How Are The Tilapia Doing?

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  1. Hi Brian Maricel and little charlie hes so so cute.hes getting big Brian looks alot like his daddy.godbless the 3 of you love allways from the uk.🇬🇧

  2. Brian I know U have seen me asking U to get the bug light going on the pond so the fish could have additional snacks n I know U have said U bought the stuff several times but could U please try again n put ya foot in it this time all the way through!! Thanks

  3. Like the red tilapia. Their is a video on ytube about a Canadian factory tilapia farm breeding red tilapia for the Asian market in Canada. What a great operation they have. All fish are sold live in Canadian Grocery stores. Sandy Plains Aquaculture. 1.2 to 1 FCR all fish presold. Its way beyond state of the art. Point being at least in Canada the Asian market will pay premium for red tilapia

  4. Aug 10, 2019
    Harvesting the Tilapia Part 1.
    “The official record is 24 inches and 9.6 pounds, caught by a Florida woman in 2011, meaning the Florida state record is also the world record.”

  5. It’s beautiful to see you and family roaming around together talking about all the things on your property. Very appealing content to an average American like me

  6. Hi Brian and marcel and Charlie god bless you all you were wanted to know when the last time you harvested the Tialapbea fish I looked back on your videos and it was 11 months ago just to let you know I did some research for you Haha to help you out have a great day

  7. That strange looking tree is aratiles a native or indegenous throughout the Philippines and they have edible round fruits like little berries which are reddish green and also sweet.

  8. I want to see another fishing contest with the women and the fishing poles again. That was interesting the last time. Not to mention entertaining. Catch some crickets for bait. They weren’t crazy about worms…lol Rules can be how many can they catch in 30 minutes. Count the number and weight is first place and number the second place. Then have a fish fry after yummmmm
    Red can compete too…he get Tatay to help but just to bait his hook

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