered old at 20 years old which is why they all marry young. So is it hard to find nice Filipinas in their 30s who are single and without children?

  7. So 30 year age difference! If I could ask how is that working out? Have you heard of BebotsOnly (.com) Lovely girls but age range is 18-23 yrs old. Any thoughts Henry?

  8. Met my husband online & we are both fortunate & very happy. He came right away 2 meet my parents & stayed here. Came back again 6 months after 2 stay again. My siblings are all abroad in US & Canada. Ours was a shot in a million. Sent a couple of your vids to my guy friends in UK, and said look 4 life partners & not life projects! You give out sensible, tactful & balanced views. Great that you are taking your time to know the girl & her family. This is very important! All the best Henry!

  9. i use the two year rule, date her for at least two years before you think about getting married, after two years anything bad about her most likely will come out..

  10. like ya email wrap up idea , new subscriber … TELL us about your love life , seeing anyone , anyone special ? hows that working out for ya .. cheers for great vids

    1. I was dating a woman in cebu for 3 years but we decided to go our separate ways.  I recently met a Filipina on my own island, but not planning to start a relationship with her until March, when I return from my holiday in the US.

  11. I feel the best women are in the Visayas, Samar especially. Cebu is also good. My experiences with Manila girls, for what it’s worth, were all shady..

  12. I just have bad experience meeting foriegn men in net a month a go meet him in meetme that site u can talk Around the world men..We should meet phillipines this september but i have found out on fb he have in relationship from i broke up with him..Its oky we didnt not yet meet…We should be carefull in net mostly are fake…

    1. As a Filipina myself, I discourage girls to find their dates on the net. I’ve heard many sad stories. I am not stereotyping and making label to all prospective guys on the net looking for girls as bad. I had a friend who married a guy she met on a chatroom. Relationship developed, they got married quick soon after they met. Then she later found out this guy has many unresolved ties with women on the net. Even ofthis one he’s cahtting with was already married to a European guy, and they’re still chatting – what a cheek ! Chatting secretly on phone in the toilet ?!!!!  Can you think of your husband doing that ? Find a man who’s less complicated,  honest and don’t marry the quicky way. I’m married and knew my husband for 5 yrs b4 , before marrying , we didn’t met through the net. Anyway,  If your bf does little secrets, little lies about girls etc, chances are there might big story untold and hidden well. Chances are men on the net / in chatrooms must be chatting with at least 2 or 10 women, you’re just one of them. Don’t believe in every story, be discerning but don’t  make it too obvious.

  13. I got my wife by accident on FB and am very happy, neither of us was looking and took time to get to know each other. And as far as the age thing my wife and I are close in age but she looks a lot younger and most all Filipina women do.

  14. I am a 19 year old boy and i want to marry a pinay girl.
    Theres since my 14 years old that i loved asian girls, they are the most attractive girls in the world for me. There’s no women, in this planet earth who can satisfy my eyes better than the asians.

    1. I did not truly appreciate the beauty of Asian women until 4 years ago.  For me, I only prefer Filipina now and will sometime marry the right one, at the right time.  🙂

  15. Really nice video  🙂
    my wife is pinay from cebu ,, living here in London,,, she been here for 1 year and loves it although she cant wait until the end of the year to return to see her family,, since she been in UK many guys are asking her has she got friends,, so she decide to created a closed group on face book 
    so single guys or girls heres the link if interested

    1. Here in the PH, being high class or handsome is not what women are so much after.  They want an older man who is faithful and secure financially.  Not ‘rich’ by our standards, but rich by local standards.  For this reason many men opt to restart their life here.

  16. Being that the Philippines is a Catholic country, getting married there is permanent. Meaning there is no divorce. I lived in Luzon Island for more than two years while I was stationed there in the ’80s. I have known I lot of men who married in the Philippines. Some today, are still married, but most of the them divorced.
    One of the major problems, was the difference in cultures. The lifestyle differences, traditions in upbringing . . .
    The filipina looks at the man as an investment in her life. Being that she historically has been raised in a family environment. She basically knows how to take care of the man in her life. She becomes protective about him. Which is something very different in culture to the Western cultures.

