High Tide Water Depth Test At The Shrimp Pond

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  1. I feel sorry but this is my opinion because my father have ponds too Sir Brian, if you bought that pond and made an improvement you won’t regret putting money to developed the pond but if you only lease and spent a lot of money improving the pond you lose already…the owner are happy for the improvement of his pond.. Thanks

  2. IF, you ever decided to dig it out, with all the bioactivity that’s been going on there for the last 10 years+, it would make some super topsoil back at the farm.

  3. Hi Brian and Jay good morning ya for now just take your gas water pump and fill it up see what you can do with the pond first and go from there and if you got to dig mud out just dig out the high spots of mud in the middle of the pond first later great videos as always God bless you always keep me posted on things ok I’m always here watching have a great day Brian

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