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  1. I’m 24 years old and my GF is Filipina but I met her here in New York. She’s from Bicol and lives near a volcano called Mayon. So I was wondering if you been there? I plan on going one day for vacation.

  2. Henry, i’ve been watching your vids for a while now. Im a pinoy living in norcal now, and your videos make me miss home more. Btw, since you love traveling, I urge you to go up north to my home city, Baguio. Please do someday and make a video of your travel there. I know it’s too far from where you live right now (proof of that is me never setting foot in Bohol albeit being a fan of endless travels and road trips), but I assure you the northern part of the country has something to offer

  3. oh, and don’t worry. I know youre not much of a fan of big cities, but Baguio is not as crowded as manila. Plus, it’s the summer capital of the country, so I think that says a lot about its worth.

  4. Story behind that roll of multi-colored cabbage.. it was the first half of my money I got back from that whole scooter incident with ‘Baby’ the Pirate-Maid. I got an equally-sized roll a few weeks later and then moved off of Mactan to Bohol. I still have a soft-spot for Baby. But I counted the money anyway.

  5. Hmm, can’t say I’ve been there.. yet. But if I ever do go I’ll be sure to post some video on it. Wish you all the best with your girl. I met a Filipina in California and that’s how I found myself here 3 years later. 🙂

  6. Long story, short is.. she sold me her scooter which I paid for in payments while I kept it at my place. I paid it off in 2 weeks and had seen that she held the pink slip in her name. Once she got all the money, she didn’t want to hand over the pink slip. Mostly likely to use it at the pawn shop repeatedly to borrow money. Since she was already on parole, it was either return my money or she return to jail for violating parole for Swindling. Her Dad paid me back within 2 weeks.

  7. nice slideshow henry…especially “Mr Jimmy” hes like wilson in the movie castaway but the pinoy version hahahahah. i always look forward to your next video buddy makes me wish i was there with ya. ill be retiring here in about 1 1/2 yrs and ill be there in your shoes soon 🙂 until then ill just sit back, relax, and live the dream with ya thru ur vids…

  8. Yah.. Mr. Jimmy kept me company when I first moved in. He’d been hanging around in the yard for like, forever. He caught some kind of mold thing so he’s been sunning outside trying to get rid of that.

  9. Mr. Jimmy came down with the dropsy of some sort. So he’s been recouping out on the patio, needs some sun. Meanwhile I’ve been leaving him to watch the place while I ride my scooter around the island. I’d take him but, he rolls off the seat when I make turns.

    1. Because I’m online a lot and share much of my life, I’ve had some of the lunatic fringe make threats on me.  So I try to keep my home and personal relationships out of the spotlight for safety reasons.  Eventually I’ll do a video of the interior of my place, but for video the lighting is kinda low and didn’t come out well in the test shots I did.  Eventually I’ll get around to doing some interior shots.  🙂

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