Honeymoon One: Over the Hills and Far Away: Coastal Road and Jomax Peak Coffeeshop

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Our incredibly exciting honey got off to a rough start with BPI ATM problems and Google Maps failures, but then we got up in the hills of norther Negros Occidental. Sooooo nice…..
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at www.myphilippinedreams.com

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  1. I [choose to] live at elevation. It really does feel better up in the mountains a bit….and there are quite possibly more things to do than one might expect

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! I’ve never seen a BLUE pool in PH!!! I’ve only seen green 1s. haha @7:00–the death-dealing gaze of TAMPO! Ned, enjoy the massages there! I have a membership at Massage Envy and they charge in the $90 range for a 90 min massage(which I get twice/month!)

  3. Triumph spitfire mk4 never came with auto as a option but could have an overdrive fitted that worked on 3rd and 4th gear. They were a lovely car to drive. The spitfire’s big brother the stag came with a v8 and auto transmission and that was an amazing car. Very much prized these days and super expensive

  4. Mate you mentioned those girls on your honeymoon? (no no no. Don’t even joke about it) ha ha. Great video and congratulations. You have a beautiful wife. Treasure her.

  5. How did you miss the chocolate hills? there’s a million of them. Well, quite a few of them. LOL Your minds on love, not location. Good. Oh’, and she’s going to smack you. Wandering eyes and wives don’t mix. 🙂

  6. Dude lease sime land and build that A Frame on it. Thats exactly my dream house when I retire to the Mountains in Ph mountains. Im glad you videoed it.

  7. So many Vloggers put up road trip videos.Remember in the US we are geographically challenged. It would be great if you would add a little map so we would know exactly where you are.

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