  17. I been living here in the Philippines for 2 years and boy let me tell you: All those young filipinas are only after the money of  retired older western men. 9 out 10 American men I talked to and  who met their filipinas on dating websites are having legal problems or had problems with their filipina wife. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY and not about love. You can find a good filipina for marriage if you travel here in person, but not on the dating websites. The dating website operators are making a profit by legally  “aiding and abetting” money scammers on those dating websites. NEVER SEND MONEY TO A FILIPINA  YOU ONLY MET ONLINE AND NEVER IN PERSON BEFORE. Some are African or Russian men disguised as filipinas with stolen photos and profiles.

  18. Very best way to meet a good Filipina is to do it the old-fashioned way. Live here for a while and get to know some folks around the neighborhood, in the shops, etc. Once you’re settled in comfortably, mention that you’re looking for a wife and these people will introduce you to many fine women that will suit your personality.

    Take your time and don’t confuse greed for love. I’m happily married to a wonderful Filipina and there’s lots more out there.

    1. yes,I’m a filipina,If you want to find a  soulmate here in the Philippines first you have to know the qualification.Its just you want to apply for a job, with good family background and finish education, which is a proffesional and have a job.You never go wrong cause she dont ask money but a lifetime partner whom to be love and God is the center of there relationship…It has a fear to find a right love….

    2. @george baker Try avoiding Manila for any long stay, 2 days max, San Agustin and Paco Park are outstanding places, they’ve got malls galore, but if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. You want a soul mate?! Get out to the provinces, example Bacolod, West PI. Good luck.

  19. I have found my fiancée after a lot of very diligent searching as well as reading about Filipina/American marriage relationships and what works and what does not.  I am 62 y/o (fairly fit for my age as I can do various exercises that most men in their 20’s cannot do) and my fiancée is 28 y/o.  I was looking for a truly committed Catholic girl who really has a very close walk with God.  This can be determined by asking many questions, and even asking some of the same questions differently at another time to determine her consistency.  I have been to the Philippines twice to see my Love, and I have seen firsthand how that her devotion to God is very strong, which I could tell prior to seeing her by our conversations  that we had regarding our Christian life experiences. 
    In summary, if you really want a good Filipina woman, then you must have a good strong value system yourself, ask her a lot of good well thought out questions, and find a woman who attends church weekly and prays daily even if you don’t, but start doing it with her if you are serious about having a good strong blissful relationship with her. 

  20. Hi,
    I grew up in OC Calif. Do you feel it is safe to live in Bohol? My expat friends living in the PI constantly warn me of danger there. Not trying to be an alarmist, but I think fear keeps people away from the PI. I had one gf for 4 years but as I live in Japan for work, she found another Filipino Guy. I don’t really mind, I wish her  the best, she was good when I was there. Do you feel it is dangerous there?

  21. I am filipina, and want to give you guys a little bit of tip on how you could meet a good filipina ..don’t go to Manila or big city , go to the provinces away from Manila or famous for tourism.. Many good women are in the provinces, they are more laid back, very nice people , very thoughtful.. They are not like people in the big city which is most of them wants material thins.. Lots of women in the provinces are still naive about material things , they still have the pure heart and great love to offer.. Don’t also try to give or offer money, bcoz some they hate people offering money, becoz they think they are like slut.. U will make them offended.. Instead buy them a flower and small stuff toys.. In that way u will get their hearts.. Also if u meet them, don’t ask to go to your hotel.. That’s the turn off to them.. Instead ask them for a nice date to dine out..don’t go to the bar and expect you will get a good one there.. Instead go to a mall, mostly women just go to a mall for window shopping.. Lol.. They just want to get out of their house.. Bcoz of the cool air during daytime.. Show respect to them and u will get their heart.. Hope these will help you guys..

    1. I wish to move there. I make 200,000 peso every month. If she has children that is ok with me. I am an older man (good Looking). If she is poor and her parents need help…that is OK. I am very family oriented

    2. I met a Filipina… but she is asking to forget her after her parents said no..she is not even fighting for the relationship…but she wants to hangout while in my home country and she says she really loves me…whatu suggest…

  22. Hi Henry, you mentioned Del Taco. Being that your from southern cal, have you ever ate at the Del Tacos in Barstow? Man, they are the best, they are the first Del Tacos and the Tacos there a huge and loaded with cheese and meat and a sliced tomato. They also have Bun Tacos that are the bomb. 

  23. If it’s a problem for a man to move a Filipina woman from her country, it’s equally as hard as him having to adapt to living in her country.

