1. Paul, Mae is super nice and nice looking too, easy on the eyes. Why don’t you get her some super stylish glasses. Not that anything is wrong about the ones she has. But maybe some nice blue or red frames.

  2. Yea felt the same last night. Was good to sleep in also! Your analytics are like a drunken Sailor ha! I agree when you ask for help is a different game. Will pray for your Son also, is a tough demon to conquer . Hang some missle toe it’s time HA!

  3. Hey Paul! Glad to know you are feeling better. When life makes you have a bad day in retirement just go back to bed and skip that day. LOL Looking forward to any new interviews but don’t blame you if you don’t want to do them. LOL Quitting smoking and watching your weight at the same time is a tough one. Oral fixation has to be replaced with something temporarily whether it is gum food or exercise. Finding something to replace the smoking time gaps are also important. I had to quit drinking coffee and alcohol because the cigarettes went so well together with both. You can do it Paul. Good luck and God Bless.

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