Help for elderly war vet stuck on Saigon streets.

Thanks to Tracy & Tom Dang.

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    1. @Donald Frapwell Just so you know, the VCs have alot of child soldiers in their ranks too. A 10 year old VC boy toting an AKM is not a strange sight to Marine Vets. Hell, they even have children as suicide bombers. My dad is a Marine in ‘Nam and he have seen a young girl wearing an Vietnamese Ao Dai dress around the age of 15, getting off a truck, ran into a bar frequented by American soldiers and blows herself up, taking 10 soldiers with her.

    2. @ODDBALL SOK Viet-Congs can range anywhere between 10-15 years old, young girls, women and elderly ladies. Yeah they were determined to save their land and they won!

    3. @Donald Frapwell do the calcs; for a young VC soldier in .latter stages of war, you had to be 18 in 1974..born 1956 at latest. So that makes it juuuust 64 in 2020.
      So yeah,… at least he LIVED through the mayhem as a civilian…that was no cakewalk either..

    4. @Peter Ma Just out of curiosity, is it possible to be 66 in Vietnam and not be a war vet? It seems to be one of those things where not participating was not an option for the average young man.

    1. @matty d and still 44,000 people died, 46 million infected but not a word from M S M main strm media. 80,000 died last year and no one said anything. Notice no number of the number of tested cases because that data set is significant, what data is being hidden? Also, the infected cases of ppl that have a runny nose, sneeze or dry cough dont go to the doctor and get tested.

    2. @matty d such a robot, 99.2% of death cases had respiratory and preexisting conditions, tell me they would have lived if it was the flu

    3. one thing is to be careful and another to turn into a crazy germophobe. Just wash your hand people and dont touch your face, you will be fine. No one in the west is even using facemasks and that is worst than shaking some random hand.

    4. @LenNay flu they have a vaccine, Coronavirus they do not. and another thing, I wouldn’t believe China’s infection/ death rates to save my own life

  1. That lady said she was going home after u gave her it. Why she still roaming the streets ?? Didn’t she learn her lesson first time??

    1. Come on bro; she has to make a living and she feels useful when she works. If she sits, she will feel like she has no purpose. Go easy on her bro.

    1. @Playing In The Road Some of my Vietnam travels I did with a friend who was from Peru . I can’t say if we were ever overcharged … but when a hotel room is only 20 $ Canadian with full breakfast for 2 and free cocktails ( a pitcher ) in the evening , I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. lol. ( Hoi An )
      A child did try to pick my pocket in Hue but I stopped him , then saw his keeper ( parent? ) nearby. I gave shit to him , but he just grimed at me .
      Its safe to say , we saw good and bad

    2. @Ruby Lace I hear you. A former friend of mine asked for some money once. He had just spent over 375 $ on one of his tattoos . Needless to say i didn’t give him the money… He stopped talking to me after that.

    3. @ethics3 yep I’ve worked with so many people who make the same as me but could never save because they spent all their money on their car, tattoos, smoking, fast food etc

    4. @ethics3 I’ve been twice, both times with my wife. We mainly stayed around saigon, but did visit Da Nang & Hoi An for a couple days. Aside from us being charged higher than normal prices, it was all a positive experience. Troy seems to have a bit of disdain for the slums, but those are the places that I had the best experiences. My wife is from District 8 (“the ghetto” as some of my Viet friends call it) and lived on a main street named Phạm Thế Hiển. Being white with a shaved head and a beard and wearing cowboy boots really made me stand out there, especially when I walked alone. But it amazed me that so many seemingly poor people on the streets called for my attention and invited me to sit with them. Some offered coffee, others offered beer, and some even invited me to eat with them. Children approached me and used the opportunity to practice English. There’s a lot to be said about just how gracious these people can be, but I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Troy can you do a video on how Vietnam has changed over the last few decades. In the west, we only hear the negative and nothing since Vietnam, 45 years ago.

