“How Cheaply Can I Live In The Philippines?”, part 3of4

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  1. LOL… Henry, gotta luv that chicken. I’m not sure if he’s your biggest critic or if he’s cheering you on 😀
    Another great series of videos. You are right about the online business angle. Yes, its the best way but its not that easy or that profitable. There is a lot of misinformation out there. But, for those that are interested, you might take a look at “The 4 Hour Workweek” which is a pretty good read & gave me some ideas.

  2. Yah, there are a lot of scams on the net.. and I’ll tell you all about it in my ebook! haha! As for Rocco the Rooster next door.. one of these days “..somebody gonna get hurt real bad. Somebody. I think you know who.. somebody.” ha!

  3. I agree. Overall budget has to take into account entertainment and what a person does for fun. With all the free time, it’s easy to blow money each day.. or not. I could spend the whole afternoon on Sundays at the cockfights, have beer, watermelon, make some bets and get lunch all for about $15. Or.. like one night, I blew $60 at the bar drinking/dancing all night.

  4. If you have any insight, what do you think about a guys chances to come over there and make a little side cash on dj’ing? (It’s all digital these days btw so I wont bring any cumbersome gear. It’s easy to hop between venues.) I offer dance friendly but off the mainstream electronica of high quality that are good for “themed” nights. (se my page).
    But just generally, have you seen or heard anything?
    Thanks for all you helpful pointers!

    1. At the clubs, to give you an idea of how it is here.. I know a former policeman who went to a club (owned by an expat) looking for a job as a bouncer.  Now, figuring he’s got police background you’d think he’d pull in some kind of decent money, eh?  Nope.  Owner offered him $9 a night and no discount on meals.

    2. Honestly.. LOTS of competition and very little money in it for house parties.  Everyone knows someone who has the equipment in the family it seems.  As for the clubs, good luck breaking into that ground unless you have a stellar personality.  Most likely they will hire a friend for family member who is doing it at 25% of anything you’d charge.

  5. I was living in Puerto Princesa with my wife (non-filipina) and 2 kids for more than 6 months and my only source of income was an online job on oDesk. Now I have a rate of $38/hour and a contract which lasts more than 3 years. So I can work for a 3 hours a day and have >$3000 month income. So it’s definitely possible, but to do that you have to be top programmer/designer or someone like that with top skills and better to have prior experience in offline job. So this is not an option for everyone. And you need to try it before going to the other country.

    Now I had to return to my own country but I plan to go back to Philippines later this year.
    Thanks for your videos.

  6. I just vacationed there for just over a month Mar-Apr 2014. I’m just retired looking for a place for retirement. I visited Manila, Cebu and Davao and my favorite is Cebu. I concur with you that the best way to find a cost effective rental is in person, I found many apartments (2br) starting at $200 mn. All my normal monthly cost would be 1/10 of what I need in Florida. My pension would allow me to live very well there. One question I have though, I checked the PRA (Philipinne Retirement Auth) is it mandatory to have the Res. Visa to live there?

  7. Forget about your lifestyle in what ever country you came from and make your own life here in Mindanao.. If you focus on the basics it can be had for $200/mo here.. A friend lives here on that… I live here on less but still have food, net, electric, water, fan, refrigerator n bed with my wife…

    1. I don’t pay rent even in USA… My boarding house is concrete..We have 3rms for ourself.. A friend of mine just rent concrete 2bdrm house near the beach for $90/mo a 10min walk to the mall.. I live 3blks to the market n 4 blks to the mall seldom go there… I don’t live on a budget just need about $150/mo for food, net, etc…We make $400/mo from boarding house plus my micro SS check..

    2. @Tim O’Brien if $200 is your total budget for the month, does that mean you are spending about $75 for rent? what is your monthly rent? i spend at least $200 a month easily just on food, and i cook at home half the time here in dumaguete.

    1. not sure what you’re asking. there are jeepneys, tricycles and hubal-hubals available. but infrastructure is not all that great in the PH. bad internet wifi.

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