Helping a young father flying a kite. Saigon.

Saw a kid playing amongst rubbish. She was using sand, broken glass and debris as some kids would use Lego. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.
But had to donate a few bucks since the guy was creating some beauty by flying his kite.
Shout out to Timothy Armstrong.


    1. @Legends – Doesn’t matter, he’s like family you hear from regularly, and then don’t, so you worry and wonder if all is well.

  1. I can’t understand how anyone could or would give you a thumbs down for this, or any of your videos. Keep up the great work helping those that are much less fortunate but continue to live happy lives. Cheers. 🙏🏻

    1. @Pete Camacho it ok that u think abt good but if was cheated sometimes ,ppl wont trust the life anymore.Any ,carefulness is also good,everything has both sides good and bad.take care.

  2. Thank you for the honest work you do to enlighten the world about the struggles of others. It is a wholesome way to walk your journey.

  3. You should have held the kite a little away from the launching pad to enable the poor guy to get a proper life off. Further, you hold the kite from the point of launch, the chances are great it gets enough wind to get airborne.

  4. Must be nice to be able to purchase pre-made kites nowadays. Back in the 80’s, we had to make kites out of paper, bamboo sticks, and used mashed up rice as glue 😭😭😭. Fantastic job Troy.

  5. anyone have had the time time fly a kite lately?its sooooo relaxing,flying the kite maintaining it in the air and i guess since it windy you also feel relaxed,do it as a grown up i bet you need it

  6. Precious Kid , telling how she fell there while playing 🙂 , but always sad to see kids under poverty ! Harsh reality of our world. Thanks Troy ! for that help.

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