Having Income in the Philippines; When Expats Go Down & Out

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  1. Great advice. I’ve seen it first hand in Thailand. The story is most always the same. A guy trust a bar girl enough to put all his assets in her name due to ownership laws and than he gets kicked out of his house.I see those homeless guys every time I visit. 

  2. Six months of the year on the island of Luzon (November to April) is the best. Another six months in Visayas (May to October). That is if you want to avoid the monsoon season and occasional typhoons. 🙂

  3. If your broke, and want to return to your home country; example like going back to the US. I would ask family to wire money to buy food on the plane ride on the way back. But have the Immigration Dept. of the Philippines deport me back to the US for overstaying on a expired visa.

    1. +Kaboom Coba It is not like being deported from the US. In fact they won’t let you leave until your overstay fees are paid. I know of one foreigner who was locked up for 5 years before they got tired of feeding him spoiled rice and let him go without paying his fines. Keep us informed how it goes for you.

  4. Im catching up on your videos, and this one got my curiosity. How much would you say a person should average monthly for a “comfortable” life; and some extra perks too?

    1. @boatswainsm8 as a single person, to live comfortably with some ‘perks’, about $1,300. for a couple, not much more. but for a family of four figure more than $2,100 or so.

  5. Hey man, I am a filipino-american.  I grew up in los angeles.  I am also planning on living in the philippines in the future.  I live in australia for now.  It would be nice to collaborate for some ideas on an investment, seeing as you live in dumaguete and my mom is retiring in bacolod city which is a couple of hours away on a bus.  I would like to hear your thoughts on a good investment and I am glad to meet a fellow californian. my email is parreno76@gmail.com

    1. +Josef Parreno Hey Josef I would like to collaborate with you. I plan to go to Dumaguete either later this year (2016) or early next year. Give me your email. Thank you.

    1. @Richard Carraway each day the exchange rate (dollars to pesos) is shown online and in the banks. the money exchangers use that as a reference and charge a little extra to make a profit. (usually a few pesos to the dollar) when i arrived 2 years ago, it was about 43 pesos to the dollar. currently it’s been around 45p to the $1usd.

  6. 9:38 “I hear it’s even worse out in Thailand”. There was a European, Irish I think, in Nong Khai wearing nothing but an orange jump suit with a number across his ass – I think from a prison. He had no shoes and was laying on the sidewalk as his “bed”. I can think of few situations more uncomfortable and more desperate: 40 degrees, 100% humidity, totally dehydrated, starving with the soi dogs bugging you.

  7. Hi Henry. I liked your input on your video. I have a question about income taxes. When you become a Filipino citizen and your income is coming from United States. Do you have to track what you bring in for tax purpose. Do Philipines have taxes there? Thanks!

  8. very good video to bad for ted
    however this same story can be told in the USA also
    start small and working you way up
    start big and go down fast
    I am very luck I have income for the rest of me life
    Richard in the tropics

  9. I’m thinking about moving to the Phillippines in a year or so, I’ll have a “pile” of money for my retirement, watching this video makes me a little nervous if I have enough.  Unfortunately I have no pension, just cash saved and SS in about 10 yrs.   I’ll have around 400K invested and 200K in retirement accounts.  Not exactly Bill Gates but I feel a solid amount of money. My investment are yielding around 800 per month right now.  Yes, I know people will say with 400K I should be doing better but I’m not interested in risk so am being very conservative with my investments.  I’m thinking living overseas I can live off my yield and not tap into my principal. Couldn’t do that in the US., I’ll have to accept more risk to get a higher investment.  I do consider myself to be sensible with money and don’t plan on blowing it on the first pretty face I encounter but after listening to your commentary I’m a little nervous I’ll find myself spending more than I intend.  Is it really that enticing? As always, good video.

    1. You will be fine. You are more well off than 99 percent of the people that move to the phillipines. Maybe look to get a slightly higher yield on your money and then move. You will be more than fine with those amounts.

