Helping 65 y.o. woman with net worth of $0.65 cents.

Thanks to Dylan Fahey. 2.5 million vnd donation.
Hanoi Vietnam.



  1. Thank you Dylan and Troy, no better cause than this.

    Troy could you find out how much it costs them to stay at the kidney facility please?

  2. Giving to older, medically challenged folks is more sound charity. She was very appreciative. Keep up the good work and continue to avoid giving to ingrates and scammers. “Got to give where the giving is good”. Awesome work in the North.

  3. Awkward or not, you did a fine job from what I could see. I appreciate the effort you put in, the time you take with people is priceless. Thank you.

  4. Troy, my name is Chris Thoi..I will send you the money to help anyone you since fit… Thx U for a great job. God Bless You. Be safe

  5. Troy please read, your on the right path 🙏🏻 but you need to refine a few things, you have a nervous twitch of laughing, the lady is telling you it’s very hard and you laughed at her 🤦🏻‍♂️ dude just settle down and tell them up front you want to help them so they don’t think your a weirdo…

  6. Good one Troy and Dylan. It always amazes me how the Viet people have such passive faces after being handed more cash than they’ve ever seen, totally out of the blue. Maybe we in the west are a bunch of over-actors. They also seen very relaxed just holding the money openly. I guarantee every westerner would break out into a hive of fidgety nervousness and try to conceal it as quickly as possible.

  7. Thanks Dylan for the donation. Sick / elderly people should not be working but this lady has no choice… I feel sad hearing her story, but at least you gave her some comfort! Thanks dude.

  8. Great going mate. I hope the money I sent you will go to someone at some point. I would be more than happy to give all the money to the ladies at the dialysis village. They really need it. My name is Mark Andrew Horan from Denmark. 🙂

  9. I think this should be the new selection criteria. She is really down and out. Can’t believe there are no charitable organizations to help out these poor souls.

  10. 04:25 “the government gives us one bitcoin monthly stipend. One bitcoin.” – as of me typing this, 1BTC = ~$8,900 USD. she ballin’!

  11. Awh what a sweet soul ❤❤ thank you so much for helping her out Troy and Dylan. It makes me so sad that she doesn’t have any family, nobody to check on her. 💔

  12. Another great deed done! My hero! Thanks to Dylan and you, Troy. This lady sure is a sad case. When one have no one around when one is old and sick, is really sad indeed. 👍👍👍

  13. Once again excellent work! Where are her brothers?! Sad to hear she’s the one that took care of her parents and now ends up in this position. Will send more money when I can

  14. That was wonderful! Thanks for the great video! She was very happy! You and donors have definitely improved the quality of her life for a bit. YaY! 🥳👍

  15. That was an especially touching interaction, Troy! I wish her well and Thank You for what you and all who support you… do!

  16. Why? Someone tell me why people need kidney dialysis? Poor nutrition for too many years? Or taking some pharmaceutical drugs causes it?

  17. For the people to know, the Naturals from Vietnam up or down use to talk that way, it’s in their language form to laugh when talking or having a conversation with others.
    IT’S NOT a bad Habit, is a natural way of the Vietnamese men.
    If someone know better than me, please clarify this point and to others. Thank you!

  18. Dylan’s heart is as big as yours, Troy. Thanks to the both of you. That little lady deserved help, unlike the other grandmother that has tried to take advantage of you. There are bad people in every country of the world, and there are those who will try to take the money if they know she has it. I hope she has a safe place for it.

  19. Troy had been duped. There is a vietnamese saying: “Never Trust a Northerner”
    8:50 Look carefully, she wears a pearl necklace. Hardly believable for someone who said her whole asset is only 15k VND in a plastic bag.

  20. Thank you Dylan, donors and Troy. It is mean a lot to this woman. Base on her story. She had not hold this large amount of money for long time. Did not have a bowl of hot noodle for two months (so sad). She will get better after your help. God bless to all of you and your families.

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