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The coronavirus has been dominating headlines around the world for some time now but have you wondered how bad the situation is in Hong Kong? ASIAN BOSS hit the streets of Hong Kong to talk with the locals, as well as the owner of a fishing equipment shop who has been giving out masks for free.

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Simon Cheng Sze Ming (owner of Seven Islands) for sharing his story.

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  1. Chinesse talking about racism 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Chinazis one of the most racist people on planet earth, for westerners is not allowed to work or buy any property without tons of checks and visas except if you are a high profile, when they open a business in Europe, North America, or Canada they never employee westerners, they take advantage from our open societies, they treat Westerners as enemies, they are extremely selfish, cruel, arrogant and disgusting

  2. I have family and friends in Japan and even there the masks and hand sanitizers are being sold out 🙁 Thought “hey, i could just order some online and send some masks over.” nope. Sold out on most websites and the ones being sold are over 100$. Either that or the masks are like, 30$ and shipping is 300$. And even then there’s a limit to how many boxes you can purchase. Even stores near me (in america) are selling out. I’m assuming people out here are doing the same thing and sending them over to their countries. Was able to purchase 2 boxes of 50 masks for about 110$. No clue if they’re any good and god I hope there’s no used masks in those.

  3. sorry that I would like to ask for the female reporter, what’s the mic connected with the iPhone and where can I buy and what is the cost. thanks.

  4. Just 2 weeks ago, I remember walking by this small pharmacy in HK selling those small portable bottles of hand sanitisers. I went in to have a look, and holy mother of Jesus each tiny ass bottle costs 80HKD… when usually it shouldn’t cost more than 30HKD. Greedy people who drive up the prices of essential items during desperate times are the worst!

  5. In France, journalists and experts say that wearing a mask doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus, but it prevent the virus from spreading out. Also, even though I didn’t experience it myself, there’s apparently some discrimination against Asian people and people wearing masks in Paris.

  6. Just a suggestion, at around 6:00, that woman said: “she can’t sure that who has been to Mainland China” is not “China” ok? These two concepts are different because all people in HK are actually in China. Don’t try to change their interviewees’ ideas and create misunderstanding : )

  7. So sad instead they trying to gave all this people free masks they worried about making money instead from all these people try stay safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Honestly the people who are rude to the Chinese don’t understand the parts of China I mean there’s Hong Kong as where the interview is and Taishan, Macao and and all those other places but the virus started is MAINLAND CHINA the people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese the people is mainland China speak mandarin the ppl in Taishan speak taishanese it’s all different depending on where u are and that’s what I hate!

  9. Please come visit my channel!
    I think the Japanese Government, corporation, and people are taking the virus seriously.
    The government created the headquarter for the virus and held a meeting with such specialists quite often.
    2 weeks ago, they provided a policy that forces schools to take temporarily closed for 2weeks ahead and recommends companies to take work from home, as the specialists commented that the future acceleration of the spread depends on this weeks ahead.
    But the dealing of Japanese government is not as strict as the Chinese government. In some regions of China, people are not allowed to go outside and in the other regions, the metro usage are very limited and people need to reserve online to use public transportation.

  10. to be honest life is pretty normal for me..only time when virus came into my mind was last week as i finished a conversation with a shop keeper..i instinctively out of courtesy went to shake his hand..but immediately withdrew in a knee-jerk reaction as the virus came to mind spontaneously..apart from that none…i don’t tolerate ignorant. people..or the .dim minded..nor do i go near them.or associate ..your a waste of time/energy/ my opinion….if you base your presumptions/assumptions of people based on stereotypes…especially in this modern world….

  11. And here in Nigeria the prices of masks have skyrocketed to nearly 5000%
    Yet no one has been buying or wearing them, I’m honestly so scared cause with the way things are going this thing is gonna blow up in this country

  12. I’m from hong kong and last week I forgot to wear a mask when I go out and guess what
    ppl on the streets look at me like I’m crazy

  13. So proud of my people for doing so well. They didn’t even need the government to keep the cases low, because they all already know what to do. Look at that; no shutdowns and everyone is still working. And they’re even more densely packed than many of the suburban cities of North America.

    Gaa yau, HK!

  14. Why buy mask when you can just make one at home?? My Aunt is tailor . She has mad over 1000 mask at home and distribute free. There are so many people who are making mask and giving it to people so we don’t have shortage of mask.

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