Happy Valentine’s Day!! (Zoey Goes to Barangay Hall for Her Jabz)

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  1. Vaccines are toxic chemicals, dude! Just google for Del Bigtree, or Robert F Kennedy, Jr, to learn the true agenda (depopulation) by globalists running the countries! Bill Gates, the WHO and the CDC have been brainwashing the public for decades! Mom’s milk is ALL baby needs for healthy, natural immunity! You vaccinating you’re baby just shows how brainwashed you and 90% of the populace are, sadly!

  2. My second trip to the Philippines was scheduled for March 13 last year. It got cancelled and now it has been 14 months since I’ve seen my palangga! Really hoping they open the country back up soon!

  3. My Mrs won’t go to Barangays for our son’s injections … she isn’t convinced about the qualifications of the jabbers or if the needles are reused. Any thoughts guys & gals?

  4. The family are wonderful! You’re totally free to vaxnciate your baby. I never had any vacinces growing up. Strangely I never came down with typhoid or anything weird like that. A lot of vacnciated people have come down with Dengue, however.

  5. Have you guys ever get her into the Gerber cuteness baby contest you got my vote congratulations shes cutessst baby ever talagang cute Na cute specially when she smiles it would melt the ice here in Anchorage alaska u.s.a baby flipina mabuhay…

  6. I watched a documentary the other day about vaccinations in the Philippines and I was surprised that polio is still around and kills thousands of children every year in the Philippines and beautiful baby

  7. family member was affected by Polio lived to be a good age of 89 passed away a few years ago. she got sorta lucky and was only affected in the legs by the time they figured out a vaccine for it and a delivery method to get it done. Sad that theres many against vaccine but what can ya do

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