Helping a humble woman in Hanoi.

Interview with a tired ticket vendor in the capital of Vietnam.



  1. It seems you are more comfortable buying tickets than just giving someone money. I would guess she would have been uncomfortable with a donation. Not an easy life for her but she seems to be doing the best she can.

  2. Troy! A suggestion if I may, you should really brush up on The way you addressing older people. You know how important that is in Vietnam, the way you talk right now sounds super disrespectful to older folks.

    You’re a smart guy, quit using your broken Vietnamese as an excuse, just trying to help your channel to become more enjoyable to watch, thanks for all your good work!

  3. Apparently in Vietnam, the sidewalks are not for pedestrians to walk on . It’s use for motorcycle and scooter parking and street vendors. And even some roads are filled with vendors instead of cars.

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