Homeless woman smiles like little girl.

Thanks to Tom & Tracy Dang.

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  1. Good job picking her out. Well done Tom & Tracy Dang. πŸ‘πŸ»
    Troy, with your skills and heart, you are the bridge between people.✊🏻

  2. Awesome how you helped the nice woman. She seemed pretty genuine! Thanks for the cheerful food pic! Don’t know what it was but looked delicious πŸ˜‹ Loved the drive during either sunrise or sunset! It was kind of cool looking ! It was very kind of you to cheer up your viewers! πŸ‘πŸŒΈπŸŒΉ

  3. Don’t let this awful world event get you down Troy. You are one of the few truly bright lights shining through the fog. I say this because with each and every person you meet and help, you’re not only making things better for him or her, you’re also setting an example for thousands of viewers to follow.

    Yep… You’re the good virus Troy, and with every video, you’re infecting the lazy and complacent with hope and inspiration. I hope that you realize that there are thousands of people who have undoubtedly done something noble after watching your videos, whether it was to get off of their asses in order to seek out someone who needed some help, or to simply have spontaneously seized upon some random opportunity to make someone else’s life a little better.

  4. Troy Vietnam
    Some of the lesser known large provincial capital cities for some videos going there instead of main cities would be enjoyable for a larger audience!

  5. Poor lady. She was really sweet. It’s sad when people end up like this, and make no mistake it can happen to anyone. Part of the problem in this world is most of us don’t consider we will ever be in that position. We judge the homeless, but we could become them overnight. I was homeless for years, and the worst thing was how people made assumptions about us. Once I sat on a street corner and had people give me about 12 sandwiches and bottles of water in the same day. I politely declined them after a while, and had one guy spit on me because I dared not to accept the sandwich. Thing is, homeless people have preferences, and dignity, and certainly require more than sandwiches to survive. Those people who think they will spend money on drugs and alcohol have no idea. The vast majority are down on their luck. Anyway, I understand if someone has a sign asking for food and then declines, sure be mad at them for being picky. But in my example I never asked for anything. People assumed what I wanted, and then snapped at me when I didn’t worship them for doing a good deed. It was all false, no real connection to anyone.

    But this video is different. The world needs more people like you, without judgements, just kindness and compassion. Thank you. This video really brightens my day. I hope that lady finds happiness. If I was a millionaire I’d donate enough to her that she could retire somewhere modest with a roof over her head. Bless her and bless you.

  6. Troy could hire some guy to do the subtitles for half the videos – but keep the stupid subtitles on the other half – everyone will be happy, and he saves 50% of labour.

  7. Hi Troy, if I can make a small suggestion when you approach these poor souls. Please tell them at some point early on that they should not be afraid of you and you ask nothing of them. I notice so many of them are frightened of you at the get go. Thank you, u are great.


  9. Thank you Troy. I am happy to have found your channel. Please keep the spirits up. Realize that we are all sad and down sometimes and the best cheer is to help in any form someone on need.

  10. great videos troy. you have a heart of gold. if i had the money, that’s exactly what i’d be doing; helping out legitimate, deserving, desperate individuals in vietnam and the philippines.

  11. If you had started it by eating with her we could have gotten to know even more about her life.
    I Guess she experienced a lot.
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  12. So heart touching. I am near tears. What a sweet lady and so many in this world who need the most basics, and to have their dignity with it. God bless her. I will say a prayer for you and one of thanks for people like you and the Dangs.

  13. You’re a beautiful person , you are doing what by 2032 a bunch of entrepreneur millionaires with satellites and an app want to accomplish, is going to help people in need by sending e-money straight to the needy in their phone so people know exactly where the money is going, i think i saw on Jason A channel …https://youtu.be/rxHMIz1PhaQ you’re doing God’s job now by being the messenger and an Angel,.. ahead of time by doing it person to person with todays technology is just amazing.

  14. This is the fourth time you’ve made me cry tonight with your big ❀️ and your supporters big ❀️’s. Heaven has a big place for you. It’s 4am and I’ve binged on your videos all night. God bless you and them.

  15. Troy, I can only imagine what kind of world we would have if people would only realize that we are put on this earth to help one another and make going through this life easier for all,and happiness and joy would be there for all of us . Thank you for shining a light in this sometime dark world of ours.

    1. @gregory turner.I wish everybody thinks the way you are thinking. We value killings, screwing, cheating, deceiving, stealing, enslaving others.

  16. Notice all the trash at the curb line. The Viet just drop it in the gutter and at some time the sweeper usually a lady comes by and sweeps it up. I don’t think they know what trash cans are for. Trash is everywhere in Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

  17. Its good to give money to poor people πŸ‘πŸ‘ but wen you record it every time its more like exploitation for YouTube subscriber’s πŸ‘ŽπŸ–•…… πŸ€”

  18. Wow, what a nice, humble lady, she is . She doesn’t have anything but not greedy at all. There is a saying ” differences between humans and animals . Human never refused money” But this lady is so different.
    Poor and proud and areal human.

  19. This woman has a Chinese accent. Doesn’t sound like a native speaker at all, even when she says ‘hotel’ instead of ‘Nha tro’. And in the second video it also sounds like she’s not a local at all. Perhaps you should ask her where she is from?

  20. there enough food in the world it discusting there hungry people every where you are a good man doing the government’s and the united nations work for them i thank you.

  21. I am so blessed to have found your channel. Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters get through this life in the trying times we are currently experiencing. You and your donors are bringing the light of GOD and hope to them. I ask God for protection over you in your journeys. Keep being the light!!!!!!!!!! I love your soul!!! God Bless you. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Saw this channel for the first time… and I was really blown away. Wow… really amazing to see people doing kind things for others.

    Just subscribed. Thank you for this video.

  23. This is what you call Young at heart, I have see lots of people like this. Majority of them are women. They are beautiful inside and out! Age only hits the body, not the soul and spirit.

  24. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for us here in the USA, my first boss on a fishing boat was Vietnamese back in the 80’s in California and I really enjoy the Vietnamese Culture.

  25. I can’t imagine 20 years ago that I would watch videos of people online doing great things, the consideration of sending money to them to help wouldn’t have entered my head! Unfortunately, I’ve already donated my monthly quota. But next month… I’m on it x

  26. If she’d of said she hadn’t eaten that day….my heart would of broken in two. Please set up a donation system just for this lovely lady…..

  27. I think her ethnicity is Chinese and she sounded a bit mentally disabled… Thank you for the hard work, we are with you every step of the way and cheer you on, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜

  28. That was a wonderful thing to do! I used to do the same thing when I lived in Philippines. You have to help people when you can, its the human thing to do.

  29. Even though you are racist, you inspire me to do the same as you. When I go back to PH this year, i will be doing the same thing to help the needy (minus the racism that you have done in the past).

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