Good News: IATA Calls For Pre-Flight Testing To Replace Quarantines – Globally

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  2. Great vlog Reekay. I got rapid Tested here in China for about 25.00 usd. They did a throat swab. The results came back in a few hrs. So it can be done. Im game for this as I will not take a vaccine that’s been rushed thru.

  3. Thanks for the VDO!! However my understanding is that if you get infected by Covid-19, the test may give a negative result (no covid) for the first couple of days just after you have been infected. Any idea how they want to cope with this issue?

  4. I’ve had the q-tip up the nose thing before. Let me tell you that’s THE LONGEST q-tip I’ve ever seen. I could feel it poking my brain! Not painful but very unpleasant.

  5. Yeah good news i think for sure. Needs to be done its the only way to get everything going again… life needs to go on .. here in Ireland they hope to start it next month all going well ๐Ÿคž

  6. Reekay. Great video.. But something doesn’t make sense with the proposal. So if one tests positive do they have to quarantine? Yes right? So after one quarantines they can go out and about? So after you quarantine the virus would just disappear from one’s system? So really is this virus actually real? It all doesn’t make sense.. Would you agree?

  7. It took all this time for some logic ??given to get a COVID test done and results 24 – 48 hours later…the chances of contracting this virus based on the numbers / location etc even if the figures are correct are slim at best.Vaccines are a long term control measure not a guarantee of effectiveness.

  8. Thanks Reekay for a great video and the information good to hear so great news no vaccine they have rushed it all and who knows what the side effects will be 10 years from now might do fine right now but what will it do to people on down the road it might even cause it to mutate even stronger and God knows we don’t need that take care of and thank you very much for the information

  9. Nice idea and a practical solution

    So how about flight purchases ?

    When to purchase that?

    Prior or after the test?

    Not all people can afford to pay for a flight to then be told they can’t fly because tested positive, and not all people can afford to pay for flight cancellation insurance, which I imagine would be part of the flight purchase package and requirements

    I received a covid test recently and was told if did not hear anything back within 24 hours then carry on because results are negative

    So no need to drag ourselves to the airport to gamble on a positive or not

    Still seems a complex solution once taking a look at the bigger picture

  10. Thx fir the vid..I work for an airline and fly standby, so that could complicate things, but weโ€™ll the test then board concept..but, once again, things wiil become more definitive as we go..๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปโœŒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ•Š

  11. Hi Rekay, I would 100% take a swab prior to departure and would have no issue with being re-tested upon arrival. I am a healthcare professional and will get the US vaccine when its available. Thank you for keeping us updated. Aloha

  12. It wonโ€™t matter you get tested in NYC when arriving to Manila you will get tested again then you get a false positive in Manila then you get a go to your room card if you are connecting to Cebu you get another test I doubt this will change local Philippines governments are paranoid it all comes down boosting your immune system with vitamins and minerals instead of eating Cheetos, Ding Dongs and sitting watching tv with no exercise

  13. Definitely, I’d say this is good news also. I had planned to visit the Philippines in late March so needless to say, I’m ready for some good news. My only concern with this….what happens when I, or someone else travels abroad, tests negative, only to subsequently contract the virus in the country we visit, and with little means to afford the indefinite amount of time we have to spend in that country before testing negative again are essentially forced to stay and reschedule flights, alert our employers…ect? It seems like a great way to get people traveling, but i know that many people have been greatly effected in terms of not only finance, but mental health from the isolation created by the pandemic. It would seem that the countries may have to set up designated hotels that would essentially be strictly for those who may run into this situation. Also, expecting it to be free of charge is not rational for the traveler, but also not going to be a budgeted expense for the trip so expecting the traveler to pay at the time they’re required to stay isn’t really rational for the establishment either. That is the one flaw i see in this idea…but if there were a way to potentially attach the debt from the covid stay to the passport, only allowing additional travel once paid, then that’s an idea. Also, perhaps some governments would supplement the stay of the the few people that had this unfortunate situation simply because they still would benefit far greater from the money brought in from having tourists free to visit once again. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this matter. Also, id be interested to know if you’ve learned of the potential breakthrough made by the University of Pittsburgh regarding isolating the very smallest molecule that “completely and specifically” neutralizes the virus. Link here to the UPMC article.

  14. Good video Reekay, I belive CEB is doing a covid test now. But cost is P5,000. Test within 36 hrs.of flight. Family of 4 is P20,000, then we need to see if you have to test when you also leave the country you visit. If so could be another P20,000 witch is way to expencive. Hope testing will be cheaper so famlies can travel.

  15. Anybody that thinks reasonably and logically would choose to test before a flight.. I need to travel back to the states, and right now there are three airports you can connect at to onward flights.. Hong Kong, Narita Japan, and Manilla, you only have to have the temperature certificate, and you connect to the states.. The rest of them you must have the PRA negative with differing days since the negative came back.. Incheon, Doha, and a few others, but those are the main hubs to get out of Asia… I have read on FaceBook that Vincente Sotto has a drive thru testing with appointment, and the test is free.. Thanks for this good news, Henry… Bruce

  16. I think the idiots running things like to run things like shit. I don’t see how this will help them run things like complete shit any more than they currently are. So why would they do it?

    Clearly I live in America. Seattle……

  17. I really hope countries universally agree to this. Great idea. Save a couple thousand bucks on some of those Quarantine hotels too. I’m packing my bags as soon as they do .

  18. Reekay, question for you… Btw I love your videos! Ok, my question is, when do you think it will be likely that I will be able to travel there to visit friends in Cebu and other areas in the Philippines, as a regular ordinary American citizen….?

  19. This is a huge step forward on international visitors arriving in the Philippines for instance, however still provinces will oblige you to quarantine as soon as you arrive. It will be great if the Philippines government could also implement some kind of testing as soon as you arrive at final destination. Good video๐Ÿ‘

  20. This makes sense, especially compared to Thailand’s approach with two weeks of room confinement called “Alternative State Quarantine.” It’s very expensive, on top of the $2000 required Covid insurance policy.

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