  10. Yet another great and very useful video!
    To piggy-back onto this topic, I’d like to offer a little further advice.
    If you’re a “Ted” and plan to come to the Philippines with a chunk of money, no residual income and think that you can work online to make money later–please follow this advice.
    1. As mentioned in the video, you cannot rely on an unknown!
    2. If you have an idea for online work to bring in steady income after the lump sum is gone, then start doing it BEFORE heading to the PI.
    3. By already getting that online income running before going to the PI, you’re really accomplishing two things.
    –You’re setting it up and making sure it works.
    –You’re already building a client base and getting into the black. When that lump sum runs out, your online residual is already flowing.

    I really hope this helps!

  11. hey..hello there . . this is EXACTLY the situation im kinda in right now. . . I have money . .BUT… I need income to stay there… ive been before and coming again soon . . I do have a business idea….but im very apprehensive…..anyhow..nice to “meet you”

  12. people that are thinking of retiring overseas (I will be doing it soon), you need to start building income now!  Don’t just go there with a lump sum.  Your money is not working for you.  It is not earning anything. All you will do is spend it down, and usually faster than you optimistically planned or budgeted.   Invest now for income.  Buy dividend paying stocks, some bonds, some bond funds, bond ETFs etc.  It is amazing to me how little people know about investments.  I currently get $ 45,000 a year on my dividends and interest, and I get my social security starting in 4 years on top of that.

    1. +gk10002000 Hi, wise words and you have your head screwed on.
      I already get an occupational pension, just over £10,000 a year, this will pay for my day to day living in the Philippines, I have a modest portfolio of shares, which currently pays about £7,000 a year in dividends. There will be annual modest rises to my pension, but hopefully the dividends will rise at a faster rate. The dividends are there to pay for flights around South East Asia and to save for emergency’s. I am 57 and once I reach 66 my UK state pension will kick in its about £7000 a year.
      Your $45K will give you a great life in the Philippines…without an income living abroad means that your savings will eventually run out

  13. The Welfare State: Section 8 housing (Free), government check, and food stamps. Yes, you can also come back to Uncle Sam but most countries don’t have a Welfare State system.

  14. temptation here and there at the cheapest level. you’ll never know you’re broke till you are dead broke. it takes 50 years to come up with a stupid plan and get broke in the philippines. lol.

  15. Did you know that to retire legally in Mexico you now have to prove you have an income of $1,800 a month. The problem is that the average SS recipient gets $1200. That means they have eliminated all but the top earners.

  16. 7 Retards disliked your video man.
    To me, you said it very well “The reality of life” in my country. That’s why I’m working abroad. I would love to live there for the rest of my life but it’s just that there is no money there because of these corrupt politicians charging enormous taxes on everything and you see no result from it but their gorgeous luxurious cars and houses.

    1. @International Director I work abroad and I sometime do have “side lines” when I get home and to be able to reach the amount of my income here in abroad compared to what I could have if I’m in my own country “Philippines”, I’d have to work 5 to 6 times more to reach it. Add up the amount of time you waste on heavy traffic wherever you go in Manila and most companies there in PH does not pay overtime but demands you do it. And then taxes in PH is also one of the largest income tax in the whole world. So yeah. It sucks there. I wish they could fix it on the next administration.

      Late reply cuz of the notif.

    2. Save enough until 60-65 years old and retire in native land +Nathaniel Morada (Kristhan). If your strong enough lot of sidelines in Philippines work at home with $100 investment you make some extra bucks. Keep your money on the bank (time deposit) like if you have 2-3 million pesos interest alone is enough to survive. If you own a home and a car 25K is enough monthly. Do not believe on get rich quick scheme never waste your hard earn money on networking you will ended up poor (lol)

  17. One of the worst things you can do is end up broke in a poor country…shame on you if you do. I challenge guys who come from a affluent society and go live in the PI, or other country with little or no money. Who the frick needs you? The poor folks really don’t appreiate any foreigner scrimping around looking like a pirate, bellying up to the bar every few hours or slamming dope. Go home dead beats! Gotta said amidst all the critquies given my expats re life in the Philippines or wherever…

  18. I need a part-time job (specifically, math tutorial for elementary students). I am an Elementary Math Teacher in Gideon Academy. I have been teaching for 8 years now. I also train students for math competitions. I live in Pasay City, near LRT Edsa Staion. I can go to your residence if you hire me as your child’s math tutor. My rate is as low as Php200 per hour or negotiable. I can handle Metro Manila residents only. My mobile number is +639999478453.

