House and Big Lot for Sale on Bacong/Dumaguete Border – Quiet, Cool and Breezy FTW, 1 of 2

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  1. Sorry dude, but a tad overpriced. And yes, I know what I’m talking about… Nice video though! I got a good feeling of the property and the surrounding.

  2. Ned, why do all the houses in the PI have bars on the windows/doors and are surrounded by walls topped with glass/barbed wire? Is crime that bad throughout most of the areas?

  3. Over priced compared to location.. he will have a hard time get it sold.
    We have 21.296 sqm lot with beach and harbor in a highly popular tourist area, if we sell ,the marked price who’d be 50 million.

  4. To buy a property in philippines a local person or filipina wife or partner has to have 60% and she can sell the property and you can’t do nothing

  5. My Filipina wife of 20 years has just watched both videos. I asked her to guess the price. Her reply was 2 million pesos. I don’t have an opinion because I don’t know. I’m just reporting what she said. She’s from Manila if that means anything.

  6. nice cool provincial spread facing a mountain. does it have proper papers? a lot of the lots outside dumaguete are sold by relatives of girlfriends who really doesnt have an actual title but just a tax receipt. i have encountered some foreigners who got burned really bad.

  7. Nice place ! Why is Tim leaving the home he put so much thought , heart , soul and money into it ? How much is he asking for it ? How long has Tim lived there?

  8. Life is too short, no need for big homes, time to downsize and enjoy the rest of remaining years of life; “Take this whole world, but give me Jesus” I enjoy just a 2,000 square ft. up in the beautiful mountain of either Vermont, New Hampshire, or US Maine and beautiful snow and with the wood stove, fire place just breathtaking mountain scenery, and forget all technology and too much electrical wires are shattered all over the house, who needs it, I don’t care for all this;

  9. I would never live in a country where there are bars on the windows of most homes where I needed to electrify bars in front of my home. Fuck that

  10. Just remember that Foreigners CANNOT OWN LAND IN THE PHILIPPINES – So you’re basically have to have the title in your girlfriend/wife’s name. You can own the house, just not the land. Ever consider that? relationship heads south? And then you’re stuffed.
    Great place to live but not to buy a house – apartments can be owned by foreigners though, that’s the only option where you won’t lose if something happens with the better half

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  12. I still hear the roosters….lol. I love the place, I live here in the mountains in the country of northern Az. In the summer I have a lot of noisy hummingbirds. No rooostrr close by…i could about a mile away maybe. So the house is shorter on the one side. I guess for shower people. It is a very nice place. I wish I am there now. I keep thinking about coming there all the time. I’m not so yiung at 70 now but, I want to at least visit. I chat with people and watch a lot of youtubers. I love all of yours. Keep it up!! Lol…they might come through those but not quietly….screaming Yes.

  13. The kitchen is a step above every Americans average kitchen. LOVED the Friches Big Boy sticker on the fridge, Swiss miss and Vanilla Coke!I would buy this in a heart beat if I could. 🇺🇸🇵🇭

  14. I like that you are grounded in reality here and do know that noise, trash and dogs are a problem. Best way to live here is away from the locals.

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  16. Wow, I’m still tripping about the electric charged steel grill walls. Lol! But a good peace of mind accessory to have. Nice house and lot though. So many accessories to ease life there. From the water tank and well, the internet antenna, the emergency generator, the solar power to run lights and the cctv, the thorny bushes, the safe, etc.

  17. While he’s trying to sell does he need a caretaker house sitter to watch out for his stuff while he’s in the states. I’d be happy to do it.

  18. I like the open feel but doesn’t seem practical allowing mosquitoes,bugs,snakes,rodents,etc. being able to come into your home and of course you cannot use Air Conditioning unless you lock yourself into a room. Getting custom made Sliding Doors to fit those non standard openings would be expensive but doable. Problem I see is that because of the large issue with poverty in many of the rural areas you can expect break ins on a regular basis. Thats why he built it like a fortress. I would imagine after awhile the feeling of being unsafe there would wear on most people. I better like James over at “My PI Dream” idea with “Villa Feliz” in a private gated community but of course at a higher cost but very nicely designed community with security guards, laws and rules to protect those residents and keep all the properties looking nice with no garbage and crazy karaoke music blasting away.

  19. I find it hard to understand why people want to live in a place where you have to have walls, electric fence, bars on windows,etc. Damn if I want to live like a prisoner in my own home.

  20. Love the open concept to get the outdoor feel since in Canada that is not an option.

    He put a lot of thought and extra expense into designing his custom house. Thanks for sharing this unique house Ned.

  21. 10 Million is a lot of money in Bacong especially since the house is not on the beach. Personally, I’d never buy any property in the Philippines until the Oligarchs allow foreign ownership of the land. Even with a land title nothing is guaranteed in a country ripe with corruption and a kangaroo court system.

  22. What a beautiful home. Love the layout. The 220/110 outlets are genius. I blew out a few appliances my first couple of trips here. 😂 I’m just passing by on my 30 day visa less trips here but that house is amazing. If I could I would!

  23. I’d be careful about spending large amounts of money on a house & land because of the law stating foreigners can not own land in the Phils, I know there are ways to get around that but still if things don’t go as planned ( as we know happens often in the Philippines ) its could be an expensive lesson . Much better to rent….cheaper, more options, less up front money and if for some reason things go south you just up and leave.

  24. Wow! 1200 sqm land and that house fully furnished for 10M is a bargain!
    I’d pick it up in a jiffy if I had the money.
    At the rate the Chinese are buying up properties in the Philippines prices will soon skyrocket, this would be a GREAT investment.

  25. We searched for house and lot around Bacong area last year. Be careful which part of Bacong you want to buy or rent because the New Airport they plan to build is around Bacong area.

  26. so Ned your going too sell houses now lololol tell us WHO has the TITLE of courses his wife just like mine she got ours THAT THE BEST WAY TOO BUILD OR BUY HOUSES IN PHILLIPINES and Ned why do,s the link not work mmmmmmm bit funny don’t you think ?????????

  27. Thanks Ned great house ,if your taste is very like Tim’s you have found the right house ,furniture  and fittings worth an arm and leg good luck Tim on finding the right buyer you built a great home in PI 🙂

  28. I ‘heard’ all that silence and I was thinking that I didn’t hear any roosters and I thought that that was amazing….. and then there they are right on cue. Nice setup btw.

  29. That was a nice place. Unless you have a Filipino wife that is a resident of the Philippines or duel citizen you cannot buy property there if you are a foreigner.

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