Greenwich Pizza – Food Review, Philippines

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  1. Henry Sbarro sucks IMO! We ate there one time when we were in Bohol and it was absolutely hands down the worst pizza I ever had. Just goes to show how each persons taste differs.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Even my wife, who is Filipino thought S’barro was the worst. However, you are right they do have a wide variety of choices. 

    2. Yah, and it could have been that particular franchise outlet.  There’s also Shakey’s and Pizza Hut, but I’m burned out on them from the States.  What I like about S’Barro’s is the wider variety of items.  Greenwich is basic fast-food.  Overall, I like Yellow Cab pizza the most.  I actually ran into someone who like Alberto’s Pizza!!  ha!, go figure.

  2. A brief look at the pizza franchise, Greenwich Pizza.  Very popular in the Philippines for pizza, chicken and spaghetti.

    1. hi ive eaten at greenwich in surigao city with my fiance and the pizza was delicious and the spagbol and your right its really cheap especially with the uk pound being really high at the moment about 75pasos to the pound ..keep safe and keep on posting…cheers……

  3. hey man, like all your videos seen em all!!  Holy Crap have you lost the weight good for you!!  Appreciate all your opinions on things i think you have a fairly well rounded view cant wait to see more. Ive been to the PI twice and loved 95% of everything that there is period!  The other 5% is the bs crime and the filth but like you say no different anywhere else in the world.  The only thing i wish you filmed more of is interacting with the locals, just constructive criticism, but anyways like and appreciate what you do keep on rockin in a free world! 

  4. lol i love its okayyyyy, its good enough to eat for the money right???  This all reminds me, what ever happened with the bacon farm after the typhoon???

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thats good!!  So yeah I live in WI so i understand 3 seasons here cold freezing cold and summer so im fascinated as to how the animals deal with the heat?  I mean even here in our lame summers pigs get so hot that they cover themselves in the mud to stay cool, and our warm climate is 2/3 maybe of the PI.  Really wondering about raising animals in that climate because my soon to be wife is a native filipina and when we’re old and grey, instead of the old folks home i thought it would be cool to raise some animals in the PI bust just cant figure on how to keep the herd healthy

    2. We lost about 15 piggies.. along with the caretaker nipa hut.  It got hit hard, all the pen roofs were destroyed along with some of the walls.  But piggies are back up to about 65 and profits are going to rebuilding what was damaged.  🙂

  5. I eat Greenwich pizza from time to time at a mall on Mactan.  I give it a B or a B+.  It didnt seem as cheap as yours was.   A medium size pizza was about $8 USD if I remember right..   Perhaps 70% of what it would be in the USA.  It is funny how everything tastes just a little bit different in Cebu…the sauce has different spices than in the USA, the cheese is different the crust is not the same.    I notice that even at McDonalds. You can buy the same things as in the USA but it all tastes different.  McDonalds ice cream I like better in Cebu than here in Montana.  At the mall I stop in and get a McDonalds vanila cone for 10 pesos….23 cents.    Thanks for the videos.   I watch most of them….sometimes I comment too much I think.

    1. I think the taste difference is from fillers in the beef here in the PH, especially with Jollibee.  And here they might use other sweeteners for the ice-cream.  I’ve been to the Greenwich at Grand Mall.  And.. comment all you like!  🙂

  6. Have you tried Kenny Rogers Roasters yet? we ate there with her friend and the bill was a little over 500 pesos. The meal came with a whole roasted chicken, rice drinks and some vegetables. Not bad for three people in a mall!

    1. Sounds good!  I’ll have try it, they are at Ayala Mall in Cebu, not seen one in Dumaguete yet.  I like the Joe’s Chicken Inato.. really great marinade they use on roasted chicken there!

  7. Hey Ricky you need to get out of the mall, there is a wonderful place just down the street called Garcia’s Resto bar Restaurant. It is about 1.5 km from the mall you will love there pizza.

    1. I actually don’t eat at the mall much, but since so many expats hit the mall I figured I’d review some food there.  I usually either cook at home or hit up some BBQ place along the road I haven’t tried yet.  Lots of nice mom-n-pop restos around if just walking around or riding the scooter is how I find them usually.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines After this severe winter I’ve vowed to eventually live where I never have to see another snowflake again. lol I’ll give up great pizza for hot weather and make my own. I predict you do a future video where you make your own burrito since you do like to cook.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines There’s Taco Bell in the PH, though there are only three branches and all of them are in Manila.
      Speaking of Mexican food, have you tried Maya, Burrito Babes and La Lucha/La Lagrima? I don’t know if it’ll pass your standards but I do think that the food there is better than Mooon’s.
      And also, my cousin says that the pizza at Pizzeria Michelangelo is good.
      All of the restaurants that I’ve mentioned are in Cebu btw. 🙂

    3. Chicago has some cold weather.. but I would love to go there someday simply for the pizza.. I hear it’s THE place to get a real ‘pie’ as they say.  As for Mexican food in the PH.. absolutely NOTHING that is even Taco Bell grade.  The only good Mexican food I’ve had in the PH has been at a friend’s house who is half-Mexican and cooks it himself.  🙂   As for MOOOn’s Cafe.. forget it, if I ever do enter their doors again, I’ll order the pork chop.