  19. What are some good paying online jobs i can start here in the US so when i go there i might be able to continue to do as a good source of income???????

    1. +Oranda Mabry Forget it, the Internet service here has all but put me out of business. It has cost me a lot of money, and the phone service here is just as bad. The telecom companies here are thieves.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines , i recently read that for a Visa Agreement Country(like the USA) that the 1 year multi-entry tourist Visa is only $90. much cheaper depending on the details of entry/exit requirents(i.e. “Visa Runs”). if i can rent a condo and stay for many months i’ll be golden, plus stacking this on a $300-$320 Cambodian “Business” Visa and i think i can afford to comfortably travel through multiple countrys on my clams in the bank and monthly income

    1. +wnc817 land is less expensive than in the west. however, if you plan to rent to expats, plan on making it a nice place to live. otherwise you’ll be making few pesos renting to locals. plus you need to have the property in the name of a filipina, so find a wife you can trust is the first objective. (or spend money building a corporation)

  20. Searching for love in all the wrong places. I have seen such men in Thailand. They were cleaning the street and picking up garbage on a Pattaya beach. I could not believe my eyes.

    1. +David Machado it is so important to do both ample research but also realistic budgeting when moving to another country. no doubt the guys collecting trash on the beach were focused on just the ‘fun’ part of the move than the financial side of things. bad decisions once getting there is another issue. too many guys trust the wrong women and end up with empty pockets.

  21. your buddy ted…was lying about the whole…retirement thing…..the truth is he settled for a lawsuit……and as a police officer…..once you file a lawsuit….being a oublic servant……you cant go back to your position…..as a public servant……police officer……..its one of the title 18 usc codes…….so first of all he lied to you…..second of all…….that is the settlemen amount under a US TITLE CODE….. its $250’000.00…..exactly……….i know….i help people prepair lawsuits…….or a lawsuit consultant……and i also trained two police officers….in hand to hand combat……….one is in swat…….the other is a regular officer……….theyve been my students for over 18 years……..so…..all the early retirement bullshit………well…..thats why he ended up where he did……..liers dont get far…with false intentions……….! its called the circle of life……..! so dont believe half the bull shit you hear out of americans mouth……..most of it is bull shit anyway…..!

    1. i know nothing of what you speak but hearing his story set my head to ringing. had to start the video over because my bullshit filters kicked in.

  22. I think the problem is as a foreigner we want to go out and do stuff while we are in the Philippines. Sure rent is cheap and food is cheap but taxis are not cheap and going to the bar a couple of times a week. I think most foreigners are not capable to just sit around the house and do nothing like some Filipinos do.  We want a good cell phone and cable TV and hot water and trips in taxi cabs and trips to the cinema etc etc.  This is why all of the sudden you find yourself spending anywhere from 60 dollars a day and up.  And before you know it your nest egg is gone.   Oh and about your friends living on hard boiled eggs?  I believe it because in Manila I saw a few sari sari selling hard boiled eggs.

  23. Good video, but it is not cheaper to live here. my rent and electric is cheap, but that is the extent of it. Food is about the same equaled out, and if you eat like an American, it can be costly. All the other things are quite expensive, soap, shampoo, razors, and TP cost more than the US, and I am living in a non-tourist area. $8.00 for a can of shaving cream, toothpaste, $2.50. gas is the same as the US, but the funny thing is that it just seems cheeper. Buy something, you are stuck with it, NO REFUNDS!! and most things you buy are crap china made US reject shit. I do not get a check from my Uncle Sam, nor am I old enough to be retired, my wife and I both have to work. I almost forgot, the telecom companies here are thieves, I have a business online, and they have cost me a lot of money from lousy service to total incompetance, “sorry po” really?

    1. +Dan Drda I came here with just a RT ticket and my monthly SS check. I am doing great. I met a wonderful woman before I came here she is the same age as me 59. I don’t go for the young filipinas. We are married. It is wonderful.

