A year or so ago there was a video made by a person who tried to help one of the homeless woman here in Angeles City. The video got a lot of views. Here is the update on the woman known as homeless Anna.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. A no flying zone for drones. There is an airfield near Angeles City. Drones could interfere with taking off and landing aircraft. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  2. Hi Brian, what camera do you vlog with? It’s really good quality. I hope you gave Anna some money. Poor gal. Thanks and be safe. God bless. 👍🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

  3. your wife has lots of close contact with people…hope she does not catch Covids-19, then she would give it to you …is it worth it to stay open for these 2 months?

  4. Something all the “experts” in Goverment and “scientists” are not factoring in, the “Lockdowns” = NO food scraps, begging from behind restaurants, etc, etc. for the homeless – all over the world…..

  5. 750 to 800 dead per day is good news, here in New York City.  The curve has flattened.  The rate of dying hasn’t increased for several days and is holding steady between 750 and 800 since the end of last week.   Remember back in the good old days, when about 800 dying per day of a disease was considered very bad news??  I never thought I would live to see a time when the number of deaths per day televised by the American nightly news during the Vietnam War would be exceeded.  However, if we maintain about 750 dead per day for the next 34 days, we will have about 50% of the US military KIA for the entire Vietnam War.  😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  6. I always give Anna some money and if my missus is with me she takes her for food and buys feminine products for her. And yes she’s gained weight since I saw her last month

  7. Surprised there were some folks not wearing masks. Thank you for the Anna update. You acknowledged her as a human being, and not just another street person. You and your family stay safe and healthy.

  8. I was amaze and sad with the cat on bpi bank . I think he live there . I was walker that area and the cat believe it or not he ask for food he aproach and look me start to meow meaow. Wel i gave him food like snack and stuff . Wow then after a few day i check out what he doing to my suprice he was died . That the very sad cat. I think the worker on bpi bank gave the cat to eat but because of corona virus he starve to died.

  9. Nice to see you helped out Anna!!! It must be satisfying for you making videos of homeless people just to boost your viewing figures.

  10. Hi Brian thanks so much for this video you just walked around all the streets I rode my motor boat for 5 years when  living across the road from Macarthur highway. I really appreciated this video and especially that one you did riding your motorbike down to get that she’s steak sandwich..being an Australian with our  exchange rate down to 30 to 1 it would be hard for me to live there now but I know I could do it but I was forced back to Australia by the Australian government when they took my health card off me because I was in and out of Australia for five years. Angeles City gets in your blood I miss it so much.
      Reference that girl Anna she has been helped so many times and given accommodation but she is a gypsy she is a nomad and it doesn’t matter what you do for her she will always live on the street, that is her life. The manager of envy restaurant gives free breakfast a lot of times each week.. Envy is straight across the road from where she was lying on that concrete slab that is where the guy asked you who you were.
    I am really amazed to see the activity still going on in Macarthur highway especially around that area where you walked in front of that rotisserie chicken place.
     Reference walking Street in the bars people are saying though maybe we’ll never reopen but of course they will Angeles and walking street will rise up again when all this is over. Last year there were around 11000 yes they told us eleven thousand,, girls registered between Macarthur highway and koreatown that is registered to be a bar girl or waitress or work in a entertainment complex. of course not all those girls worked at once but they were registered if they could get a job along there but now over half of them have no money have no food and if they’re lucky have got out of Angeles back to their province and I get messages from some of them everyday begging me for money for food Philippines is on it’s knees. but it will rise up after this is over thanks again for the great video.
     Dave Australia.

  11. Nice to see the wild orchid, my wife’s niece had just started a new job there as a receptionist, when had all this start. They have given her accomodation until back to normal. Of course the has not been allowed to travel back up here ( to Pangasinan) to her family home and two kids, one is only a few months old, she had left her old job at the walkabout, to go home and have her baby ,then ?start at the wild orchid. Thank goodness can at least use social media!! To see her kids and family!

  12. Pinky’s sandwiches are delicious….been friends with Pinky for quite a while….Filipino couple who moved from the US back to the Philippines a while back….great people

  13. The street people enjoy their freedom, they don’t have that in boarding houses. Street people don’t have curfews, I’m almost jealous. Be careful out there buddy, people are starting to get desperate.