  24. as a Filipina I just want to give some tips I use the term I as i dont know to other girls what kind of man they like
    1.I don’t like a bad influence bf (drugs addicts,etc.)
    2.I don’t care if your rich or poor as long as you have a decent job,car or even track (even not expensive just we have something to use to travel to our working place lols its hard to walk la ) house so we don’t sleep on the road hehhehe ^^
    3.personal hygiene (don’t have armpit smell and bad breath pls always toothbrush hahaha)
    4.I want a straight forward guys ,don’t tell me i am pretty ,beautiful i heard it many times and it sounds FAKE
    5.must be a loving son to his parents
    6.age DOESN’T MATTER as long as your matured and responsible enough to be in a relationship
    7. we must always go out for holiday so we can have bonding and relationship goals yeheyy ,play,eat and try other cultures food will let me clean the house for u cos i hate dirty house (we filipinas love to clean house no mater how busy we are from working) will let me play with u and tickles you cos i grew up with no parents ” i want love”
    10.if i am so jealous and asking u not to look with other girls means “i love u so much”
    11.i work hard since 8 years old selling candies while studying i do believe i deserve a guy who can spoil me with some stuffs also “remember we have to be pretty but of course for your own eyes only as i am scared to look ugly and u leave me
    12. dont hold me in the neck when it comes to i have my own small bussiness,and i have my own source of income but of course i do believe i do deserved to have some allowance from my bf/hubby so i can always save money and when the time we are tight we have something to bring out.
    13.i don’t want you to shout at me in public as i am an educated person and formal in public (except in private life)
    14.dont stop me from helping my family (but your lucky as i dont have much family i m orphan) if you are kind of person that forget his parents when they get old just cos of me,better dont attempt to know me
    15.DONT FORCE ME TO LEAVE MY GOD or convert in your religion ..let me decide and give me some time
    hehehe and last dont flirt with me as i have a bf and i am very loyal “IM JUST GIVING TIPS HEHEHE”(^^)
    but i have many filipina cousins who knows you want to be friends and help u intro some “real old fashion filipinas”^^
    just want to help ^^
    dont find filipina girl in club just a a tips
    Ludena Hyacinth Calara (FB )
    (model and product endorser in Philippines and Malaysia)

  25. I met a Filipina online and have been video chatting daily for the past 2 years, I don’t plan on traveling for another 2 years. I know her family, children and friends. I am going slow. Of course, we have had ups and downs but thats with every relationship. What do you think???

    1. 4 years for her to wait on you, hopefully it all works out well for you two. i would recommend finding a way to at least visit her in person as soon as you can.

  26. Unfortunately? I don’t make enough to move to the Philippines. SO I guess that means I’m out of luck? But I cannot pick up and just move there, not with a son about to enter college, and ailing parents who need my assistance. Not to mention the round trip ticket alone is just giving my headaches…($1200!!??……$1700?…..$2300!!!???) I’m now wondering if I should just find someone “local”….because those kinds of prices….(then throw in taxis….food and drink a hotel stay…and the requisite “gifts & presents for the Family”…and we’re bordering on a $5,000 trip!?) by THAT time?…who’s got MONEY left to GET married!?….LoL! Sucks…..because the offerings here in NYC?….are absolutely DISMAL!…..

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Hmmm…..well now…..THOSE kinds of numbers are a bit more “do-able”!….I guess I might be headed there next year after ALL!…..thanks for the info dude!….

    2. it sounds like there are some definite challenges and priorities you have to deal with. however, airfare is not as high as you would think. flights from NYC to PH can be had, round-trip, for less than $900 all the time via or .  i used GrabTaxi everywhere in Cebu (daily) and spent maybe $80 a month for transportation. a 3-week trip to the PH will NOT cost $5k as you think. more like less than $2,000. living here long-term is even cheaper by getting an apartment lease, bringing monthly living expenses down to as little as $1,200 for the month.

  27. If I moved there to live what would a truck driver do for a living? Which places would I live. I think I would love living in a different country, learning the culture and the language. I have been to Hispanic countries and lived for 2 months in Ecuador. I’m exhausted from living in America and being bombarded with materialism and the liberal ungodly culture it has become. I would appreciate advice.

  28. We have same topic about filipina woman. You can visit also to my channel filipina destiny we were interviewing single filipina girls that are looking for friends

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