Having A Mistress in the Philippines, 2of2

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    1. Hehehehe tell my wife that. Even though I am faithful to her she has dreams of me cheating on her. I have been known to get yelled at or even punched after she wakes. Similar story with my best friend who married my wife’s niece. It does not bother us we just say it confirms they love us. I am in love with my Filipina wife whole body and soul. 

    2. Yes, but Filipinas are also very very passionate about the man they love.. and to a degree that is a good thing.  If the man is having an honest relationship with his wife/girlfriend, there is really no reason for jealousy.

  1. I guess the question, on a slightly off topic, would be what if the girl you are with (say dating BF/GF) is just not the one for you and you want to move on, how difficult is it to break up with someone there? 


    2. If you moved her into your apartment, and doesn’t want to leave willingly, you will have a tough time forcing her out of your apartment or home.  If it is a condo with security, they will escort her out.  Otherwise, your only other option is to move out and leave her behind.  In general, I’d say you can figure that the longer you’ve been together, the harder the breakup will be.

  2. I have a lot of pinay friends who tell me that the what’s good for the goose is good for the gande(sp) meaning sometimes a pinay who marries a foreigner also has a pinoy boyfriend especially if he is older then her. It goes both ways guys. My husband is Filipino he says “you can’t seduce a happy husband no matter what” so girls take good care of your husband treat him like a king and he will stay faithful and he will make you his princesses!! That’s what I do and I’m a blonde hair green eyed all American girl! Asawa ko king ko! Hehe

  3. Geeh I think this applies to everywhere in the world… haha  just saying.  Enjoy your time home Henry.  I am in Manila for a few days …then off to Laguna… Then Thailand.  With my wife of course…

    1. In the Philippines, there is no divorce.  Only annulments which, legally, are almost impossible to qualify for unless the spouse can prove incest, duress, insanity, etc.  Foreigners can divorce a Filipina in their own country and Philippines will honor it.  But between Filipino couples, no divorce allowed.

  4. Hi Henry , I’m gonna try to come to Cebu in May . I’m gonna be coming with my wife and 2 kids . I no I’m looking at a lot of money . Where is a good place start planing and getting prices . Like airlines , hotels and etc. Thanks and have a good one . Later

  5. Excellent advice, particularly coming from a single guy. A point, however. In the Philippines the shame for the man is not in having a mistress. It is accepted (but not necessarily expected). The shame comes from not being able to support both. The wife and family cannot suffer ill effects from the mistress and vice versa. If so, then holy hell will be unleashed by all concerned.

  6. Hi, it’s a very well said and good advice for everybody.  I’ve questions.
    What about a businessman or partly retired man who likes to come to Asia and spend their time leisurely for more or less 3 months while he is having a wife in his home country? Or he can use excuse that he’s having business trip for one week but actually he’s coming to visit his mistress from time to time? Also, are there cases that the guys fall in love with these girls in Phil. and dumped their wives? Happy ending with the girls eventually? Thx.

    1. I met a Filipina who was a mistress to a Japanese man who kept his wife and family in Japan.  He visited her every 4 months, they had a daughter together.  There’s not security for her and her child though, so it is tough situation for her.

  7. Beautiful video. Loved it. Even my husband had cheated on me I still treated him as my King. No.joke . That’s how I was raised . I’m not a martyr wife. I just strongly believe that all men can’t say no to a beautiful women that seducing them. But never ever let my husband visit the Phil’s. alone. 🙂 not because I’m jealous I’m just scared of him getting a bad decease that might pass on me. I explained it to him and also told him I can’t able to divorce him even I wanted it to. Why? It’s a big shame to my family . I’m the bad wife who can’t handle good my own husband. That’s the reality in our Phil’s.tradition . Really hate it. Well my husband understand it for sure that’s why we still together until now after so many hard times in our life.

    1. Great advice and very true! If you have a Filipina wife who loves you, you should protect that relationship and she will make your life wonderful. Good Filipinas are definitely willing to give you their loyalty, faithfulness, love and care. If you want to bet on a sure thing, marry a good Filipina and stay faithful to her.

  8. Thanks for your videos, a littel thing you not mension, is that if you are marrige and cheat on your wife, she can press charge a the husband for adultry and he or she can go to jail…that is the law 

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi Henry if every one who ever cheated in the Philippines was put in jail your looking at Half the population so it ain’t gonna work instead the wife as you said will make his life hell instead

    2. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yep when it comes right down to it…it is about the money. She won’t ever put you in jail, because the money is too nice.