  14. Hi brian,
    i have met anna a few times on my many trips to angeles city,
    a lost soul and well known local girl,,sad life for her but typical of so many others
    in this location.
    i cant imagine how anna can survive these days.pity you did not give anna a few pesos
    im sure she would have appreciated it,its good to give to the less fortunate
    its good to sleep at night in a decent bed,,maybe this corona situation will
    wake up the world and people will start to respect each other and help one another,
    at least the blogger did his best to try help her last year,,decent guy,,,not bola bola

    like so many others there..

    cheers ossie

  15. Pinkys is quite small, but has a good range of sausages and other expat favourite foods. Just opposite is RUMPA which used to sell good food before the lockdown.

  16. I realize you didn’t have that long of an interaction, but Anna didn’t seem very mental. At least compared to the homeless one meets here in California. I hope you do a longer interview some day. Where’s she from? Where’s her family? What’s her problem? She speaks English well; does she have much education? Maybe let Lot do the interview.

  17. I wouldn’t say street people have mental issues. To many, that is the only life they have known, and they would have a lot of difficulty adjusting to our way of life, just as we would to their’s. In a way, I envy them, because their life doesn’t have a lot of clutter in it. All of the street people I have seen there, look healthy.

  18. Hi Brian I sent some money to you for the kids by or living under a bridge there. I was wondering if number 1 did you receive the money? And if you have did I miss the video about what happened with the kids thanks. 😎👍🇺🇸

  19. Youre anna looks decent enough for a street person and can answer youre english somehow. Some of the street people i know in the streets of Philippines are not the same as her. They don’t mingle with people all they do is ask for money or something. And she has a healthy body as well😒
    just my thought

  20. Tequila Reef stopped doing takeout almost 2 weeks ago. Anna often sits near insomnia. I give her a few pesos when I see her during the quarantine. Normally she probably makes more than the minimum wage workers.

  21. i see a lot worse than anna there ,thx for walking around there ,i go down those places usually once or twice a month but been stayin home cause it’s too much effort and waste of time with nothin going on down there,btw in johnies they have some good ant poison in powder form ,u can make your own traps mix the poison in with some sugar ,the ants carry it back to their queen and does a pretty effective job of ridding them for awhile

  22. Pinky’s makes a decent pizza too. It has the best American style bacon I have found in Angeles and good sausage. I asked her if she can make a birthday cake for a friend whose birthday is next week so she is checking her supplies.

  23. Hi Brian, Is it possible for you to take a video inside of Johnny’s Supermarket? I am just curious of what it looks like inside now because I used to shopped there back in the late 80’s. I was a housemaid my employers used to lived at sor luisa st. Sta Maria subd just walking distance to Johnny’s. supermarket.

  24. I see her all the time……sometimes she wears a nice dress and seems like her clothes for the most part are clean. I chat with her now and then and give her some pesos for rice. She is pleasant and doesn’t seem to be on drugs. Always asks if I want a massage. She definitely put on some weight in the last year.

  25. I remember 5 years ago when she first started picking up outside philliies on the street opp envy. Real good looker shapely lady seemed sort of innocent in a hard town. There was a guy did try and help her but he lost faith with the whole scene in balibago left back to the states and left her in the hands off the black expat from manila. They tried to help her but she always went back to the street because she is comfortable thete hooking. She has been abused multiple times by phillipine gangs and also groups of 3 or 4 malay indians nationals who feed her alcohol and shabu and deceive her into going with them then gang banging her. She is a real loner who had some bad times with her father and wont go home and the street is all she knows. She has put on lots of weight and lost her good looks but still has a friendly warm demeaner and means nobody bad. Sad story of someone lost. She looks a mess sometimes as you pass her.

  26. Very interesting, but a bit surprised that you did an update on the vlogs that were done by the hated, bloated toothless sewer rat as you called him.

  27. Niagara has been for sale for 8 months the owner is getting on and had enough. Its run down to buggery ripped 20 year old chairs etc the whole inner is a tip but still manages to get a good german crew in once a week as they put on a spread for a fair price laid out on the pool table.
    The crying shame is to see the witch of the female bar. Manager ripping him off for cash from the till in front of us many times and sneaking it into her bag whenever he is not in his chair at the end of the bar. They also eat like horses from the kitchen when he is resting or out just pileing food on for herself and the bar resident whore. Shameful bitches
    Watching them ripping money of whenever we are there is just painful as you cant say anything and he continues to employ them so you dont know the relationship. Wicked thieving staff manager who treats owner with disdain

  28. Hey Brian nice walking around with you like you said take care of yourself and your family …this time it will pass will make it a story for the Next generation pls you Brian…🍻

  29. you did not give any money away to the recluse? why ‘bother’ them then? i thought you were gonna slip a thousand or something from the goodness of your heart of course

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