    1. @ethics3 Some real conservative contributions to the human race the past 19 years. Afghanistan war 2001 to present. 4400+ deaths and counting. Total cost $56 Billion. Iraq war 2003 to present. 2440 deaths and counting. Total cost $6 Trillion. All for Nonexistent WMD. 2008-2009 financial collapse. All brought to you by the GW Bush administration. Traitor trump trade wars did NOTHING to help the US, in fact it probably led to shortages of needed medical equipment and supplies. 2020 Financial collapse and the loss of BILLIONS of $$$$ of working peoples 401K’s. It will probably take years to recover. Traitor trump ignores warnings of COVID-19, results in millions of people losing their job and businesses being shuttered. not to mention the deaths and illness. Hospitals and healthcare workers may never recover. A Democrat will have to come in and fix everything like Obama did in 2009.

    2. @TeddyJak Eddy I really don’t care weather you agree with me or not Teddy.
      Everyone walks a different road in life and as such , have different information bases to draw on . I could write volumes and volumes of the terrible things Liberals have perpetrated on the world , but you , as a liberal , would simply ignore it …. or , as I have witnesses countless times , be quite proud of it ..
      You in fact showed your own bias right in your statement / question to me .
      You ” were agreeing with me ” until you read that I was a conservative .
      Think about that…
      For you the source is more important than the information itself..
      So if a conservative tell you that drugs are bad , that means nothing to you , yet if a Liberal says it , then you take it as gospel .. Opps. Sorry . I didn’t mean to use a word offensive to Liberals .
      If you want one clear example of the evils of Liberals , just look at the current COVID pandemic… Something I have been pointing out for 1 1/2 months.. Canada had a definite part in it when they shipped samples of EBOLA and other viruses to WUHAN china. . It took 1 1/2 months for the REBEL media to clue in to this . Ohh.. Bye the way. Canada is run by a VERY Liberal government . Anyways , its already clear your not going to absorb this . ( no offence) so ill wish all the best .

    3. @ethics3 I was agreeing until you brought politics into it. Do you blame “Liberals” for everything you disagree with in the world?

    4. I don’t know what reality you live in LenNay , because I live in the “west” and haven’t heard anything negative about Vietnam .
      About the only thing I have seen are some nice documentaries depicting the lovely sights and place one can visit in that country .
      Its what made me visit and tour a lot of the South of VN 10 years ago.
      Its seems you only wish to perpetrate a victim mentality that is so prevalent in Liberals these days .
      But , hell.. I could be wrong. Send some links backing up where you are coming from on this issue .

    5. I don’t know what west you live in, but Google and YouTube have allowed anyone to find almost any information they want on any country.

  3. ….mucho amor for the Dang Clan; as for you Troy, at the rate that you are ratting around those trenches like a good soldier, we may have to assign you a second angel. Stay cool Bro’😎 y cuídate mucho!

  4. Kiss the guy dude, the guy hasnt been kissed in a long time. Dont worry about the virus since most people, about 83%, that catch it get minor cases and dont even get tested. The flu killed 44,000 people already this season, much more deadly since people dont take any precautions. Media fearmongering only tells you how many ppl have it versus how many ppl tested, number of infected is in the millions but so if the flu, flu infected about 45 million people with 44,000 deaths.

  5. With 2 bottles of Just For Men hair dye, that guy could be turned into a Steve Tyler lookalike. Speaking of musicians, does anyone else feel compelled to take that saxiflute out of the white guy’s hands and John Belushi it into the sidewalk ? You already found the crazy one…the tall woman who lost her cash.

    1. @RJ M .. you might be right if he was a vet during that time. the viet soldiers steamrolled the pol pot army and toppled that regime pretty quickly. Pol Pot killed a lot of chinese -vietnamese and chinese-cambodian in that war. Guess who was behind and supported Pol Pot during that time. China.

    1. Kellyr95

      Virologists from taiwan n japan research on covid genome architype, its origin is usa. As some critics said us deep state biowar on china. And, its a us patent.

