“How Cheaply Can I Live In The Philippines?”, part 2of4

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  1. the women, it is always the women. You can live in the Visayas cheaply, like $800.00 per month, but once you connect with a lady, the requests for money will cut into your budget. The first time I went to Cebu, I met some expats at a restaurant and as I was being introduce, I met 2 guys from Europe, single and no desire to get marry. I asked them why they did not want to marry the pretty filipinas and one of them answered and said, the wisest words I have ever heard: “Why buy when you can rent.”

  2. Absolutely. I plan to get married ‘someday’ down the road. But to a woman with no small kids and who wants no more kids. I want to keep it simple, and having a family in the PH means practically adopting the entire family of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. so.. I’m in no hurry to get married.

  3. oh sir nice video… do you know Philippines have Natural Resources? you can live here without financial expenses … my relatives are from Province also.. they eat Saging.. banana.. coconut.. fish in the sea shore… 🙂

  4. I have an American friend, and I know of others, who so much prefer the province life so they can have a farm to raise their own vegetables, fruits and animals. (we love that porkie lechon!) People see our so-called ‘rich life’ on the t.v. in the States and think it’s glamorous, but it also comes with much stress and sacrifice. For this reason so many come to Philippines for a simpler, less stressful life.

  5. The best solution a sustainable business. The only catch “foreigners can’t own a business”. Not until they became a dual citizen. One of my business venture is ice storage. Since my town is a fishing town and no ice making factory except ice storage’s. Fishermen buys ice all the time and locals who doesn’t have refrigerators. I even supply sodas and beers. The net profit goes to water, electrical and food bills.

  6. That’s a good idea.. most especially since there is little competition in the particular area you chose. Another idea someone did was to buy up the dried coconut shells near buko stands for pennies. The guy then had them burned to charcoal, bagged it and sold it overseas in Japan at a bigger markup. No physical ‘business’ actually needed other than a place in the province to burn the coco husks.

  7. It is strange to see the cost of food at such a high percentage of your money. spend more on food than rent. In the USA about 10% of income is food here about 20-30. It is very cheap to live here if you don’t live in the city.

  8. Yah, it’s strange but I welcome it. Back home my grocery bill went up the more fruits and vegetables I bought. Here, fruits.. veggies and chicken are pretty darn cheap. My rent is about the same as my cell phone bill from back home.

  9. So, if 1,800 a month is suitable there, and its cheap. Then perhaps it takes 5,000 or more per month to live here? You mention being from CA. I guess it depends where you live and one’s expectations.

  10. $ 1,800 USD would allow a person to live (just about) anywhere in the PH comfortably with spending money, even if married. Now, for a Single Guy.. $1,000 to $1,200 would allow him to live just about anywhere here and have plenty of spending money. To give you an idea, a single-bedroom studio can be had for about $110/month. Utilities at around $55/month. It’s very workable.

  11. To each his own as they say. I like PI but not being raise in a place like that I don’t think I could take it year after year without a break. I had longing to get out of Hawaii when I lived there for 4 years. It was cool, great place and all that but it was not what I imprinted on when I was younger so I missed what I was familiar with . Like Climate change, Cheese Burgers, Driving straight for a few hours at a time… haha you know the small things in life…

  12. I give conservative numbers since the majority of people will want more cushion than just getting by on $700 a month. As for taking out girls, it depends where you take them. Out for a chicken dinner.. or out island hopping on Boracay. Lots of variables that people have to figure in for themselves. I’m just giving the basics so people can build from there. But what you say is true.. the more women you entertain, the more money will flow outta your wallet one way or another.

  13. I am a single man, I want to bring my beagle from chicago to pasig or batangas. I don’t drink beer or smoke. Could I live under an income of $700 or less.?

  14. In response to kapiatgatas comment about having a sustainable business, if you are an American and have an internet business that does not interact with the locals, you could register your business in the U.S. if you are from there and plan on keeping ties. After looking into it, registering a business in the U.S. is a lot easier than the Philippines. For an internet business, I see no benefits of registering in the Philippines over the U.S. at all other than ease of access to your money.

  15. Absolutely correct, Scott. The BIR expects their taxes every quarter and that’s just more paperwork/hassle. For someone with a very large income, Singapore has a much lower tax rate and many people base their business there for that reason.

  16. i feel if i buy my housing cash, i can live there cheap, been to ph 9 times since 2009, other than hotel cost i live like a king, less than 500 a month and my wife and i spend most of that 500 on others and family there

  17. Does phil health negate the possibility of covering medical bills with no immediate out of pocket cost. I was told even with this insurance the bill must be paid in cash which is reimbursed later or there will be no treatment, even in an emergency situation.

  18. my nurse friend over there told me $20 to see a neurologist (I have seizures and I do pull SSDI “Disability”).  You said it!  Have a network! 

    1. That works out to about $1,600 USD per month, and as a single or married guy you could live comfortably.  I’d say $1,000/month would be a bare minimum for most people.

  19. What my wife and I did was buy a house in her home town and a grocery store paid for it while I was working in the UK bought everything before I decided to move there first.we now have a steady income of between 30 000 to 40 000 a month which we will live off it hasn’t been easy and won’t be easy but I found my quality of life has improved

    1. @Arturo52 i’ve gotten mixed reviews on expats who have been to thailand.  several tell me that in two weeks you’ve seen it all.  others tell me dating there is no different than in the States.  one guy just left thailand after being unhappy there for 6 years.  came to dumaguete and now he’s hooked on the PH.  i suppose it all depends on what a person is looking for.  some people enjoy thailand mostly for the food.

    1. @Marc Hoffman in the video at this link, i show how she can create her own promo, if she is with Globe network.  if she is not with Globe and has Sun or Smart.. just check out their online websites and they list the monthly promos there.  (same with Globe’s website)  Making Your Own Load Promo in the Philippines

  20. Thank you, Reekay!  Informative videos such as the ones you have all over YouTube encourage me to return to the Philippines permanently – but where?  I appreciate your calm, mature and not-threatening demeanor as well as the respect you give to their culture.

  21. Just found this out today, 6/16/2015.  The Philippine government is now going to charge a fee to get a permit for those having prescription meds being sent to them from the West.  At this time I don’t know what the price is but I’ve heard in the neighborhood of 120 dollars.  As for myself, this is nothing more than an added scam to get western peoples money as it is every 60 days to get a Visa renewal and I’m sure that they will come up with something else to add to this..  Personally, I am not going to contribute to their corrupt government  because this is nothing more than extortion as far as I’m concerned.

  22. I had a good life with a wife there for less than a grand a month.This was like 15 yeas ago things where cheaper then and the exchange rate was better.
    i guess those where written a long time ago,there are people living there for 500 a month,
    They eat good but they do not do much else that i would consider living

  23. I love the fact that you are not putting forth the idea that you can live large for a thousand a month or less. Watching those videos they always leave out the expense of dating, medical, and entertainment and many others. You could live like that here in the states.

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