This morning I had to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things. So while I was out i decided to show you what Angeles City looks like on Good Friday.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. Brian, I hope you Lot Lot and Hannah Grace, and Lot’s brother and everyone there is safe. My wife and family are in Mandaluyong and I’m very concerned about them and all Filipino’s. I’m in Toronto, Canada. I’m grateful for Lot’s Sari Sari Store being open for people to get food, but each day I keep seeing your videos pop up and your out and about. around the city, and I just can’t not say anything anymore. PLEASE GO TO THE STORE, GET MEDS YOU NEED, and other than that STAY HOME. You may not catch this damn virus, you may have already caught it and not gotten sick, but either way you could pass it on to others just by unecessarily going around the city so casually. PLEASE , SO THIS F’n VIRUS WILL LET UP. Do some other kind of videos for youtube and stay home PLEASE. I DON’T WANT THINGS TO GET WORSE THERE FOR ALL FILIPINO’S AND THOSE LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES. THE VIDEOS THAT PEOPLE ARE MAKING FOR THEIR CHANNELS WHERE THEY ARE GOING AROUND TOWN THINKING THEY ARE IMMUNE TO THIS IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF. I HAVE RECENTLY STARTED UNSUBSCRIBING FROM CHANNELS THAT ARE DOING THIS AS THEY ARE SHOWING A COMPLETE LACK OF CARE OR CONCERN FOR ANYONE ELSE. I have made similar statements and requests to other channels before unsubscribing from them. Many of the channels I’ve been subscribed to have been for years, but if they are showing that little care and concern for themselves that’s their choice, but showing that little care and concern for others I just won’t support. I don’t want to unsubscribe, but if that’s what it takes to make the point I will.
    Please Keep Safe, and I hope noone in your circle of family or friends gets infected. Please Stay Home!!!

    1. @Danny Hawn , I wasn’t being hard on Brian at all. My wife and family are in the Philippines and I’m concerned for all Filipinos. I don’t know if you’ve been to the Philippines or not, I myself have an am VERY AWARE of the Normal situation there for most people. Lot Lot having the store is helping people with necessities of food. Brian driving around all over Angeles is not helping the situation, its making a video for his channel. All I’m asking Brian to do is observe the Self Isolation better so that the situation in the Philippines will be over sooner because out of a number of countries in the world, the Philippines is one of the countries that economically can’t take a long isolation period, nor can it take the outbreak to get really bad. The number of death per how many people have been confirmed of infection is fae higher than other countries, like here in Canada, that has surpassed 20, 000, or the USA that I stopped checking when they reached more than 125,000. So, get on me if you want to with digs at me, I don’t fucking care because I’m caring about the whole country of people that since I’ve been in the realationship with my wife and have been to the Philippines 7 times in the last 8 years, have grown to love the culture and people deeply. I was asking Brian to self isolate more to help end this horror sooner. If that’s an issue for you than maybe you need to re evaluate yourself. And, if you notice, Brian actually liked my comment! And I wasn’t giving it to Brian. I care about Brian as much as I care about any Filipino. I also care about the whole world with this situation. And to address any others about HATERS. I’m not a hater in any way in life or towards Brian. If I was a hater, I wouldn’t be a subscriber as I don’t bother wasting my time with negativity and negative energy.

    2. Wow… that was really giving it to Brian!!!
      That was a long dry Run and you didn’t break out tha Vaseline .
      That’s right Brian is helping the people. Not Hurting. You go Brian keep up the good work.. if this guy wants to complain
      Go tell all of that to the government to place all the squatters in clean housing. Thousands and thousands of people in
      Grave disentary conditions. Please lighten up on Brian we all have to gi get food and do things. Doing a great Job Brian keep practicing social distancing

  2. Well brian, im an Americano here in angeles. I dont complain, simply because it would be a waste of my breathe. Secondly, if i dont like the president of the Philippines, or if im not happy with the way things are done here, i can simply go home. Home where i came from. Its real simple. I think its just human nature to complain. Ever noticed how when the weather is hot hot hot, you want it to be cold. When the temperature outside is cold cold cold, you want it to be hot. People are just complainers. Its just human nature.

  3. It’s beautiful over there with the trees on both sides of the road. I’m glad to see some are still left. It’s been in the news in the past that they cut down a whole bunch for the road widening project.

  4. It is amazing how much of the city is visible when fighting the traffic. In my morning walks one can see interesting architecture and amazing plants.

  5. Hey Brian Thanks for the ride nice chat you also thank you for checking out for us good man you are God pls take care always it will pass my friend..๐Ÿป

  6. Yes that 1 little section of road is a one way, they usually have that little yellow fence that was pushed to the side out in that lane to prevent you from going straight, and to force the cars coming the other direction to merge back into the right lane

  7. Hi Brian.. long time no see my Brother.
    I’m stuck in California. My Girlfriend has been waiting for me for 2 1/2 months now in Angeles . This covid19
    Needs to burn in hell. Can’t wait to get back there. I will stop by the Store and say hi to you All. God speed

  8. Well i heard what you said about people complaining yes they will do. but i have to say Rodrigo done the rite thing. has he had deaths there like we have here in the uk. we are suppose to be well off and the us. look at new York. do i have to spell it out. well done Rodrigo that’s all i can say is not rocket science guys .

  9. Brian Philippines is not a third world country anymore, I think it was in 2013 it became the industrial country. And for those who are negative, the US is on the road to recovery, but still the world’s most criminal industrial country, Mexico, not talking about Free Drugs Canada, I just mention all of Europe is Fuck up in total. Don’t think so much about those who criticize Brian, most of them are criminals in some way. I live up to the motto kill the criminal save the kids. A great salute for Durterte, Putin and Trump.

