Harvesting Some Of The Corn From Near The Azolla Pits

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  1. You need to the 3 sister plants Corn, green bean and squash they all help each other grow the Native Americans used to grow them together google it lol love the videos just recently subscribed to Maricals channel keep up the good work

  2. Rats used to invade a grapefruit tree here and eat ping pong ball sized holes in the ripe grapefruit. I’d sit out there near dusk with a pellet rifle and watch them come from as far as the eye could see, running down the telephone and cable lines, some would go to each home that had tasty treats. Best way to slow them down here is the wax blocks of poison nailed in the tree – sunflower seed, corn, nuts embedded in wax blocks with warfarin blood thinner. They seemed to like those better than the grapefruit. Never ending fight, at grapefruit ripening time. Florida.

  3. Brian, if you remove the tarp from an azolla pit and keep filling the pit with water, would it self-seal like your pond did? I am not sure how close the clay soil is to the surface.

  4. You may want to think about replacing that rotting tarp with concrete. The poor quality of tarp rots way to fast and is going to make this upkeep and replacement a nightmare. I am sure cementing in those rows would be costly but replacing that tarp and the labor costs every couple of months will make it well worth it.

  5. That’s the problem with killing the cobras, their prey multiplies!
    But, of course there is a balance in regard to the danger of having the snakes.
    Most snakes will get of the way, given
    enough time, have to stomp ones
    feet as you walk!!
    Back in Africa, had so many different snakes, cobras, mambas, vipers, adders etc.
    Most of the time never saw one.
    Just when say when clearing a termite hill, might get an angry black mamba come at you.
    They will chase you down the road ( happened to my friends gardener!, fortunately he was a fast runner !!)

  6. Brian – about how long will it take to dry – do you turn them now and then or move them around? If put in a clean crib like that when it dries can it be ground and used for people food to? Looking like you are back on track and will be able to supplement your manok feed

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