Having A Mistress in the Philippines, 1of2

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    1. With so much demand for a ‘foreigner’ husband or b/f, the wives or g/f’s tend to keep a constant eye on their man.. they know other women are out to try and take him away.  

  1. You cannot win against the bamboo telegraph ha ha!  They are ALL cousins!  Every town, or island we visit we end up running into one of her school friends, cousins, in-laws etc.

  2. i will tell you something, many many filipina women love married men, even the ones in America.. 
    So true what he says about the filipino network,  i have seen filipinos in the America bump into filipinos they new in the Philippines…

    1. Lovly Pink , Did I say all? No I did not! Another issue with Filipinas is if you talk about one, they all get defensive like you are talking about all of them!

    2. Excuse me let me say don’t generalize all Filipino women, not every individual has the same color like other races there are good and bad.try to see the good side of the Filipinas and you can find many of it.if u only focusing to their bad side then definitely you can see only their negative

  3. Great advice.  If want multiple girls, stay single.  You gain nothing getting married.  It works both ways.  A dishonest Filipina will marry a foreigner for an ATM but keep her Filipino boyfriend.  It’s fairly common.  Please do a video on Filipino lying.  This is so common.

  4. Filipina’s are what they call martyrs. I know a lot of my relatives who are dealing with this kind of situation and i think its sad. i think filipinos have low self esteem.

    1. ??? In 23 years in Mindanao I’ve never known a Filipina use refusing sex as a weapon. It’s counterproductive since you would just go elsewhere. I think you’re seeing through western eyes.

  5. If a Filipina college girl is trying to better herself by advancing her education, it seems contrary to her reputation if she puts her self out there as someone’s mistress. With the bamboo telegraph being what it is, aren’t they worried about being labeled as a smart whore among their peers not to mention their family?  

    1. @Glenn McGee some professional women in the states made it through medical school or law school as call girls. These schools cost an arm and a leg. Those women in the Phili who do that got company on this side of the ocean.

    2. I know they say R&D is getting closer, but it would be nice to have a birth control pill for men. I’m convinced men would be less inclined to “forget” to take it. Condoms are like playing the piano with mittens on but that wouldn’t help all those wonderful STD’s. BTW how often do you hear about expats getting some type of STD? Curious, is there some who send ladies over to a doc to get tested for peace of mind?

    3. The girls willing to do this are usually the ones who moved to that island for school, but their family is on another island and she is hurting for money or just ‘greedy’ for a higher end lifestyle, spending money.  But the girls who are attending college where their family is also living, they won’t dare do that openly, they know they’d get the riot-act very quickly from their parents about ruining their college efforts with an unplanned pregnancy.  And since most girls are against taking the pill.. the local girls don’t go looking to be a mistress like the ones from another island would.

    1. I’m advocating a man either be faithful in a marriage or, if he must have variety.. don’t get married.  Exactly what part of that do you consider b.s.?  You didn’t present anything other than a blank opinion with no supporting argument.  So, what “better” position do you provide?  Or do you not understand your own reasons for your opinion?

  6. First of all never think of having  a mistress in the Philippines. It is wrong!Women who want to be a mistress are the ones who are looking for finacial security.

  7. It is so sad how desperate these girls are for a better life.  My ex brother-in-law divorced my sister after 19 years of marriage.  He made frequent trips to the Philippines and is now engaged to a girl 25 years younger than him… how pathetic!

    1. @Hector Delacruz Very sad.  Just today on a bus, a single mother Filipina told me the same story.  Husband left after the child was born.. hooked up with some other girl elsewhere.

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    1. @Jorg Reiling the best place to reach me is at my facebook (i rarely use email anymore).  I am at Facebook, search me under ‘Reekay’.

  9. You’re lucky you’re in the islands. If you’re in Manila, Cebu or Davao, a woman approaching your table in a restaurant probably.works with a gang who’d drop a pill in your drink and the rest is regrettable. Blackmail, robbery, kidnap, you name it. Thousands of pedophiles recently were.exposed soliciting sex online with a 9 y.o. Filipina girl who turned out to be a computer generated image. Some are now being prosecuted in their countries, Australia has, I think. So beware, sex maniacs.

  10. yeah the bamboo network is what i called it, if i did something like go down a one way street the wrong way someone would tell.
    Having said this and also being married to a Pinoy for 13 years, it is still very common to have more than one woman.
    The sad thing is the ones that have many woman and have many children,as the children will suffer.
    One of my wife’s brothers works in Luzon, and has a wife in Cebu and mistress in Luzon, there is no divorce so the wife is trapped in this, she also has a sister that her husband work on a ship, it is a joke in her family that at every port he has to report..
    i think myself  there are just more woman there than men, but i also know that the mind set of the pinoy men they see this as a macho..
    Even the main girl i write her fathers father had more than one wife and in time the grand mother took another man.
    She just took a job with a foreign man as a domestic helper and best i can tell he has had 2 woman with children and is over 70 years old.
    Today is her birthday, she is 23.
    thank for sharing

    1. @steve o yes, a married man with a mistress causes so much more grief than he realizes.  it’s very selfish.  this is why i advocate that if a many really feels he needs variety.. don’t get married, don’t have a girlfriend.

