Happy 4th Of July Everyone

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  1. 4th of July used to be a holiday in the Philippines called Fil-Am Friendship Day. Also the day when the USA granted independence to the Philippines.

  2. Gretings from vancouver canada. Sir bryan.. please eat 1 to 2 bananas everyday and a bit of black pepper on your rice or soup each day. These can help eradicate the build up of nicotine in your body…to clear out your lungs.. try thyme rich in carvacol and orange peel tea rich in flavonoid best in the prevention of lung infection.. God bless

  3. Top of the morning and evening to you and I hope all is well. Happy 4 of July and many more to come. So many wonderful things have come from this mess. Business is good much like a cherry tree ready for the pricking.

  4. I caught the MERS virus 3 years ago. My doctor said the MERS virus is a covid virus. He thought that the antibodies in my blood would fight the new virus.

  5. Greetings to you both. Enjoying your life and thank you for sharing. Is there a plan to incase the new well so it doesn’t cave in??

  6. Hi guys, hope the christening went well.
    Up here where I live in pangasinan, it is the custom to have birthday party for the new baby every month, for the first year.
    Maricel’s the same? Just as a matter of interest?

  7. generations of our babies had “aceite de manzanilla” (oil of manzanilla)- available in all Philippine drugstores- rubbed on bellies of colicky babies… and boy did it really provide relief for all crying babies and for sleepless moms/pops

  8. you are funny Brian take the ribs out hahahahah you cant got one of those back scratches to i use some times to reach things i cant reach

  9. I know you’re busy with a new baby and Mitch’s pigs and the well. I commend what you are doing. I have a question. I am a person who attracts mosquitoes. I have to wear long sleeves and long pants all summer. How do you fight the mosquitoes? They hit me all day long in Texas in the summer. I’m afraid I wouldn’t last long there. Please tell me how you deal with them. Thank you for all you’ve done!

  10. I’ve been through Chico. Anyone who has ever been through northern California knows there isn’t much of anything north of Sacramento. I’ve driven through California from high north to deep down south a couple times. Redding to San Diego. I’ve driven through Las Vegas. California can keep north Cali. I like Los Angeles and San Diego. I will definitely go back to Las Vegas. I have also been from Cave Junction Oregon To Portland Oregon. I drove from the bottom of Nevada to the top to Reno. Nevada is yuck except Vegas. I went to Tijuana Mexico and Mexicali Mexico. I’ve been around. Brian I think you were a trucker right? If so, you been around too!

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