    2. kellyr95 That’s a anti-China YT channel fund by Falun Gong Cult..same a Fox News…watch TED instead if you wants to know facts opposes to propaganda

    3. @stepsvideos . Ok. I remember that. Time for me to put on my mask 😷 and go to work. I am not a very religious person, but I wish that I had a few drops of holy water to put on my head.

    1. War ended in 1975, 45 years ago. At age seventeen to twenty, maybe he was a professional tennis player on the European circuit, or maybe he was in Vietnam with shit going off in every direction.

    1. I’m a cabbie. Sometimes people share their stories with us. It gets it off their chest and maybe get a laugh out of it too.

  6. Troy , you’re in the wrong area to find nut jobs. Go knock on the door of the CCP in China. Or the door to Congress in America. Or Hollywood. Or Angela Merckel in Germany. Or so many others. 🙂

  7. Troy made up the ‘war vet’ part (maybe he resembles Uncle Ho?). He only said his age, how much he makes, his children scattered about, etc.

    1. @Nono Buddie dude the were fking enlisted! Unless you were rich and your doctor said you had bone spurs or you were an aristocrat NV …you are gonna war!

    2. If no dumb soldier joined thier be no wars started, as most who join lacks of or with no morals, still guilty by associations, …fooled by warring greedy elites in power.

  8. Sorry troy at 56 yrs he could not of been a war vet , he would of been about 9/10 yrs old during the war, although there was some children fighting during the war ! but not many !

    1. @Miller Time What’s the difference between the North and the South anyway? The South’s president is corrupted, acts like a dictator and is just a puppet of the US. The North’s HCM is a brutal dictator. No difference. Might as well fought for the North and gain independance.

  9. I think about those war vets I’ve met. Wondering what became of them. Le-Hoang Cung. Still have his ID tag 68/116768. That’s the thing about war,
    they want you and when it is all over, they throw you out.

  10. LMAO LMAO. “Do you know how to use money?” LOL LOL LOL WTF? “I am half black so I cut my kids loose” Damn, that’s racist. I see you like to pre-judge and discriminate against some types of people whom you don’t think fit into your idea of how people should be. Like thinking all beggars are scammers and should be working. I agree, there are a lot of those. But some times you just have to take a leap of faith and feel with your soul and not think with your brain.

  11. The gesture that Troy shaked this old man’s hand is to show Troy’s respect the elderly people, also Troy doesn’t look down on poor, dirty beggar. Well done Troy.

  12. There are probably two billion people on earth that desperately need some money – any amount. At the same time, countries spend $hundreds of billions on nuclear weapons. That’s why Toyota Virus is threatening the earth. Too much inequality.

  13. Im part black so cut my kids loose ……..????? Your “comedy” side jokes are just stupid. Good intentions, dick head jokes . Mate play it straight as you do good work .

    1. @Toq q no he translate and wrote ” im black so i cut them loose” when troy asked him if he had kids, what he really said is that they are far apart in different places. im also viet, all im saying is troy needs to stop adding racial humor thinking hes funny

  14. Living in Vietnam is considered Free only if you follow the flow of laws but if you speak against it and the country, you can be put in jail with no trial. This is the difference between Australia and VN.

    1. Troy keep your passport in case you need to go back to Australia, you has done a lot for your people , I admire you! Do not get brainwash by the Communists , they dump you like trash once you are no longer useful to them.

  15. Fuck this channel. Viet people DONT SUPPORT THIS
    This guy is a RACIST HOMOPHOBE

    He commonly make racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and fat shaming comments on this channel all the time. You hate on Sudanese, you speak negatively on gay marriage, you call the bigger girl in your videos “fattie”, and then publicly shame the same poor people you claim to help. Have you looked in the mirror? Cause you’re about the most busted Asian dude of all time. Get over yourself and stop acting like you are better than EVERYONE. You look like a low level free COD skin

  16. I drive scooter daily for 27 years now in the capitol where Iive ;Never an accident.. When I see traffic there; I get paranoia after 20 seconds.. They drive like they don’t give a phuoc/fock.

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