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  1. Hi Brian… I ve watched you for about two years… love the content and am so happy for you guys on the birth of Charlie… never commmented before… but… please disassociate yourself from another vlogger u guys got close to recently…. that’s all… wishing you guys all the best !! 👍

  2. Tensions are high here in some states and cities. It’s very disheartening. Many people are worried about civil war. Gun stores are empty. Hard to find bullets etc . Very tense indeed

  3. Here in Chicago area .yes limited hours to buy booze. Bars that closed at 4 am now close 11pm . Like marital law . Dont like this curfew etc .taking rights away

  4. Brain !!!! Alert …..ALERT……. check it out in a hurry Etching’s Life be very careful who you are keeping company with simple because if you are there ,you too will go along for the ride ….. a concern subscriber

  5. Brian the Andy guy talks shit about everyone on his channel including you – he had built a channel on trashing YouTube people he is a sad person

  6. Here it comes and goes too. I’m using satellite out here. Oh yes, women can cause some scary sitiations I’m glad you are all safe but, I know you are really needing some rain there.

  7. hey brian, are you using a globe modem? if you are i can tell you from bitter experience they are crap, we now use pldt home wifi, and the difference is night and day, its only pay as you go but we get between 10 and 15 mbps constantly, we were getting less than 1 before on globe, hope this helps, the price is between 1500 to 2k pesos

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