Houses for Sale in Moonwalk Paranaque, Manila (Less than $100K)

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  1. If this lockdown continues until say October or December, meaning no international travelers and lots of lost jobs, including all of the Filipinos who are sending $ back home to support their families and their recently bought homes….would u say that some of these price might be cut in half? I can’t see how these prices are sustainable…soon there will be a lot more properties on the market, and thus pushing prices down, it seems. peace

  2. In the UK “duplex” means that a flat (condominium) on 2 floors. In the UK 24:30 we would call them “town houses”. If there were 2 houses attached it would be called “semi-detached”. If there are 3 or more houses attached together they would be called terraced houses. These would consist of 2 “end-of-terrace” houses and 1 or more “mid terraced” houses.

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