Having A Pig Farm in Bohol, Philippines

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  1. Do you own the land or just rent the stalls ? That’s great money . How did you get into that ? Would love to no more about the business part of the pigs . Great vid Henry.

  2. I shot this video last year when my (then) g/f and I went in on this together. She’s Filipina and owns the land. Together we used the profits to continue building more pens. After our breakup, I gave her 100% of my interest in a fair trade we made on the side. As for business end.. qualifying for a line of credit with a feed-store is a must unless you have lots of cash. These guys eat like.. well, like pigs. Plus you need a local Vet for shots, a stud-service, water/electric.. it adds up.

  3. In addition, the hardest part is finding trustworthy caretakers. If you -really- want to keep your profits.. live on the farm yourself. Otherwise expect to keep hearing that piggies ‘died’ or ‘ran off’ or just ‘disappeared in the night’, meanwhile your caretaker is selling them to the neighbor while you’re gone and pocketing the profit themselves off your investment. That’s life here, people won’t even bat an eye of guilt doing it either. In fact, when you catch them.. they’ll get offended.

  4. If you go the my main-site, LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com and use the Search function, you’ll find some more in-depth articles I did on the piggy farm along with some photo galleries. You can also connect with other expats running piggeries on the FORUM section of the main-site.

  5. wow I see that you really liked this place, it was so obvious on your facial expression. Another things about the “caretakers” taking care of themselves, they feel it is OK to “steal” from you, after all, you are a rich foreigner. I told my gf that if I ever start a pig-farm, her parents and relatives will need to work there. They always ask for money from the “Americano” so they might as well work for it.

  6. That happened to me, with my herd of goats. With the same excuses. Always be vigilant, and never lower your guards. Very good info. Hope others can learn from you.

  7. Now that you are in Bohol, do you think that you will give this enterprise another shot, “piggy backing” (ha ha) on lessons learned? It seems like a great idea.

  8. It’s a worthwhile enterprise if someone gives it their full attention. Me, I’m too prone to wander off for days at a time so I wouldn’t monitor it enough to stay profitable. I’m more of a tech-geek, so my goal is more along passive, online income. My ex and I are on good terms so, I can always visit the piggies in Bogo if I want to get out to the province for awhile. 🙂

  9. Yep. you’ve got it right. Our caretakers wanted the first-born calf from the carabao as well, simply for doing the job we were already paying them for. Like you said, the attitude here is, “You can afford it, so I should have it.”

  10. Piggies. Oh boy you got it bad! ha ha… Well I dont think you can really go into business with any of the Filipinos who need money or are not well off. They cant really be trusted the way you and I think. They see things completely different. Even family members. I unfortunately can not think of one single person (Filipino) that lives in the US and has family there that a family member has not taken advantage of them. I am not speaking nickle, dime. I am talking big bucks. Its truly crazy!

  11. Sadly.. you are completely right on that. I’ve seen plenty of comments on other channels, from Filipinos living in the US saying they love visiting the Philippines every year.. but dread the workover they get from relatives for money while they’re here.

  12. Love the part where you say “I’m in the jungle” maybe we should pinch you to make sure your not dreaming!! 🙂 soo cool I raised two pigs growing up in Oregon for FFA! I used to walk them around with a cane. I miss those days. Thanks for sharing

  13. I watched this video a few times. The piglet thing is what my girlfriend and i were going to get into. I just need to get there and she will be done her schooling in 4 months. I noticed 2 places you might have said. Bogo or Bohol. Which is it? I am working on travel plans now. Take care.

  14. Anywhere there is province, which is practically every island, is where you could start a piggy farm. Some neighbors here on Bohol have a few pigs.. downwind and about 5 acres away, so that’s good for me.

  15. If you do a Google-search for “lifebeyondthesea pig farm” you will see a link to my articles that are more in-depth on having a pig farm. But the short answer is; expect lots of ‘lost’ piggies when someone else is caretaking your piggery for you. It’s guaranteed they will skim you with stolen pigs. Of course, they don’t consider it stealing, since you have so much money and pigs, but that’s beside the point. To be run truly profitably, you have to at least live on the land to monitor it.

  16. for a very short period of time, you’ve done and shared a lot of your true-to-life experience in our country. And i must say.. you have given us more useful and honest input from that journey – amigo. You speak from the heart and mind with no string load. I’m sure many filipinos are with you…

  17. any farming is to go in Bohol because it is not crowded yet. I am planning to start a farm for my family somewhere in Bohol. I have a sister she is my care taker of the finance in the Phils. I needed to sell my apartment in Manila and land that I bought long time along. So I can start because in Bohol instead. I do not like Manila it is so congested and polluted. You right you have to know the person that take care of your pig because they will have no problem taking one or two of your pig. I might be pretty hard for you because you do not have family there.

  18. Thanks for posting.  My wife was a hog farmer when she was in her 20s and 30s.  But when here husband died she had to move to the city to work fulltime.  Is there still opportunity to buy land reasonably priced in Bohol?

  19. I am looking forward to retiring to the Philippines in 2016. I would like to have some sort of business to help fund my family there after I am gone. I have found a lot of videos on agribusiness, but none in English. Can you direct me to information in English on farming pigs, goats in the Philippines?

    1. You may visit the extension office in the capital or you could bring american know-how to the philippines since US is more advance in swine industry. For example the extension office in maine was very helpful with all that you will need to start a pig farm. You may also check a program initiated by FeedPro corporation about swine production that does not involve the stench that goes with it. It is called P.I.G.S. you could go to their website at www . feedpro . ph

  20. I liked your set up but what happens to the waste water? I saw a set up on a video a few years ago that used a basic sewage system to separate the solids, and use plants to clean the liquid waste so the “gray water” could be used to clean the stalls again. Are you buying feed or growing it on site? Thanks for your reply!

  21. Henry, I am curious a year later now how did it go?  Still raising pigs?  Did you make as much money as you hoped?  I have family that would like to raise pigs and I am concerned ha ha

  22. its funny that we came to same idea of what type of thing to try so we could have a bit of income coming in when i go there just taking it slowly whats the update on your farm ??

    1. @Richard Thomas it was something i did with my original g/f over in bogo.  but i’ve since then exited the project and she is running it (still at a profit) to this day.

  23. Great your video and your website. Im following them. A friend of mine and I we are planning to start a small pig farm in Negros. Can you tell us aproximately the profits per each head actually?, We write from Spain. Regards and congrats.

  24. that’s ashame, was wondering how this worked out. The wife and I will retire there soon and it’s on my list to raise pigs to keep the family out of my pocket as much as possiable. thanks

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