  24. Planning ahead is KEY.. I have a business online, that I already make money from here in the US. I also, with my filipina wife have business running in the PI. we have friends and family we trust to help us. They get paid for the work they do. Its all legal.. and I will retire in the PI.. I Go to the PI and visit for 30 days, about every 2 years, and have done so for the last 8 years. hope to meet up with you someday.

  25. hahaha, im on a monthly fixed income, i get free healthcare in Manila, and i have a vasectomy lol, too bad most dont have most of that 😉

  26. Good advise. Ted Should have listened to common sense and planned ahead. Me, i have a solid plan to live in the Philippines half a year and half a year in America. Don’t want to live there permanent yet. That’s few years away as i get my investments set up to make me residual income for the rest of my life. 🙂

  27. I have a friend that went there at 40 after selling his car repair biz in California but he lost most of it with bad investments trying to buy his dream house. He ended up opening a restaurant and that got him by but he lives a real simple life and seldom travels anywhere but seems happy just making new girlfriends until he finds the right one. He can’t have kids so doesn’t worry about that. He’s lived there for 10 years now and opened up his second restaurant last year. I know he survived the poor times with loans from friends but why not?

  28. He couldn’t tell if the baby was his the instant it was born??? confusing…a half milky little filipino baby. the instant my baby was born you could see her a mile away..she wasnt Only filipino. matter of fact…once she was born healthy…i ran outside to smoke a cigarette..and the when i came back in…i heard a nurse say…Oh I see now. about why an asian woman gave birth to an less than All asian baby.

    1. the filipina who took him in was a prostitute who took pity on him. so, when she turned up pregnant she herself had no idea who the father was. when the baby was born, he said he had enough reason to think the baby looked like him that he stuck around and tried to provide for it.

    1. at that point, it’s a matter of time and luck. the day you catch notice of the police and they check your immigration status you would have two options; (1) pay all your overdue fines and fees, possibly deported (2) not pay your fines/fees and be placed in prison until someone else paid them. that could be a very long wait.

  29. If he ran out of money in only 3 years, I’m guessing the lump sum is no more than $200k USD. That’s fine for an emergency fund if you already have a monthly pension on top. Without a pension, you better have a lump sum that’s large enough or invested well enough to generate the equivalent of a monthly pension on interest and dividends. Can’t be spending the principal in retirement. There’s an old Chinese saying that if you’re burning the house to keep warm, you’ll eventually run out of house.

    1. @PCWCFA 2% inflation that’s fantasy in the Philippines. Also you have to budget for a crash in the market. it could catch somebody at the wrong time especially if they have an emergency and r going back to the States.

    2. I think you guys are right he probably had around $50,000 or maybe a little more. Remember it’s the Philippines she’s not living in New York. lol
      Good point about having 200,000 in savings for an emergency fund. But let’s be honest very few people have that.

    3. Thanks a lot for your very interesting and valuable comment here. You raised a lot of important issues that we westerners are not always aware of and I think you gave very good advices altogether.

    4. I made the upper limit assumption of $200k because judging by Henry’s comments, the subject of the video had a lot of fun while in the Philippines. That could just mean hanging out with friends at the bar, going local sightseeing on the scooter, and dating regular girls in the same town, or that could mean island hopping with a different 9+ looker every week and sparing no expenses on fine dining and accommodations. This is where a lot of guys would say, “Oh, no, if I hit my mark to retire, I’d be very disciplined about my spending.” I have seen it played out by both myself and by others because a lot of guys mistake the lack of temptations as an overabundance of self-control. Unless you have been to Asia, you have not seen temptations. I told a guy who was taking care of his mother in West Virginia exactly that before he went to Thailand, and of course, he protested that I was underestimating his discipline and true intent. He went to Chiang Mai and disappeared for a year with a string of women. When he resurfaced, his stories read like the hundreds of others from Stickman Bangkok’s site.

      As for your question, it depends on a lot of things. The person’s age, his risk tolerance, his spending habits, and his investment experience affect the anwer. If you’re late 50s to early 60s and are truly looking to retire rather than re-creating your glory days, $200k more than cover the few years until full Social Security. However, the subject of this particular video was in a slightly different situation.