    3. Yes, that is true.  What actually happens though, is that if the wife is dependent on her husband for finances she will usually not put him in jail.  Also, if both are cheating, neither can press charges on the other.

  9. Marry your dream girl and honor her with loyalty and dedication and she will respect and care for you all your life, in  sickness, health, richness or poverty. If you  can’t do that  simply do  not marry. 

  10. I was told by a friend of a friend that his marriage with a Filipina ended due to her be too bossy which I experienced with my Korean ex-wife. He was Asian and claimed that the Philippines is a matriarchal society. Is that true in general? Any culture has control freaks but your videos suggest the ladies over there are more subservient as long as they trust you and are respected.

    1. @Wayne Samuel You do not know how men here are the ones irresponsible with finances. Filipinas in general are good in finances. Trust me on this.

    2. @Glenn McGee a Filipina told me that the women do the budgeting and take charge of the finances which won’t sit well with many Western men for fear women here will go shopping. My experience years ago I was in Medellin.. Cebu for a day. I hired a local man that my then girlfriend got to take us to the bus to get back to Cebu City. The driver’s wife was in the back seat. Upon giving him the money for the ride he immediately reached his hand back and gave the money to his wife. So base on what the other girl told me and my own observation I think the Philippines is a matriarchal society. The women may be small but they have a way to control even big men.

    3. As a ‘general observation’.. if the woman is the breadwinner and the husband is just drinking and being lazy, she runs the house.  But if she’s married to a ‘rich’ foreigner.. she treats him like a king of the castle in most cases.  (some guys let women in general control them, but that’s a different issue.)

  11. I think the best way to be when a person goes there is they should be blind. If your spouse sees you just glancing at another woman – execution. I LOVE how devoted my ASAWA is . . . how can a man have just one more when you have all the attention you have ever wanted from that one. Super men. Arrogant. My SINCERE IDEAL IS BE FAITHFUL. That woman will give you more than you every got and so much more. And LORD KNOWS I LOVE HER! =)

  12. man I’m so happy to hear what you have to say ,well i’m going there just to find one lady ,i just hope i have the strength and willpower to stick with it, like you said good luck in your search , i got your back 

    1. @jeff drakes just have patience, avoid the urge to spoil them monetarily and look for the good virtues.  time will weed out the game-players.

  13. Well spoken Henry….
    Let it be a warning to those planning to come to the PI and keep multiple partners…Won’t work,…. unless you hang out 24/7 at the bar places…Then the women there will give  you “love “and a “whole lot more”…If you know what I mean!

  14. Good advice and very well explained. Thank you.  To have more than 1 woman one needs lots of money.  Most foreigners who want to retire in Philippines are not rich and have small pensions, so cannot have a double  life. I am glad to know that 70% of Filipinos like  to have a commitment type of relationship.  What I do not understand is why Philippines 

    1. +sony jamia Doesn’t take a lot of money. Had an offer of a mistress for 2000p a month. That is 1/6th the cost of just what I pay for the mnl every month.

  15. We are all Gods children and people come in all types and in particular sexual orientations so I would say there is no set prescription to life. Polygamy is widespread but not sanctioned by law for Christians which is unsatisfactory. The legislature is not against it in principle as it is legal and it would solve the problem of suitable husbands for the women who cant find one, with the knowledge and consent of all parties. What prevails at the moment is a mess.

    1. @David-Paul Newton-Scott i have seen so many variant relationship models in practice here, it’d take me a complete video to do it justice. but yes.. there is a wide variety of people in this big world and whatever arrangements they find acceptable is their own business. it’s not anyone’s job to impose morality on others. we have the courts and laws for general society and that’s plenty.

  16. Very nicely put…. very real and legit… Thank you for your insight…. I like your videos, please keep them coming…. IO plan on retiring in the P.I. when I get to that time frame.  I am retired military, still working of the department of defense Travis AFB …. so I am truly focused on what you have been sharing…. again, thank you so much…  regards, michael

    1. Will Hart not all men are cheaters ok and to say that most women don’t trust men so why get married in the first place ? So that statement is nonsense

  17. Henry, you are amazing !!… Your honest advice are priceless, every time !!… All I want is to find a woman I can love, not to waste my time, money and energy with all kind of women… Thank you, man !!

  18. I think even if ya single !! If ya keep being a butterfly as the filipinas saying is!! Girls will still get hurt and the man cant be happy doin that for too long he will get a bad name and be known as this bad playboys .which filipina girls really hate that type of guys

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