  11. when you married to a philippine woman   u have a good woman I think  Philippine woman are faightful you don’t need to go out and cheat just use your wife for your needs and you,ll be happy man the only thing about  Philippines woman is they are very jalous woman you have to watch who you talk to thats what I think  maybe im wrong  but anyway

  12. Don’t be narrow minded guys infidelity happens any where in this world and in any races dont just point to the filipino women because generally it is a matter of being maniac in sex no matter where you came from.started from the beginning of our creation man with two or more wives was existed and not only filipinos have this case.there are lot of good filipinos out there perhaps you guys cant find them yet.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yeah u r right.i understand that.in my opinion being a mistress is a choice. That’s the fact anyway that Filipino men most of them are stupid to have an affair even they are jobless and most unfortunately there stupid women also who put their selves in such situation.

    2. @Lovly Pink mistresses do exist in all cultures and at all times in history.  however, ‘how’ it is percieved is different.  here, a filipina who has one or two men paying her as a mistress while she recieves a monthly income, will be approved by her close friends as ‘successful’.  but in the usa, a woman who hires herself out as a mistress is simply seen as a call-girl by even her own friends.  it’s just a different perspective.  my only discussion here is that if a man is going to have a variety of women in his life, he should be a single man, not married.  it is not fair to the wife or children for a married man to have a mistress.  money that could have gone to his children is being diverted to the ‘other woman’.  i have no problem with Single men having all the women they can handle, so long as they do not have a g/f who is going to be hurt by that.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines only reason we ended it was because she got involved with someone, so that was the end of that.  

    2. @Barry Jackson even though i’m still single, i had a situation come up where it was convenient and a ‘win-win’ to have a paid mistress for a few weeks.  we had  known each other for over 3 months already before talking about it so, in our case it worked out great as a temporary arrangement.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      That’s called “LUG” lesbian until graduation ,,, I think many women who have girlfriends are actually straight and want to avoid the boy/girl thing as they aren’t ready to get serious … and you know ALL Philippine women want a serious relationship , marriage and children.   And in the Philippines being gay is no big deal ,, people generally leave them alone ,,, In the US gays many times are abrasively , militantly gay.

    2. @Kayrayyez some women, yes.  there is a very large lesbian presence in manila, cebu, mactan and dumaguete from what i’ve seen.  many lesbian couples (fil-fil) are still in high school.  i’ve only seen ONE westerner-filipina lesbian couple in 2 years, but then again most expats coming here are men, not women.

    1. @Daliles Pratt i think you misunderstood. i’m not encouraging anyone to have a mistress. i’m saying to those who choose (and will do this anyway) that if they plan on having a mistress, do it as an unattached man.. not married or with a girlfriend. a man in a relationship who has a mistress will cause pain and consequences for those in his family. it’s better he do it as a single man, not in a relationship.

    1. I don’t think that’s a good reason, that’s more of a blame game to all non whites. so are you saying all of it is done by non whites that they are being raped. even walking at the mall they would grip their bags tighter. It’s usually white middle aged women.

    2. +southcity34 I find them racist as well, they would grip their bags very tight when they cross a non white. what  a shame and this situation only happens with white women.

  13. Oh Oh,lol,I was supposed to Paused the Videos,because I really don’t think so that the women In Philippines are so open about being MISTRESS,but thank’s I got you,you are right,If you want Some body to just play around with “yes,” you can have as many as you want,As a Filipina we we’re not really scare of our husband cheat on us,because we know A good PARTNER WON’T MAKE ANY ACTION TO HURT there partner if it’s happen then means he/she’s not deserve to have our love and care,

  14. Dont get them pregnant, dont fall in love ,dont let the wife find out or ya might end up with a phillipino haircutttttttttttt.The 4 golden rules last rule dont get a std.the bamboo tellegrath can be also dangerous.

    1. its the same in the U.S, folks in the countryside knows everything about your activities..in the Phil, sicko’s usually take advantage of the young maids and cheat on their wives!! get a life pinoys

    2. +Alan Hughes The bamboo telegraph is huge. Everything I was doing in the province was reported to my wife on a daily basis while I was in the province. Big cities like Manila you can blend in and not be seen, but in the province everyone is watching and talking about you.

  15. White I agree that many of these things do happen in the Philippines, the country is fairly still largely conservative. I just checked an online survey on the morality standards worldwide, in the Philippines some 90% disapproved of married people having extramarital affairs and 71% disapproved of sex between unmarried adults. So I guess you just have to seek out the conservative kind. Also 81% disapproved of homosexuality, so it’s generally a heterosexual-minded society.

    1. It’s a different culture to be sure. Whether you believe the stats or not, to pretend that somehow American men and women are more ‘moral’ is ludicrous.

    2. @Lewis Daniels 99% of women use birth control. The Catholic Church disapproves of birth control, 98% of Catholic women use birth control.
      America is 83% Christian yet we pass laws outlawing Christian prayer in school, approve gay marriage, and other non-Christian things.
      Statistics don’t dictate behavior, even if they were accurate (which is a whole other story).