      Judging by the way he went through his money in 3 years, I’d surmise that he’s not used to handling a lump sum of money and that he’s not familiar with investing, so I have to assume he had his money in savings & checking accounts.

      With his particular investment style assumed, that leaves his age. The person in this particular video was mid-forties when he retired. Let’s pretend he’s 45 to represent the typical tired with work, has some money, mid-forties professional. That would have made him 17 years from taking early Social Security at 62. If he keeps to the $1,000/month budget, then, yes, he could just about last the 17 years if he has no emergencies and no temptations. Then afterward, he would be on the same budget on Social Security but with no emergency fund. That’s talking strictly numbers wise.

      Now, most people are used to having some money coming in be it from a job, dividends, rental income, or a pension. I don’t know how everyone feels about spending down one’s money for 17 years with no hope of ever having more. I know that I wouldn’t feel so great especially if I could still get a job here in the States. Yes, I know it probably would mean working long hours, freezing in NYC, or, at the very least, no longer having “dating superpowers,” but I would rather work than experience the old Chinese saying of eating away a mountain of fortune by sitting around doing nothing.

      Yes, you could invest the entire lump sum in a stock index, and on average you would earn 8% plus dividends (1-2%) a year or $20k a year on average. Leave 2% return to cover inflation, that still leaves a spendable amount of $16k a year. The thing is that return is the average with a lot of variabilities, so unless you’re an experienced investor who won’t panic when 40% of your money disappears in a year (e.g. 2008), and you’re a disciplined spender who sticks to the spending plan when you have a string of 15%+ yearly returns (e.g. the mid 1990s), the plan will be a bit too exciting. Hence, I agree with Henry’s comment that a self-funded retirement for someone in his mid-forties, we are talking $700k+. I’d put $100k to $200k in interest-bearing savings to ride out the bad years and handle emergencies and the rest invested for dividends and capital growth.

    5. Yes but still, with $200k, if you are being careful and spend your money wisely in the Philippines, (let’s say with a budget around $1000/month), this 200k could last theoretically 20 years, not 3 years. For me, $200k seems like a large sum of money than most of us would set up at as a goal to achieve before retiring overseas. But maybe I’m wrong and even $200k don’t get you much anymore in this world?

  30. Hi, great video. Do you know roughly how much money “Ted” had when he starts living in the Philippines and what he thought would be enough to last? I am curious how much money he thought would last forever? 10.000$, 50.000$, 100.000$, more? Thanks.

    1. i figure he had about $50,000 usd. at $13,000 per year it would deplete within 5 years. and that’s not counting for some bad money decisions along the way.

  31. I’ve been to the Philippines twice the first time didn’t work out to well but the second time did.ive been married now for almost five years and things are very good.we plan to move to the Philippines when i retire but in the mean time we are setting everything up now.we own a internet cafe and soon a taxi and jeepney. and rent my house out in the states but the one thing that have me worried the most is the health care system in the Philippines.can you do a video on that topic?thanks

  32. Thank you. This all seems like very solid advice. I plan on retiring in Philippines and you have already opened my eyes to some big mistakes I was planning on making.

  33. With his lump sum pension the poor guy could have invested in a guaranteed annuity and depending on how much he invest, he could have had an easy 1000-2000 per month and then when he is 62 get another 1000-1300 per month.

  34. I’ve got a lady over in Manila. But you know it’s not always clear for me, it’s like she has a secret life whenever she starts talking to her family in Tagalog. We’ve talked of marriage. I gave her a ring. Now I’m state side tying up lose ends getting ready to return to her and I’m getting cold feet. I have only $7000 which is what I was going to invest in her house in Manila to make rentals. For that investment I get $200 a month forever. But is it worth it? I hate the big city. It’s just feels that for me staying in CA is not a way to retire. I can’t really work here. There’s nothing for me here. She’s there saying come home. She also says I don’t have to spend my money, maybe a little reverse psychology there. I don’t know what to do. Living there with her gives me a companion but maybe there’s more hidden costs in the long run.

