Houses for Sale in Pattaya Thailand 1M to 2M THB

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  1. Thailand is a great place but lots of people don’t know how thai law works. Here is my summary for you on this topic:
    Foreigners can not legally own any land in Thailand. Any land purchase by a farang is actually registered under wife’s name. You can lease land from wife if you want ( for maximum of one 30 year term only). In case of divorce law sees you as a tenant and nothing else. Oh, and money you paid to buy land for your wife, law considers it a gift. In case of a divorce you get nothing.
    You can start a company in Thailand and buy house under rhat thai company’s but remember the Thai company must be be majority (minimum 51%) owned by Thais so you will not have decision making power. Any attempts to circumvent this by having some paid third party in the mix has been deemed illegal by Thai courts. This option is even more risky than the first one.
    There is a lot of misinformation on YouTube about buying land or house in Thailand. There are lots of youtubers showing houses but in reality they are advertisers who happen to speak English and they do this to make commission on the sale so keep that in mind when you watch these videos.
    You want to live in Thailand then just rent and invest your money in your own country in stocks or real estate to create an income stream.
    Old farangs will tell you that invest only what you can afford to lose in Thailand, and I believe them.
    There you have it. I’ve summed it up for you.

  2. These vids are kind of fun. Glad you’re doing them. Thanks!

    As the coming economic depression takes its grip, things will reduce in cost quite a bit more. Smart investors are getting out quick now?

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