Have you heated water this way? It makes me nervous.

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There’s something about sticking an electric cord in water that makes me nervous. Your experience??
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  1. Bud. Itโ€™s kinda sad that after all you, and your wife have done in life that you have to go back to life without a hot water shower. I love the Philippines. I was stationed there more than 50 years ago, and returned for visits in 2016. I found that even staying in very nice resorts hot water was a luxury.

  2. They use the same Idea heating water in horse and cattle troughs in the USA. Most have a cage around the heating element… Cowboy up Bud!

  3. Wow, don’t know if you would want to do that every time, I would just boil a pot of water we did this alot when we didn’t have hot water, or invest in a Portable Hot Water Meter on the wall and you can take it with you if you had to move for some reason. I was kind of jumpy when you put that in the bucket Bud, thanks for sharing!

  4. My friend, pause for a moment and think about what you just did. Stand barefoot, in a shower basin, next to running water, holding a live electric cord, attached to a live electric heater, made in some factory for a dollar, and trusting that there would not be a short circuit. At a minimum please wear chinellas. The instruction to turn on / off only before submersion and after withdrawal makes no sense to me. Anyway, Mabuhay and of course Happy Hot Bathing! ๐Ÿ‘

  5. lol. I use it all the time. I hate the cold showers. It changed my life. It works fast and it doesnt use much electricity at all. My wife accidentally put her hand in it and she is still my wife….and vertical. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mr. Brown, it’ll do you better if you heat the water in a cooking pot outside the bathroom, first. Wait until it boils. Then, when it’s hot to your liking, with that pot, go to the bathroom, pour that water into half a bucket of running water and, voilรก, you’ve got a bucket of warm water! Using that cord, in the long run, could cost you.

  7. Yes.. I used it in Bulacan .. I also was nervous about it.. but the Filipino’s used it.. it worked, and I used it too. Seem’s like something you wouldn’t see in the US. haha

  8. It’s like a homemade water heater you take as tension cord and 2 pieces of metal put this tension cord on each piece of metal put a separator between the 2 pieces of Metal like Would plug extension cord in and put the Meadow in the water and electricity conducts between the 2 pieces of metal and heats up the water

  9. I would never use it , if it malfunctions it will be very dangerous no way , am sure it will deteriorate after little use probably made in china so want be top quality .Be careful Mr Brown ?

  10. You didn’t have “Stingers” back when you were in the Navy? You used them to heat a cup of water for your instant coffee or tea. Same concept but on a larger scale. Post the info. I’ll get me one for my GF.

  11. We use them alot for our animals in the winter to keep their water thawed out. We have them set on timers. It’s a heating element just like in an house electric water heater. Just alot smaller element. Perfectly safe to use. Never had a problem. They even make them to go inside a coffee cup to heat up your water.

  12. Such luxury in the provinces, a hot bath. Years past I saw, “Becoming Filipino” sitting inside a large round pot outside. And under the pot he had s wooden fire. He was inside the water with some herbs bathing. Honest, can you imagine that? TOO FUNNY TO IMAGINE!

  13. I’ve gone through two of those (bought at the same store too). I used it to heat the dish water. I use a plastic tub placed in the stainless steel sink well. Eventually, after repeated daily use, the cord began to get too hot to hold onto as I attempted to unplug it, and it even melted my cheap electric strip I had mounted under the kitchen shelves. They say the black flakes it produces are a result of minerals in the water being, somehow, extracted – I don’t know about that. I’ve only carelessly managed to loosen my fillings a half dozen times – sure wakes you up. I’d suggest you wear a pair of shoes while handling it on a tile floor. Maybe a small dry bath mat would be in order as well. In other words, Bud, don’t be part of the ground path. Ten minutes should be more than enough time for that amount of water – keep an eye on it. It’s just an immersion heater, but on a slightly grander scale than the ones used to heat a pitcher of water. Those types even have the metal coil exposed without that yellow jacket. As a note: there is also a brown disk heater sold for well water – same price at the same place. You and I have that fancy Dumaguete city water, so yellow for us. By the way, my partner worried so much about its safety (especially after she grabbed my arm one evening while she leaned on the bare part of the metal sink) that I now just use a large kettle to heat the dish water.

  14. I would do the plugging and unplugging before I went into the cr no matter what the instructions say. A few years ago I had a problem with my water heater due to basement flooding. I used a 5 gallon bucket with about 3 gallons of tap water and heated it up with about 1.5 liters of boiling water from an electric water kettle. Worked pretty good. The electric kettle boiled the water in about 5 minutes so it didn’t really slow me down in the morning.

  15. Bud, that’s scarier than throwing a toaster in a bathtub! I’ve put a black bucket of water in the sun with pretty good results. The only issue is that you have to lug that bucket of water all the way to the bathroom without creating a hazard by spilling water. The water has gotten a little too hot at times though.

  16. Hey Bud, I think people buy these when they can’t find a tall building to jump off of ๐Ÿ˜‚
    We don’t have a water heater in the shower either, we just heat in our electric kettle and pour into 3/4 full bucket. Be careful Bud, don’t want to be visiting you in SUMC…again ๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. Bud I’m a retired electrician and I wouldn’t try that even on a good day, bare feet on a concrete floor with water and electric not a good combination. Better send Gloria out for CPR CLASSES OR EVEN BETTER GET A REAL WATER HEATER, WE ALL WANT YOU AROUND ALOT LONGER.

  18. Hello Bud. I feel the same for we have been taught that water and electricity donโ€™t mix. It could make for a bad hair day. LOL God Bless

  19. I have that style of heating element. I fill the bucket with about 4 inches or water. I then put the element in the water and plug it in the outlet. Never use it with an extension cord of any type

  20. Suicide heaters…. Usually one would use that heater OUTSIDE the bathroom with a smaller bucket, then mix both the cold and heated water. Ratio usually is 4:1 or 5:1 . For older folks, just buy the wall mounted ones. (Dont ever ! Bring an Extension chord inside the C.R, your Just asking for trouble)

  21. Trust your instincts Bud, best place to insert it would be a rubbish bin (trash can). Safer to buy a wall mounted instant water heater, or go without showering, they say you become accustomed to your own smell ๐Ÿ˜ท. Anyway you’ve been there for a while now, I’d have thought you’d become used to cold water showers by now? Thanks as always for your videos, keep them coming please.

  22. it’s easy to heat water that way. I was able to try that. just be sure you are wearing rubber flip flops. plug the electric heater first before putting it in the pail of water. then when you ate done, remove the heater from the pail first before you unplug.

  23. I remember the days when I was stationed in Cubi Point and living in town. I had a four burner stove, In the morning I would heat up all 4 pots of water. I had a large container, a medium bucket and the scooper.

    I kept replace the hot water from the stove so I got a good solid shower. Mixing the right amount of cold with hot water was the trick.

  24. I grew up in the Denver area. We called them water heaters. When I moved to Louisiana they call them hot water heaters. It just doesn’t sound right to me. Here they call a garden hose a hose pipe. I have heard other people use those terms too. I would be concerned about that water heater too. Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  25. Bud,,,,Just boil up your electric jug…
    Electricity,,,,water,,,,,$10 heater,,,,,plastic cover,,,,,made in China….
    What could go wrong???…

    (You are my new SUPA HERO)..

  26. are you crazy ? stop that . you put your hand on a live electric cord and stuck your hand in the water at the same time to test the water . that is stupid man .

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