Having The Steering Adjusted On The White Van

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  1. Hi, I would like to introduce myself I am John Carson currently In southern CA my wife Irene is at our farm in Pilar and I am hoping to rejoin her as soon as get some surgeries and get rid of things here, Hopefully, I will be able to get there this coming March/April I wish it were sooner I am going to get an SRRVisa. In December we will have been married for 2 years. We have quite an age disparity I am 86 and Irene is 20. I would like to become acquainted with other ex-pats on Bohol. my email is jc99x9@gmail.com, 1+714926-1144 we talk to one another twice a day on Whatsapp. I have enjoyed watching your videos.

  2. Well it’s nice to see the pig market is alive and well, you where able to move a lot of pig’s in a very short time, maybe not for the price you wanted to get but the market is still strong and active. I think you should of just sold new borns just off he mother’s milk to other pig farmers, or do what most do and make deals with local businesses to pick up their slop and use it for feed, then not sit on those pigs when they come to size which put you in the red. I mean look, you could of stream lined the food and time thing and been moving pig’s for some profit the whole time. I know the price of pork in the stores have changed very little over the year’s, same with the price of purchasing whole pigs, I mean sure it’s gone up and down just like everything does but not to some huge extreme. Maybe you became to attached to them and looked at them more as pets at some point? Anyways, glad to see you got away from that nightmare, good luck.

  3. What u said u r very strong guy : No way you are Weak ur Tatay more strong than u i can see his muscle u have no muscle u strong to eat only. lol ARIGATO

  4. I think you need to change your car with pick up truck like Isuzu D-Max or Ford Ranger go-ahead now inquire they have promo 0 zero downpayment

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