Good Morning Again

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  1. Yes Brian.. You have NO IDEA how bad poitics have become here.. PLEASE stay out of it.. You Tube will kill your channel if you get involved. .. Then what will I do for my Chicken and piggery fix.. God bless and take care my friend..

  2. Brian, you can take my word for what is happening in my country re Covid19. I have no reason to lie. The only Covid19 here is in quarantine and has come via US born New Zealand citizens returning here, plus Indian citizens now residing here, who have returned back from India. No community spread for many months.

  3. during Covid19…here, children were out of school for a set time. During that time of isolation/quarantine, we did, in the main, what we were required to do. (There are ignorant civilians in every country, who don’t like authority )… there has not been another school closure. This is what happens, when proper planning gets put in place and people follow instructions. My grandchildren managed online teaching fine, under the watchful eye of their parents. All schools have been back open since May of 2020.

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