  8. Sbarro’s and Yellow Cab definitely serve better pizza but at a steeper price.  Can’t wait for you to try Mexicalli. It’s the only local chain I know that serves “mexiacan” food.

  9. I think I will head over to Boston Pizza (here in North America) and make sure I get a nice big helping of Rice with my Pizza.   Hahaha.. they would look at me like I have 3 heads.

  10. I tried Greenwich Pizza twice, in Manila and Bicol, before I saw this, btw. Got the Maximum Overload, and Hawaiian pizzas. I thought the toppings were top-notch, but found the crust a little soggy. Still, not bad, as you said. My friends considered Sbarro’s a little pricey for what you get, and to be honest, I’ve never had it. But I did notice that Sbarro’s did have the longest lines in the food courts, by far. As a cook, that says a lot, and adds credibility to your piece.

  11. Like you said, Greenwich Pizza is just “OK”, for a basically machine made conveyor belt pizza.  From what I hear the best pizza is in Loboc, “Village Pizza”. It’s double baked in a 1,000 degree wood fired oven, it’s made right in front of you using all fresh ingredients straight out of the fridge., the dough is made fresh and can get it made thick or thin crust both with a crispy crust up to 14″..  They are opening up another unit in Baclayon on the National Highway and is now available for franchisees to obtain a turn key shop with the staff all hired and trained as well.  The franchise units are totally built and stocked.  All the new owner needs to do is open the doors and he’s in business.   
    You need to try this place, it’s quite nice and the staff is great…

  12. Don Lamoine..  I’ve been to Village Pizza over on Loboc, you’re right.. great oven-backed pizza.  I’d like to see it franchised to more places since that type of ‘rocket oven’ pizza is hard to come by in the PH.  Good stuff.. i had 2 pizzas just by myself last time I was there.  🙂

  13. I’ve missed out when it comes to good pizza there then. I ALWAYS eat at Greenwich as it just tastes so much better than Pizza here in Canada. Maybe it’s the dough or cheese. Sidenote..I wish I had the courage to take public videos haha..I’m too shy but to be able to show my family here in Canada how Me and my wife and daughter live while in the philippines would be great hehe

    1. I’ll still eat at Greenwich every 3 weeks or so.  But I’ve had some pretty good wood-fired pizzas that were much better at other places.  The ones at Pasta King (wood fired oven) are good, located in Dumaguete.  I have a video on them here..  ‘Pasta King’ Italian Food in Dumaguete, Philippines

  14. This is my second comment and we’ve done some changes since your last visit.  In addition to Village pizza in Loboc, five weeks ago we opened a second unit in Baclayon at the Petron Station there.
    The original location was the flagship unit in Loboc with the intentions to franchise from the start.  However, since Baclayon  has opened it is representative of what a franchise unit will look like and aside from some document completion we are ready to offer Village pizza unit to the public for turn key franchise unit.  Because we could not get final clearance of the name we have since changed the name to”Villagio’s Pizza (A Village Pizza Haus)
    villagio’s is available for a full turn key operation unit.  We will do the demographic studies, select and build the unit, staff the location and completely train the staff and turn over the operating unit to a Franchisee.  The total cost will vary depending on the size of the unit and will range from 600,000 to 800,000 Pesos.  This includes all construction and equipment cost ready  to operate.  These units are very profitable and can easily be operated with an absentee owner or operated as a family business.  These units are very attractive and inviting.  
    I invite you to visit Baclayon’s  Villagio’s Pizza and see how we operate and how this can be a profitable venture anywhere wihin the Philippines or outside the country.  Outside the Philippines we are in the position to offer a master franchise those interested in multiple unit location.
    Please visit face book at Village Pizza Loboc and watch for our developments or contact me at :…….I look forward to talking with you……
    Currently working with potential franchisees in Cebu and Vietnam……..

  15. Went to Greenwich Pizza at the Mega Center in Cabanatuan. Being from Wisconsin probably has something to do with my low rating of a D. The cheese and meat toppings are just not very good, and the sauce is very weak, similar to filipino spaghetti sauce with little or no Italian seasoning. Jolli bee was just as disappointing but I really didnt expect much from them. Chow King on the other hand I thought was very good and I love the sesame seed coated balls that come with every meal. Now if you are a bit homesick Mc Do tastes exactly like it does in the States and was a real pleasant surprise. I plan to make my own woodfired pizza oven and make it from scratch.

  16. That’s a great bargain for lunch or dinner! Here in the U.S., would be $20 or more lol. Could you do more grocery shopping video pls? You did last time, but it was about booze prices and I don’t drink lol. I want to see the price of meat, vegetables, seafood, etc in the grocery store. I know palengke has cheaper, but I want to compare and see the difference regarding safety and fda approvals. Thanks!

    1. no idea. however, greenwich pizza is owned by the jollibee corporation. jollibee also owns the majority stock in mang inisal, chowking, red ribbon bakeries and back around 2012 they bought out all the burger kings in the PH. i remember that because i was bummed that upon my arrival the BK’s were turned into Jollibee’s so.. no more Diablo or $6 burgers to be found.

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