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  1. Lol Drew get over your shyness towards new people whip out your charm and do some guaranteed to be hilarious man on the street interviews with random interesting new people who you run into in tokyo lol

  2. I Wanted To become a Greater Hero And Save The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games But I Need Everyones Help To Send More Money To The Tokyo Olympic President Yoshiro Mori To Bring His Business Back on Top Our Courage has The Power To Help Him And Also To Bring The Citizens of Japan To Never Give Up Now It’s Our Turn To Shine By Defeating The Coronavirus When Summer Fully Comes Killing off Every Virus Slowing The Covid-19 Numbers Down And Flattening The Curve So Let’s All Unite Together As One And Save The Tokyo Olympics And Become Official Heroes That Saves Japan The Tokyo Olympic Flame is Waiting For Us Very Soon Hope Lights Our Way

    1. LOl…ok, from where? You reading Reddit or watching Tkyo Sam’s live stream? I am actually subbed to you for a long time 2 years? Your Logan Paul reaction vid got me lol

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