    1. my advice for years has been this; your first year in the PH.. do not make any commitments to marriage, business or buying property. do not do it. take a year to evaluate how things work here first. never let a woman rush you into buying property (it has to be in her name, you can’t legally own it) and never let a local rush you into a business. your first year.. just enjoy the beaches, talk to seasoned expats and watch how things work here. tell your girl to WAIT until you’re ready. if she won’t wait.. she’s not the woman for you.

  35. great video I know what your saying about Thailand many down and outs there,and expats are fed up with helping them as most just spend the money on beer you give them food the do not want that it’s money that’s it

  36. Why would anyone come to the Philippines without any type of monthly income like social security, pension plan or other type income? That’s pretty crazy.

    1. @empoker007 absolutely 500k is more than enough to live the rest of your life very comfortably in the Philippines and I’m talking about a very conservative interest rate of only 7% is going to bring you over 30 grand a year. I have been averaging over 10% over several decades on my Investments.

    2. @empoker007 Wrong… You can be cleaned out very quickly. Keep the $$ in the US, and bring for a week.. I went through 200k in 8 years

    1. Mario Lopez, it’s simple, you open a CITI BANK account in the US. have your Gov. check on auto deposit in the USA. Then get your ass to the CITI BANK in the Philippines, and draw the money out.

  37. Just curious. Have you ever lived in Mexico? Having lived in both countries I believe the best of all worlds is come to the Philippines, get married and then move to the more industrialized, organized, better healthcare of Mexico. Hard to beat Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and some of the large ciites inland from Acapulco. Mexico bottom line comes out as less expensive, more organized and much easier to live without the expense of a car.

    1. i’ve never lived in MX, but i was often there every month for years since my ex-wife was born/raised there. the areas you mentioned, i’ve heard are nice. but the areas along the Frontiera.. i would not be interested in living there. one of my friends left his beach house on Rosarito to live in the PH until he married a Filipina here. (he later took her to the L.A. area in Calif.)

  38. It’s probably not a destination for people who haven’t already travelled widely, and preferably lived somewhere in Asia before. Even then….

    I plan on settling in PI eventually, but not before my UK pension kicks in (around 65). It’s not a huge amount, but it’s always there. And you need that dependability factor in a place like this. Another poster said ‘Buy a place’. That’s Rule #1. A studio is fine, just somewhere to throw your shit, but a place you OWN, that is always secure. We can start having adventures and branch out once we’ve taken a shower and stowed away our gear at OUR place.

    Too many guys go nuts in places like this (Thanks to easy visa regs, Cambodia has its share as well). My advice would be to come for a month, and then go home, process it all and repeat that exercise as often as necessary to get REAL perspective before you take the final plunge. Above all, have a plan for financial security. A realistic plan. Don’t bring lump-sums to a place like this and imagine you’ll somehow become Bill Gates. Without real smarts and contacts, you’ll finish up like “Ted”, bin-diving and egg-eating in a downpour. Poor bastard. I hope he got back to the states.

    1. sounds like you had a bad experience. the vast majority of guys love living in or vacationing in the PH. myself included. been loving it since 2012. it might help if you gave some details about why you had such a bad experience.

  39. Can I spend a good, comfortable life on $3,500 per month?  I’m not a materialistic person, I don’t really go out much…except I enjoy dining out or visiting a nice place like a park or museum.  I’m not into the bar scene but it must be nice to settle down with a nice lady (although not sure where to meet them in the Philippines).  Anyway, I want a comfortable but nice living in retirement…a decent place (two or three bedroom) with good furniture, AC, internet, and an occasional excursion with access to good medical facilities (although I am basically healthy).  Do you know of any expat group to affiliate with…and find people for hanging out…?

    1. you could live a very, very comfortable like (nice condo, restaurants, etc.) on just $1800/month. very easily, even with a g/f. $3,500/month and you could be banking money in savings every month, even living in cebu or makati.

