Great Place for Tacos/Burritos.. in Valencia, Negros Oriental – Philippines

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    1. @Bradley B. tortillas are hand-made there. could be a little thicker so they hold together better, but all in all very tasty. i liked it. 🙂

    1. @Jon M even with someone else managing (hard to find a good manager) it’s still a full-time job the way i’d want to run it. i have too many other things i’d have to put aside to run a resto. but who knows, maybe when i “settle down” i’ll make it a new project. 🙂

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Ok Henry, if mexican food is is a scarcity in Dumaguette that begs the question, with your history and experience in the culinary arts, your desire to have various businesses and Lyn’s need for a job why don’t you open a mexican style reastaurant or kiosk? You wouldn’t have to actually work in it after you trained your employees. Seems like you made refernce to this topic before but I don’t recall your answer, no interest I think you might have said.

    3. @MrMongo321 considering the spanish and mexican history, i’m surprised that mexican and/or tex-mex food is so hard to find in the PH. i will definitely be visiting this place more often. i love the ride up there too, very nice and cool.

  1. OK I’ll try the tacos and the burritos and I’ll have a cold Cerveza maybe a Corona with a slice or lime on the side or Dos XX ….hehehehe Got any refried beans and guacamole and some chile verde salsa on the side with some taco chips. hehehehe

  2. Henry it’s like what came first the chicken or the egg?lol ,,in dumaguete its what came first “the reekay or the taco shop?” You’re on a roll with the food finds lately…ok I have this feeling you went back for another already,,heehe,,,,you are doing good bro..BTW did I (we) miss something,,,?meaning where is lynn?hope you bring her Byrons and tacos….Thanks

    1. That’s rough only one day off,,I have to say the Filipinas are some high grade woman.I wish I’d of known this all 10 years ago,,but I’m still young enough yet old enough to make the last chapter in my dash amazing.☺

    2. @Stu Stewart lyn has to work from 8a to 5p, and only gets one day off a week. 🙁 so i pretty much still shoot most of the vids on my own. she and went to lord byron’s for the beef soup today.. was very good!

    1. @RHOK Hardenup not just foreigners.. sometimes waiting in line, the customer and cashier will know each other or be related and things get kinda side-tracked. it’s part of why things move a little slower here. even in traffic i see people slow down if they see their neighbor or friend on the sidewalk.

    2. @RHOK Hardenup ha! might seem like it. but here the people are very informal and open to conversation. makes it easy to be friendly. 🙂

    1. @Jacob Payne for shots like this one, i use a ‘monopod’ with an angled mount. it takes a bit of practice to keep it centered and steady, but has worked out okay. eventually i’d like to get an actual gimbal/steadycam for my videos later.

    1. @john Smith yes, that should be no problem other than the extra cost. 🙂 i would say pack as light as possible, but bring plenty of short sleeved shirts, shorts. not much need for pants.

  3. I always wonder about food cleanliness. I notice in a lot of your videos, whether they are open air markets or not, a lot of the food seems to be left on a table or unrefrigerated. Have you ever had any issues with any form of illness?

    1. @boatswainsm8 i seem to do fine with street food. been eating all over mexico streets, los angeles and now the PH.. only got sick once and that was in calif from some old mayo on a corn on the cob. (now i just get butter ‘n salt) however other g/f’s of mine (filipina) have gotten sick from fish in lemon juice that was late in the day. i’m not much of a fish eater apart from sushi or sushimi. a buddy of mine got hep-a about two weeks ago but is fine now. just kinda the luck of the draw and where you choose to eat. most everything i get off the street is bbq’d.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines We are too good of friends for me to move in on your action my friend!  Tacos look good though!  Byron’s was amazing!!

  4. Now was it really good Kuya Henry or your taste for food just declining from being in the Philippines over 2 yrs now? hehe. jk Kuya. Im just jealous that’s all.. Im still on the search for that good Mexican Restaurant in my neck of the woods. No luck yet! 🙁

    1. @TokTokCali Vlogs good stuff! my mom or gramma would have used a little more salt on the chili verde, but even so.. very good!

  5. Henry, I really enjoy your video thanks for posting them. Hopefully one of these year’s I will come out there and experience the things that you have done in your videos. I can actually see my self doing some adventures and retiring there! Keep on posting more. Have a good weekend! Sincerely Jeff..

  6. What is it with that lady,  she was looking  at you as you were a BUG from another planet…   that was too funny,  and then you sat down to eat and she was still checking you out,  but with a weird look, hahahah,,   i was cracking up   ,,,  You know the girls dont seem to understand half the stuff your telling them.,,, heheehe,, 

  7. Henry, those tacos looked about 100 times better than Taco Bell and  they were packed with deliciousness and a cute server ! I’d go there everyday…lol Thanks again! 

