Houses in San Fernando Pampanga from 1M to 5M PHP

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  1. I ask myself oftentimes whether they’re serious about selling those properties. In some pictures there are random people, others show the remainder of a pinoy booze…

  2. Peter, I see a few I rices dropping but not much. Do you think they will drop more? We are looking but in not rush so should we wait until November or December? What do you think?

  3. city of san fernando , nxt few years will become a highly urbanised city ,, wide roads ,, 3 sm malls ,, capital town(36hectars mixed use development by megaworld) several supermarket ,, several hospital,, satellite government offfice, 24 hour jeepney angeles to san fernando route,,

  4. Great post, as always, Pete. By the way, you can see that mountain in many places in San Fernando. That is Arayat Mountain. Born and raised in San Fernando.
    I have been looking at houses there too… most of them are still priced pre-Covid days. Surprised that a few newly updated posts even increased the homes’ prices and I thought… these agents must be clueless about Covid’s impact to economy and employment or they just don’t really want to sell homes. They also have the most unflattering pics. Tsk tsk.

  5. You are BY FAR the TOP Subic Bay freeport zone vlogger, maybe the only one. It is because of you that i will be moving /retiring to Subic freeport from New York as soon as this Corvid business is over with. I am a 25yr veteran of the New York City police department…. thank you for your tireless work, and the invaluable information that you have provided over the years. THANKYOU for the window that you have provided, on a suburban middle class life style, and highlighting some of finer things in life that are available in the freeport zone area. Not everyone wants to live in the barangay…thankyou for providing an alternative perspective. As a member of the silent majority, …THANKYOU for allowing us a glimpse into your everyday life and allowing us to live vicariously through you…to experience your triumphs and failures without any filter. I pray that you do not leave Subic Bay….but if you do, i understand ….family first ..But .i cannot see your contribution to people like myself being being replaced. The loss would simply be irreplaceable. When you are walking your dog on the streets of Kalayaan…i imagine that i am walking my dog also. Thankyou for showing people like myself ………. the POSSIBILITIES…..

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