    1. Jer F Then you probably have to study some more about economics and growth as well. PS Philippines is a Free Country so you are free to never come back there. There are certainly many who are possibly happy about it. Wishing you a Great trip outside the Philippines. But remember More fun in Philippines.

  10. I think the Philippine must be doing something right look at the total infected there to here in the UK, where we have over 65,000 infected and as of April 9 was just under 8,000 dead from it and will pass that today April 10.
    My friends there live in the Hensonville area, I should have been visiting there June/July but have had to put off my time there.
    It must be hard for so many there this week being HOLY WEEK and not being able to go to church or all the other things that normally go on over the Easter week
    All of you there take care stay safe and keep up the great videos

    1. @Jer F I understand the numbers tested here and there, but he low number of those dying here now just short of 9,000 here and 221 there, so the lockdown with PNP and military on the streets do work, here we are asked not to go out unless we really have to, and far to many idiots think they know better and ignore what is asked of them. I can see the UK under lockdown far longer than the Philippines

    2. Steve Bryce-Grant itโ€™s because Philippines has not tested as many people as other countries. More people you test more positive cases you will have .

  11. ………thanks again fer another good motovlog Brian…….thanks also fer staying positive man…….
    ……..oh and again *HAPPY BIRTHDAY HG* …….. take care guys……. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. What makes these riding POV vlogs is that it’s like a virtual tour.. wanna be there but cannot.. next best thing!! Thanks for connecting and stay safe!!

  13. Thanks for the video and seeing Angeles City during lockdown. The sky is bluer, really a nice day for a ride. I always watch your videos. Your doing a great job and keep it up. God bless sir.

  14. I always say I don’t care what religion others practice as long as it causes no harm to others…I’m an agnostic…my definition : (I was raised Lutheran) is that I’d like to believe in a supreme being………it just hasn’t been proven to me. I do the difference between right and wrong. ..that’s gotta mean something ‘eh. Oh, and I don’t like anyone trying to push their religion on me. There..off my soap box ‘eh. Everyone…….be safe, don’t go out if you don’t ‘have to’. If you do, be safe……..wear a mask, stay 6′ minimum from others, and wash your hands!…………peace

  15. If you are thinking about living in the Philippines the first thing is to realize is that the Philippines is never going to change for you. You have little to no rights there and are not going to gain any new ones anytime soon)))) So just sit back and relax and enjoy the parts of life that are enjoyable there and shrug off the rest.

  16. The biggest misperception of the meaning of โ€œThird of countryโ€. Look it up and youโ€™ll be surprised what it really means. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  17. Saw a Harley chopper yesterday in Las Vegas. Had 3 packs of toilet paper strapped to sissy bar. Brave dude to flaunt his wealth like that.

  18. Beautiful day for a ride. Enjoy the conversation, it keeps the video from becoming boring and is informative. Hope you were able to get the things you needed. Thanks for another nice ride.

  19. Like the scenic ride, however too much wind noise, couldn’t understand what you were saying sometimes. Happy Easter to you and your family. Take care and stay well. Pottsville PA.

  20. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter too. Take care too. Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday. Attend church online please.


  22. Thanks for the video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ take care of yourself. I ride with a Yamaha Aerox 155. About the same thing as your NMAX.

    Today in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan Province we had a good old fashioned afternoon downpour for a solid hour. Reminded me of the Florida Keys ๐Ÿ˜† up until recently it’s been bone dry.

  23. Its a different way of thinking there, a different thought process, a different culture. Little by little, very slowly things get better there or at least progress every few years. My gf lives in Mindanao, they have not received any help yet, luckily I sent her money and they bought a sack of rice (50 kg) and some groceries to last them a month or two, just 3 in her house. I think everything will start easing up by june. I’m planning to come there in July.

    1. Same here, a lot of people donโ€™t understand the Philipino mentality. Iโ€™m married to a Philipino and my wife and I own a house together. Itโ€™s hard for them I. The best of times but, itโ€™s even more important to send what I can now.

  24. Dude, you need to STAY HOME. If not for yourself, the for the poor who will not be able to afford to get sick. They are being asked to stay home and they see an American disregard that order. Whatโ€™s to keep them from thinking, I can do that to.

    1. I think it’s a fair point. Cruising around is unnecessary travelling. I suspect the local hospital is preparing for a worst case scenario, they won’t want to be dealing with RTA’s. That said I don’t know what the current lockdown rules are for travelling around AC, if no rules are being broken I would expect that to change in any extended lockdown.

  25. Shut up Brian is fine by going out and wonโ€™t harm anyone.you people are probly the same ones that worship big Gov and wear the same gloves for 3days touching your wallets,keys,steer wheel.and everything else you see.stupid people are dangerous mob mentality

  26. Thank you for the motor vlog & your thoughts. You show things for how they are in PI. Haters will be haters. Just keep doing what you are doing. Stay safe and healthy.

  27. When I was growing up,the roads on Good Friday were deserted like it is now .People just stayed in their homes or churches .All merchants ,factories etc were closed and literally all Filipinos were Catholic ,then .Right now ,the situation is like Good Friday, everyday! We really need an “Easter” fast .Couldn’t wait for that day to come!

  28. Yep i keep my nose and my opinions to myself about the politics and the government over there. I lived there my wife is from there and i might want to go back one day and your right thats their buisness and i was just a visiter.

  29. Lol like in america this is the perfect time for them to finish all the road work and construction. Those construction sites practice social distancing in normal times

  30. I used to live around there near Friendship gate when my stepfather was in the Air Force and stationed at Clark afb. Looks much cleaner off base now though. Your motorcycle rides makes me feel like I’m right there riding with so thank you for that ride.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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