    1. @Johnny A i was just there again yesterday, met the owner. really cool guy with a passion for good food. we talked a bit and he’s going to try and add fish tacos soon, most likely on fridays. good stuff!

  8. Thanks Henry for the great video but we should educate your veiwers that this is not really Mexican food but Amerxican food which is Mexican with American influence. There is no such thing as cheese in real Mexican food but Amerxican food is very popular in modern culture hence the success of Taco Bell in America. I live in Orange County California just a 90 minite drive from the Mexican border and you would never find these dishes across the border. Thanks again for another great video of the Dumagete area.

    1. @Philo M In the southwest (calif, new mexico, arizona, texas).., we all know that ‘mexican food’ is really more of ‘tex-mex’ blend. but on a global audience, yah.. many people may not understand the difference. although if they are from outside of mexico chances are their only exposure to ‘mexican’ food was at a restaurant, not in mexico. but there is a huge overlap between ‘mexican’ and ‘tex-mex’.

  9. wow the prices are insane man , really ? does that seem cheap to you ? I mean its like you are in taco bell in the states ,I’m I wrong ?

    1. +lowie lucero The owner has to pay Henry for the advertisement of his business. I will surely visit this place one of these days.

    1. +KrisMTL that’s my own scooter, but there are about 4 places in town between the boardwalk and the mall to rent a scooter. about $120 usd to rent for a month. or about $7 if rented by the day. do not leave your passport there. a copy of your driver’s license is better.

  10. Oh my goodness!!! Yay finally a taco place. Still nothing like Mexico or even he tacos you find in the U.S. I’m Mexican and I’ve bee living in the Philippines for 3 years now, and I miss Mexican food sooooooooooo much! Thank you for this. I live in Bulacan, but if I ever go by there, that’s the first place in going to. Thanks again and God bless

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines that’s great! All I’ve made is Mexican Mole thanks to my mom who sends it to me in a balikbayan box lol. I haven’t found any good tortillas yet. But thank you for the reply, I’ll try to make something from scratch 😃 God bless you

    2. about 2 weeks ago i had some awesome burritos. and it was because i cooked my own beans (from scratch), made my own salsa and found some decent tortillas. i know how to make them but was feeling lazy. best bet for really good mexican food is to make it yourself. 🙂 anytime i need details on a recipe, i call my Mom and she walks me through it. when i visit her i shoot video of her cooking to look at later. cooking that last batch of pinto beans it was like she was here in the kitchen. 🙂

  11. Do you also eat alone in restaurant in the US? For some reason myself, I don’t want to eat alone at a restaurant here in the US, but whenever I’m in the Philippines, I don’t care if I’m alone, I will eat by myself at any restaurant.

    1. yes, they have moved a few hundred feet, now located between two of the structures across the street. i was just there 2 weeks ago. 🙂 (Oct/2016)

  12. Had to try this place so tonight I made the motorcycle ride from Bacong to Valencia. Since it’s wedged between two buildings it is a little hard to find, just look for the cactus sign on the road east of the park. I tried the La Bamba burrito and the chimichanga. The La Bamba burrito tasted excellent but my complaint would be it arrived lukewarm. The chimichanga was not to bad but putting the verde sauce on the top made it a winner. All this and a coke for 210 pesos, I would give this place two thumbs up. Muy Bien.

  13. OK espero verte pronto maniana estoy en dumaguete Me encntan tus blogs , y sieven de mucho ,, Me pienso quedar a vivir con mu GF ,asi que a rentar pronto , ok ME ENCANTO el video de la reunion de todos ustedes , OK saludos

    1. Hola Otra ves , Los de los tacos es fabuloso , Soy Argentino Americano de Florida ..Bueno eso lo hablamos otro dia ,, Ya estoy en obdulias hotel al lado del 7/11 A ponerme las pilas para conseguir un depot o casa amueblada . Este sera mi nuevo domicilio .. OYE You have a blog of a nice mariscos food // OK Espero conocernos . Gracias por tus Blogs consejos ..

    2. gracias. quiere que todo vaya bien por ustedes. mas videos vienen en fin de semana que viene. por ahorra, soy como el perro vago. 🙂

  14. Gotta give you props for eating out on the street…If I do that I’ll have the runs for several days…Just can’t eat street food or even at a buffet…I know I’ve missed a lot of great food but I just can’t do it…When I do I’m reaching for the Imodium trying to stop explosive diarrhea…Looked really tasty though…

    1. for decades i’ve eaten off the street in los angeles and mexico, so maybe i’m just accustomed to it. in 6 years here haven’t gotten sick from the food. but i never have seafood from roadside if it’s ceviche/raw type stuff. grilled fish or shrimps, yes.

  15. Yes, they have very tasty tacos, burritos, and much more. My wife and I have been there several times. It’s location has moved. It’s still in Valencia but next door to the ice cream store close to the market

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