House for Rent $500 / Sell for $113,000 USD – Swing and a Miss

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  1. NOTE: Late Post: This video was done in August. Another swing and another miss. They are also selling this house, but it seems a wee bit overpriced. But as time has proven over the past seven years, what do I know?

  2. The reasonable cost for decent housing in Duma looks depressing especially under the dreaded malady, housing should be cheap as chips for renters with solid incomes. Is the whole country getting like that Ned ?

  3. As I pick my jaw up off the floor…… that’s crazy. Rent and asking price both. There’s more to that story. Maybe using it as a business loss? Really doesn’t matter, they will never get either price unless someone, rich, stupid and blind comes along.

  4. My house was peach color for many years. A little more orange than pink. That one seems to be overpriced unless it is in a really good secure gated and police patrolled neighborhood! I finally had my house redone in yellow again, as it was originally. Back when i changed it, peach was a popular color here. Not anymore! I am much happier with yellow, but also like light gray or beige! Not sure why they would paint that house pink. but I would not want it like that. I think they lowered the value by a good amount doing that. Not even if it was more orange in it to look peach would I want it like that. That is a very outdated color that really narrows the buyer pool and lowers the value. Thanks for sharing! Take care and God bless you all! David

  5. I’m assuming price includes the land also, but regardless definitely not worth 5.5M……like I commented in one of your other walk thrus, you’re better off building your own house…….good luck on ur continued search

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