“How Cheaply Can I Live In The Philippines?”, part 4of4

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  1. Ha ha!!! So the crazy women is a point of reference. Lmao.!!! Your right most loose it when they play. Most also paint the rosy picture . Thanks for being honest Henry.

  2. Strangely enough I use the various women in my life as my mental time-table. It helps me track when stuff happened. As for CW (Crazy Woman).. damn, that was a rough 6 months. Never did that again. These days, if I even smell ‘crazy’.. I’m gone.

  3. We all use some reference that takes us back to a time and or place . I use to use music it always reminded me of things or moments in my life. Not so much anymore as I cant remember SH##. ūüôā Finished my job on July 31. So I am now retired. Well i am not collecting ss yet but I am not working either… Seems life always makes you think. My wife just started a job and she really likes it so she has to decide how long she will take for vacation. I am going for 5 months…

  4. I agree with your comments regarding starting a business or getting a job. I am an IT specialist and the filipinos who do the same type of job I do, make about $800.00 to $1000.00 per month and they work 12 hour days, mostly nights and weekends. Most retired Americans, get more from S.S. than a job in Philippines.

  5. Yep. And no matter how much me and other expats put the warning out.. guys still get off the plane here and sink their nest-egg into some business here and learn the hard way. I’m just hoping to save some guys the grief.

  6. The businesses you mentioned (to me) are feasibly great. But that’s more on the hi end stuff. And hi ends are only good in big cities because that is where the money is. Not far away towns and small cities. Places like yours, the best business are “sari-sari stores”. Filipinos are poor, but they need “rice, firewood/charcoal and salt”. Try a small store, selling rice by the kilo.

  7. Yes, people will always buy necessities. Rice can be bought by the 100 pound sack then sold by the kilo. Only trouble with sari-sari stores is that there is one practically on every block. Everyone’s selling load, rice, bbq, sample packets, etc. Unfortunately, lots of competition keeps the profit margin low.

  8. You got a lot of motorcycles around? Start selling tire tubes. Or your chicken tacos. Does Bohol have a lot of abucados? The abocados in my place are 2-3 bigger than in the US. Introduce guacamole to the locals. If you want a big profit, GO BIG. If you want a quick cash or gas money, GO SMALL.

  9. Agreed. I didn’t come here to work a job or monitor a business 6 days a week. I keep myself busy doing things I WANT to do. When I feel like it, at my leisure. The women are intoxicating, it will definitely test the resolve of any man who lives here, that much is Guaranteed.

  10. Hello… please tell me if this is a viable and reasonable plan…. I will be working in Canada for 5 months every year and want to live in the Philippines 7 months of the year bringing back around $20,000 cnd…. would that be reasonable to live and enjoy the Philippines and also maintain rent and support someone for the remainder of the year?¬† cheers and thanks in advance….. Joe

    1. Awesome!!!¬† Thank you so much!!¬† I believe I will be going to the Philippines by june and I cant wait… Im addicted to your vids.. They are my information gate to the Philippines…. Sounds like your enjoying your time there and just like anywhere there appears to be issues as well but watching your experiences will definitely educate me before I make the big leap…..¬† Thank you very much for your response its much appreciated!!! Cheers Joe
      P.S. when I come we are meeting for a beer lol

    2. $20k in Canadian converts to about $18k in USD. ¬†Divided out over 7 months, that would give you a monthly budget of $2,571. ¬†Even as a married guy you’d be totally fine with just $1,600/month. ¬†And as a single guy, you’d have to drink a LOT of booze and toss out a lot of money at filipinas to burn away that much money per month in the PH. ¬†So.. yes, that’s definitely a viable plan.

  11. I’m 28yrs old, single, and have an income of $1,380 a month from a non service connected Army pension. How well could I live on that income, as I like to party, entertainment, etc.?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea РPhilippines  Im 21 and I have family in the phillippines. If i save up. Is $100,000 USD enough to retire on in the phillippines in my early 40s? Our house down there is basically paid off and the only thing i would be worrying about is food, utilities, internet.etc.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thanks for your fast reply! Would that be a doable income even in Manila? Could I contact you on Facebook to ask you a few more question? That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    3. Heck yah.. as a single guy you could do it up here no problem.  With rent even at $300/month.. you still have a grand for basics and partying.

  12. Thanks for great information Henry. I own a pretty good cleaning business here in Hawaii and am planning on setting up my management team so I will be less involved so I can spend say, half a year there at a time. Do you have any advice on the going back and forth living style I’m thinking of doing? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  13. Hi, loved your blog and thank you for being real!! I am 60 years old with an income of 1,000.00 a month and love the culture there. Never been there but have talked to many who have been. I just want to say you are a great person and I thank you for your impute. love to know more. wayneswood2011@gmail.com 

  14. Depends on how you want to live your life,,,,,,,,,,For me,,,,,,,,Retired Teacher ( over 30 years)…I do NOT want luxury,,,I want wisdom ¬† wink

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      I had my suspicions… But all in all it’s fairly accurate… I looked at the prices they have for my home town in the States and are pretty darn close…¬† Ned and Michelle swear by it though… ūüėȬ† Thanks for checking it out…

    2. @David Pike¬†i compared lapu-lapu with dumaguete since i am most familiar with those prices. ¬† most everything on numbeo seemed correct, except for housing. ¬†numbeo said that lapulapu was far more expensive than dumaguete for rent. ¬†that part didn’t seem correct at all, reverse is true.. rents are higher in dumaguete unless something has drastically changed in lapulapu recently.

  15. Hmm…the money I get off disability is the same as me working (?) 12 hours a day? If that doesn’t tell you the US Social Security Disability needs reform, nothing will.

  16. Hi Henry ! I know this video has at least 4 years of age but if you ever see this message, I wanted to inquire about the cost of living in Bacolod City, how much do you think the minimum could be if I want to move there single and not smoking, drinking or partying.. I don’t have much of expenses or vices and I will plan to go there and live with my Filipina gf.. thank you so much in advance !

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thanks man! never thought you’d reply… I appreciate your info… it’s time to start saving money now, best wishes !

    2. figure about $1,000/month (usd) for 2 people to have a decent apartment and cover all the needed expenses, with a bit of spending money.

    1. each of those sites has you fill out a tax form required by your country. income is tracked and reported to your home country tax system.

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