  40. That’s what happened to me I’ve been there seven times with $800 that’s all I had but I run out of money living with the dogs for a long time my Visa expired I had a hard time getting back to the States I wasn’t even a citizen that’s not an easy way

  41. Nice video. Very informative. Yes, if you come to the Philippines, you have to have a permanent income back home. Some expats rented their houses back home for continued income here in the Philippines. Some BUSINESS TIPS for expats. (will be registered to your wife and married in the Philippines) 1) Buy piece of land in the Province near beaches and built an apartelle or small hotel. 2) Buy or rent a place near tourist beach places and establish a restaurant/home to stay. 3) Establish a CALL CENTER business in the City. There are lots of expats with money to start who do this and they hire good english speaking Filipinas. 4) buy agricultural lands in the province and plant fruits ang veggies…. And many more…..
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  42. I was married to a Filipino she wanted to be alone I don’t know so she is here in this country now and USA but I can go there with $300 I live like a king I don’t have to pay for the food I know everybody I don’t have to pay for the place to stay I have everything$800 is well good for me

  43. You are a straight up guy that says it like it is. Guys need to have military retirement, company retirement or social security retirement income coming in. Forget that lump sum stuff, it runs out. What is the Visa extension payment price.

    1. don’t necessarily count on that. there is only 1 usa embassy in the PH, and it is located in Manila. and it’s a process, not a quick fix. (there is a consulate in cebu, but they only offer limited services and repatriation is not one of them.)

  44. All I broke expat has to do. Is contact Barry Jordan he knows all the scams and thievery to survive I’m sure he will share it with anybody in need

  45. Hola Henry… you are a great story teller and straight shooter… my philosophy is earned dollars and spend pesos… buena suerte desde Las Vegas.


  47. Just once I would love to see people make videos about if you’re going to move to the Philippines you should have how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in AUS bank add just basically live off of that interests you’re never gonna make any money living there the cost of living really is not that much cheaper in the fells then it is here in the United States or I should say it’s not any cheaper if you plan on living like you would normally live in the United States meaning a nice safe apartment you wanna go out at travel the different islands yadda yadda yadda it all takes money and lots of it

    1. in a word, “no”. maybe $20 for the night once a week if you’re lucky. many expats will do a “jam night” at a place, for free.

  48. Very nice video. I think people need to really analyze their income sources and inflation even currency valuations in the future for the future. It’s a real struggle to know how much one needs even when they have the numbers in front of them.

  49. All these people raving about the freedom a third world country offers and complaining about taxes in their developed country don’t seem to realize that freedom is only there because they have far more money than the people in those poor countries would ever dream of having.

    The taxes people complain about in their country is responsible for providing far more people the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty than they would care to admit.

  50. Wow most cops or x cops are a little more wittier than this guy
    If he was a retired cop he could’ve just nice off his monthly pension anywhere in the world and be comfortable

  51. I spent 12 yrs in the Philippines…my son was born in Olongapo. I know many many expats stuck there. Life was wasted in that place. Nothing left in usa to go back to etc. Not enough money to go back and start a life again in usa

  52. Love Bataan, did live and travel there at the height of the Vietnam War. Used to drive mt VW Beetle all the way to the top of Dambana Ng Kagitingan, Monument of Gallantry to commemorate the sufferings of those Americans and Flipinos who lived and died in the infamous Death March. Ted, must have been drinking too much lambanog (coconut wine). He forgot to keep his pants up all the time. Money will run out eventually, No Plan B or C to get back where he came from. I could write a book about Bataan, Olongapo, Subic Bay, Clark Air Base. I see yhat you have Airbnb Rental Listings that would come in handy for a US retiree like me to return for a visit to my old country.

  53. In 2016 I worked 6 months in Europe and flew to Vietnam. Bought myself HondaCub and travelled all around staying in rooms or my tent. All I paid for 6 months of my life is 1200 usd. Then next year I went in Thailand and bought a new Honda Grom and after that travelled Cambodia and Thai on 2 wheels. Brought bike back and spended 3000 usd. Last yearI was trying to stay in India in winter, better off Europe. And this year I shipping Grom in PH and staying there in belltent

  54. One thing that people need to keep in mind when coming to the Philippines is that if you want to live a western lifestyle, it’ll be just as much as living in the USA, in some cases more depending on how western you want to be. This blew me away when I first heard that!

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