Hello Everyone…Take 2

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  1. Focus on your family and realize that YouTube is a crap shoot of every type of person and of every maturity level- just grateful for your insights on farming in Philippines with a bi- cultural marriage- keep on trucking

  2. Excellent idea to delete and block. Gutter mouth, lazy and jealous trolls will have to go back to Google and create a new trolling account. Again delete and block. Wonder what kind of education their kids got growing up with nonstop profanities.

  3. Oh Brian and Maricel there’s so much of us love you guys so don’t let anyone upsets you…. God bless you both and specially little Charlie.

  4. Brian bro…for a farmer.. You stay up wayyyyy too late! 😂👍 Stay well Brian and Maricel and of course baby Charlie 💟👶🏼💪

  5. I am 68 yrs. old, traveled all around southeast Asia for 35 yrs, sang i Rock bands for about the same…,There are a lot of dwebs out there, just pay them no mind, all the good does come out!!!! For good people!!!!

  6. Greetings from California…. now that your vlog is well-established , you’ve effectively become a big target and the trolls are coming out of the woodwork! I’ve seen many expats like you praised at first to the high heavens and then torn down with the pettiest of comments and criticisms just because you’ve been sent small gifts, balikbayan-box-stuff and goodies-with-unseen-strings-attached. Just as an observation, what’s happening to you is bound to happen (and has happened time and again) to other Philippine expats whose YouTube life exploits are openly viewed worldwide. I’m glad you’ve recognized that vloggers with patreon accounts , fundraising appeals and open-gift-receiving-soliciting are frequently labeled as e-beggars, freeloaders (no matter how noble the original vlog intentions); a few of your fellow expat “pioneer-vloggers” have been/or are being currently assaulted and accused by fellow-vloggers of various unsavory deeds ranging from tax-evasion to borderline pedophilia. This is such a sad state of affairs that illustrates both the strengths and pitfalls of maintaining one’s own Youtube channel. Brian, you , your family and your life are obviously well-liked by lots of viewers. Don’t let a few of the disgruntled, envious and manipulative Sunday-school friends deter you from living a good life. Live well and prosper, Mr. Foreigner Farmer!

  7. People with no social skills are the culprit. Don’t let them get to you Brain. I talk back to the people that leave idiot comments about you and your channel. Sometimes I can’t put into words what I wanna say. But I will support your channel anyway I can. 🙂😀

  8. But I see how she wants to be noticed on how much she sends there.your so right on that.i enjoy your videos and maricel,Jay jhen,Ruthie all of you Philip gracey too God bless you all

  9. And Brian I see that with her also.it was Lester that said that on video about the letter that maricel needed the letter more.its in video go back watch videos

  10. On the missing envelope… I saw someone take the envelope out of the box, show it to the camera and then hand it to someone. The next word on your video is…. “money”. So whoever received the letter could tell there was money in the envelope.

  11. Damn, I’m real sorry I missed this live stream…..I’ll mention no names as the libel laws here are extremely broad and my ex wife has already cleaned my pockets out once…lol…not going to give some boggin the opportunity to try to do likewise….but one of your ex subs/donators was ALWAYS a “know all” and he and I ran across each other at regular intervals, while his generosity was admirable, he’s a control freak who demands this and demands that….very very very weird guy IMHO!!!!!! I’ve been involved in business my whole adult life and I pride myself in having the ability to “size someone up” pretty quickly and accurately; it’s necessary in business to do this each and every time you form a new relationship with anyone you’re dealing with, I trust my instincts and am rarely wrong, Brian is NOT perfect, but he’s not a cheat or liar and I would take one of him over 10 of those other self righteous fools any day of the week…..keep on truckin!

  12. Yes, I watch other channels you’re talking about and how childish people can be. I just take it for entertainment but some of the digs that other people do get old. All I know is baby Charlie is the cutest baby on YouTube. 🤪💕

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