Great To Be Free Again! I Love Thailand.

Vlog#858 Today we finish our trip in Udon Thani and make the drive back to That Phanom. We do some shopping on the way home and talk about our next up coming trip. Great to to be Free again.
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  1. Hey Chuck, the mailing address I got from you r info shows only chuck and paige for name . do I need to add Hunicutt and is that spelled right?

  2. Just bought my self a 4k drone.
    There awesome Chuck. I got a second hand, new condition
    DJI phantom 3, professional.
    Grate little investment for $900 AUD.

  3. Three thumbs up! Well done with speaking thai and challenging yourself by going back to school. It’s great to hear you speak thai, I understand more thai when farang speak thai than when thai pod thai. Strange. I think it’s the accent.
    Super informative around driving around parts of Thailand…the rules of the road and tickets.

  4. Nice to see Chuck living his best life ….especially in the times were in…Im in Southern Calif and its a wreck…watching these videos even if only for 30 min it puts my mind in a better place

  5. The last vid was 42 mins. Long I admit I didn’t watch. But I have to say udon was interesting thanks for this vid. Frank’s you know the slogan😎 the restaurant you ate at was pretty cool , the whole area headed inside. Thanks guys it was great too see.

  6. The seaweed is called sea grapes or green caviar it’s very popular in Japanese cuisine, I like it, my favorite sushi restaurant serves it on the side with the sushi. Thanks for sharing your mini vacation, many blessings to you, Paige and family πŸ™πŸΌ
    Cheers 🍻

  7. Chuck carefull if you take picture or video any beer with a name on it there fining people for doing so ,someone got fined 50000 baht because they took picture of bear and put on face book check Bangkok post for story pleased to see your having fun take care. 😁

  8. Hi Chuck and Paige, great video. Are you planning anything for the school kids this year since the school will be starting pretty soon? It will be real tough this year for the parents due to business shutdown. BTW glad to see that they do have Sriracha from California.

  9. I enjoy watching your VLOG, I’m Thai/Cambodian American who grew up in Houston, TX, probably not too far from you and now living in Hawaii. I’m getting pretty fed up w/life, political situation and divisive nature in the US. I’ve recently been watching your show to find the best part of Thailand to move to when I’m 50. I’m currently 45 and been living in the US since 1979 & too young to remember Thailand. Great insight and would like to see you cooking some of your favorite Thai food in front of your house. 😁

  10. Hello Chuck and Paige, hehe now I know (insert light bulb) the head Monk at the Temple I go to always says “you decide” LOL
    Question: Is there New Zealand products in the large stores that you saw, or is it sparse ? Maybe ask you again when imports go back to normal, btw we are convid 19 free here and maybe amongst the first countries tourists allowed into Thailand.
    Another great vlog thanks for taking us along, all the best for school (remember to take an apple, or Golden Kiwi fruit from you know where snok snok, take care.

  11. Another great vlog. I guess you must think e-biking is not for you since you refuse to take up my offer to go for a tour of Phra Song. It may not be for you. I won’t bug you anymore.

  12. do you know what chuck i have stopped all that writing down and that with the phone when i go to stores yesterday i was in big c and marco in big c i had forgotten my mask in the car and was rejected it is totally ok but when i see a totally thai family without a mask being allowed to go in and act without a mask and not a bit of a finger then i get a little mad the same thing happened in marco and as i am two i go down to the local police station and inquire about it could be real and don’t you think there were 8 cops without a mask and talked to me i don’t feel very welcome i get rejected without a mask but thai people don’t care

  13. singer is no 1 in thailand and i know well most want leo or chang but i also know why but you probably won’t believe me if i told you

  14. Hi Chuck and Paige Crikey Guys we are missing you, oh wow guess what, i got a Pineapple pie from 7 11 SO YUMMY. Great video. gonna try a et a built in GPS when we get it then we can plan a trip to see you before Arnie goes to school

  15. The last time I was in Udon Thani was in 1973 so to see it now… wow it has changed. From only the main streets being paved, from water in homes mainly being in cisterns…. now it’s so much more like the states…. Fortunately the people are still very laid back, cool, nice. As long as you realize that eastern people see things in a different light for priorities, you will do just fine in Thailand these days. Just try to learn as much Thai language as possible… that will make you life much richer in Thailand.

  16. Driving points mentioned…Thank goodness for more relaxed driving regs and easy going drivers in Thailand, nothing worse than a wannabe law enforcement officer and/or angry citizen trying to enforce ‘the law’…..

  17. Your snippets of info (and mostly unknown to even most seasoned westerners living in the kingdom) are impressive. I love watching your channel, so very subtly accurate, with humble tones…kudos and thank you to you

  18. LMAO I don’t dare take my elderly parents into a place like that here in Canada costco is bad enough i’d lose them both. Dad’s easy just head to the meat section i’ll always find him there or in the fruits and veg section. Mom on the other hand is harder when your looking for a little grey haired old lady, but truly tuff when there is more than a few of them in the store lol. I keep threatening them with a GPS tag so i’ll never lose them. As far as driving in Thailand lose what you think is right in your home country toss it out it won’t work there i think.

  19. Thailand might be opening up but until other countrys follow suit and let us travel I think the thai enconomy will suffer for some time, cant wait to get back and spend my $$$ in thailand

  20. We are free er but not all the way back. Sure would be nice to be able to go to a restaurant and enjoy a nice bottle of wine cocktail or a beer. Not possible in Bangkok just yet. Rumor has it could be next weekπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Nice videoπŸ‘

  21. The great to see you happy again you out of your depression have a wonderful day and by the way the lock down here in Turkey is over this week after 3 months yippee

  22. Hi Chuck, on a video beforehand you were in a 711 and mentioned a packet of stuff in a silver package that was good for an upset stomach or parasites. Do you know the name of it? Anyway good to see you out and about again. πŸ‘

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