    3. @Lewis Daniels 🙂 i’m smiling because, while i’m sure those stats are what people interviewed responded.. what is happening in daily life is SO much different than those stats. if the PH was truly that conservative, unplanned pregnancies would not be rampant across the islands. and i do mean.. rampant. it is almost a quest to find a filipina over the age of 24 who does not have kids either out of wedlock.. or the filipino husband ran off years ago. that’s hardly ‘conservative’ behavior. singapore has a better track record. and when it comes to mistresses.. again, it happens so often among filipino married men, i even knew of one filipino who had his mistress living a block away and the kids from both women hung out together. and the disapproval of premarital sex.. i’d say that’s true to some degree in the mountains and remote provinces.. but hardly in the cities or near cities. so, bottom line.. polls only gauge what people will ‘say’ when asked.. not what they do in their private lives.

  16. Especially if you’re decent looking and/or tall you absolutely don’t have to promise a relationship or marriage to have fun in the Philippines. You don’t have to buy them anything either. It’s definitely a place where the price of honesty is low.

    1. @ChernobylPizza To say the Philippines is a place where the price of honesty is low is condemnatory. I’m a well traveled filipina and believe me I’ve encountered so many dishonest people in America, con men in the UK, racism in Australia, discrimination in Czech Republic, thieves in Paris, etc. Dishonesty is not owned by one country alone. Reekays vlogs here presents his experiences in my country and unfortunately, it is a venue for some to judge a country and its people.

    2. ChernobylPizza trust me you dont have to be tall as in the philippines anything goes being tall , short , fat thin just does not come into it , you have only got to travel in a jeepney or mini bus for 30 mins and within that time if its full of women at least 2 are gonna show an interest in you regardless of how tall your are or anything else . it happened to me last week on the way home from a mall I was with my partner who noticed one girl in particular who kept smiling at me she just grabbed my arm and glared at the girl , it happens just be aware of it as many dont care if your with someone

  17. Good topic. Good video. This was one I’ve thought about as well and you kinda answered a theory I had in my head based on how I see Filipinas interact with each other On my FB page. They will check to see if there’s other Filipinas there and MAY talk with them. The other thing is I’ve talked to a Filipina or two on a dating site who’ve said they had relatives on other Islands or they themselves may live on the same island you might be talking to another woman on. These islands may be look big but they seem to make them look small. LOL.

    1. +Rav Ssa as i’ve said often in previous videos, “either have variety without a wife or g/f… or be exclusive to your wife or g/f. but don’t do both.” i haven’t cheated or shared with any of my last 4 g/f’s. if i wanted a mistress i wouldn’t be in a relationship. but if a person is going to have one they need to think it through first.

  18. Hi Reekay, rich old filipino’s who has mistress usually buy their mister condo’s so they can easily spend their “Quality together” in secret. And the condo is named to the mistress as well as here “gift”.

    1. yes, true. i often get ‘dirty looks’ from the older filipino women when with lyn, they think i am a married filipino out with a mistress. older filipino men with money, it’s a common thing in the PH. same in mexico.

  19. What a great video. How common is the opposite situation – a married woman with a… part-time “job”? I went to Cebu City once and within my first five minutes in some fancy-shmancy mall, a middle-aged women approached me. We had coffee; I got her number and called her the next day. A guy answered, and little old naive me assumed it was her older brother. After I said my name, he answered, “Who the hell is (name)? Who are you? Where are you now?” I immediately hung up.

    1. no. nothing has changed since then other than there are now more women open to this option than back then. filipinas are far more open-minded in relationship-arrangements than ever.

    1. you can find plenty of them on the SMS apps, such as badoo, wechat, viber, whatsapp, etc. most women on there are P2P on some level and open for an arrangement.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I think the guy is nuts…chats her online for a week..sends her 30k peso…and sends same amount monthly.. shows up 2 months later with engagement ring and proposes marriage and promise to buy her 2 lots..one with a house and 2nd with apartment building…I think he is on to me and basically keeps her on cam 24/7..even watches her sleep. so we don’t get much time together anymore and once they marry I’m completely out of her life

    2. if these guys only understood that money does NOT buy loyalty, or love. there are good filipina women who are faithful. but it isn’t money that motivates them.

  20. A mistress in the Phil. is a kept woman, not a paid hooker. More like a concubine. A mistress is usually a second wife with whom the man has kids with. I think you have observed wrong regarding this topic. What you are describing is a girlfriend.

    1. it’s more a matter of varying definitions. a mistress can be a mistress even without being ‘kept’. she may be a mistress because she loves the married man. so, being ‘kept’ is not a required element to being a mistress. some consider a woman a ‘mistress’ only if she is with a married man. my purpose here was to look at the arrangements along with their pros and cons.

  21. This is all true no matter if you’re in the PI, or somewhere else…Where ever a Filipino community exists they will act the same way. I live in Hawaii and they all know me forever…

  22. As always Reekay you know your shit bro, oh! your much younger then me, but it’s the same way with Italians lol we are all related one way or antother . luv your info videos.

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