Homeless Hanoi woman’s face lights up with a smile.

She was eating rotten brown bananas from a plastic bag but lit up with a warm smile when we helped her out with some cash for a tasty bowl of delicious pho noodle soup instead.

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  1. some rich lawyer in America should give $1 million to fix poor people’s teeth. In Vietnam or even El Salvador. That’s what I say. So the rich lawyer can just barely make it to a good place when he dies.

  2. …..Even one bad tooth can be hell on earth…As we know, if that goes untreated …heart issues, etc are probable..she’s pretty young to be dealing with that. This may also explain the bananas…..I bet it hurts to chew. I hear dental work is Asia is quite inexpensive…….our dollars could go a long way here. Remember your last dental issue…imagine no relief.

  3. What a sweet smile she gave in return. I would know a mentally challenge or drug addict when I see one but that’s not the type you encountered.

  4. …..I bet we CAN’T raise enough money to fix that smile…..(separately from her living donations)….The Dental Fund…..I mean inspection, tooth removal, repairs that will last….whatever it takes …100% cosmetic and dental health…in the land of reasonably priced dental work………………. Prove me wrong.

  5. She looks young. She looked like she was ready to do a Chinese mother bolt from hell on you at first. Then her eyes lit up. And then a very genuine smile. From the looks of her expression she doesn’t get many donations on the streets. I’d like to know more about her. Where is a good dentist when you need one?

  6. You are in the trenches of this ugly world. I use to be a tooth maker and the ability to smile is soo profound as your video proves. Only people with special eyes can see this. It’s like a secret language. God bless you and your family aloha

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